AC Milan director Massimo Mirabelli has confirmed that the club will look to sign an ‘important’ striker in the summer mercato.

Speaking to MilanTV, Mirabelli also stated that coach Gennaro Gattuso will stick with the 4-3-3 formation that he deployed for the majority of his tenure this season.

“Rino will still work on the 4-3-3 but with some variations,” he revealed.

“In attack Bacca will return; we are thinking about selling two strikers before signing a great one.”

On the midfield: “There is no player who does not like the coach, we have to get a player who is a bit of a cross between Kessie and Bonaventura.”

On the central defence: “I do not think we will intervene on this department. When there have been missing Romagnoli and Bonucci, Zapata and Musacchio have done very well against Napoli. If we do not get special requests from the players, we will not make movements.”

On the Milan environment: “I was struck by how the fans are close to the team, having this support is our strong point, they always supported us, I do not know how many teams have this strength.”

On Calhanoglu: “He has played several roles in his career, his main role is the playmaker, but he can do so many roles. Gattuso must have more options available, this year he could not try some things because he did not have time.

On the upcoming mercato: “The market closes on August 17. We would like to give the new reinforcements to Gattuso as soon as possible. The meeting will be on July 9. We want to give the new team to Gattuso as soon as possible.”

On the fans: “The warmth of the fans was extraordinary even if we did not give them great satisfaction.”

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On the prices of the players: “It’s a crazy market, just look at the prices of some players that are absurd. Romagnoli is one of the best situations of power in the world; if Van Dijk has been paid 80 million, how much can Alessio be worth?”

On the market: “We can not make bets, we need certainties, Milan has invested a lot last summer, we could not do it all in one market window, now we have a base and we only have to do small interventions.”

On Gattuso: “He and we have a great responsibility; he had to take over a difficult situation, but he reached the final of the Italian Cup and we had a good journey in Europe. Rino did an extraordinary job, he had a Champions League average in the league, which must be a starting point.”

On the group: “It was necessary to go back to having an important dressing room made up of great men before big players.”

On the market: “We have a clear idea of ​​the areas in which to intervene: a midfielder, an outside striker and a great striker We have to raise the quality of the team last year we have focused on many young people. months, it has not reached the top of the form, Conti will be our first purchase of the new season and we have had to renew some contracts to reinforce Milan’s assets, we think we have created a good base “. 

On the season: “It makes sense to think that Milan has celebrated for a sixth place, but for us it was fundamental. We had clear ideas about what we wanted to do last summer, we made some very specific choices and Milan is now the youngest team in Italy

“We wanted to build a base, now we know we have to do other things We have to put the right men to aim for other goals.”

On Donnarumma: “I do not think it’s the right place to talk about figures, we did not receive any offers for Gigio and he did not tell us he wanted to leave.

“He is an important asset for us, we renewed his contract a year ago. For a long time he is an important player for us .If he comes to tell us he does not want to continue here, he will have to get a club with an offer that suits our needs. ”

On yesterday’s game against Fiorentina: “For many it seemed like a simple game, but the guys were good at getting over Fiorentina.”

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