Approached by AC Milan already in the summer, Milan Badelj’s relationship with Fiorentina has certainly been a roller coaster. Our transfer pundit Pietro Balzano Prota spoke with Badelj’s agent, Dejan Joksimovc, about the future.

How did Milan react to the booing and whistles last Sunday and what has happened with the fans?

“He did not comment on the boos of the fans, they have every right to express their feelings in a positive or a negative way. But if you look at it, against Sassuolo he was the best Fiorentina player on the pitch. So what is the real reason for this reaction from the fans? Do they want Fiorentina to sell him? Badelj has played injured many times during these two and a half years, which shows what kind of person he is and his character.”

Is it possible that Milan Badelj could leave Fiorentina in January, taking into consideration the current situation?

“He will leave the club when his contract expires in June 2018, that’s for sure. Then, before the end of the contract, everything is possible, but Fiorentina will decide if and when to sell the player. So this is a question that should be asked to them…”

Have Fiorentina slapped a price tag on Badelj, and how much do you think he’s worth?

There’s never been an exact price set, but knowing that his contract ends in a year and a half, I’d say he could cost 15 million euros, maybe less.

(Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

It is no secret that Milan Badelj really likes Montella, who wanted him as early as September, would the player enjoy a return to play under the guidance of his former coach?

“Badelj has a great relationship with coach Montella and the fact that he’s currently in charge of Milan is one of many reasons to why Badelj could move to Milan. Things can of course change in football, perhaps the coach prefers other players.”

Could you see your client in this Milan? What would be the ideal position? Is it possible that this could interfere with Locatelli?

“Milan Badelj is a player who comes from the “small door” (as we say in the Balkans), but after one or two months, he always becomes a very important player and it has been that way in every club that he’s played for. I think he can play in any of the top European clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona. He is much more defensive now than what he was from the beginning, so I would say the best position is the Regista role.”

How is the relationship with Paulo Sousa and the club?
His contract expires in 2018, has there been a proposal for a renewal?

“I think he has a great relationship with Sousa, as with all the coaches he’s had so far. The management, however, does not see him much, but it’s all ok. We have not received any serious renewal offers from Fiorentina.”

(Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)
(Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)


Did you have any contact with AC Milan in the summer? And did you talk to someone about the future leadership (Chinese takeover)? 

As for AC Milan, all the negotiations with them go through my colleague and partner Fabrizio De Vecchi. He was the one who dealt with the possible transfer to Milan this summer. He’s also the one who will do that in the future without any problems, if the new leadership will still be interested in the player.

Can the Milan fans hope for a January transfer, or is it more likely that he could leave in the summer?

“We are working in this direction and it’s also what the player wants. Then in football, many things can change in one month’s time…”

So AC Milan would a good destination for Milan Badelj?

“Milan is a top club. They won the Champions League 7 times and will return to the top again. I wish I could say the same about Fiorentina…”

Written by Pietro Balzano Prota, translated and adapted by Isak Möller.


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