90min: Chelsea ask about Milan star in Loftus-Cheek talks but hit ‘fierce resistance’

By Oliver Fisher -

Chelsea have used their ongoing talks with AC Milan to enquire about the possibility of signing Mike Maignan, according to a report.

90min are reporting that Milan begun talks with Chelsea over signing Ruben Loftus-Cheek and negotiations are ongoing with a deal possible around the €20m mark, but he was not the only player discussed.

With the dialogues ongoing, Chelsea asked about Maignan given they are in the market for a new number one goalkeeper, and given that Maignan has established himself as the best in his position in Serie A.

Despite this, the Rossoneri responded with ‘fierce resistance’ because they are not at all keen on the idea of selling the 27-year-old Frenchman given his important to the team and his status as a leader.

Chelsea are thus looking at alternative targets, such as Inter’s Andre Onana, Porto’s Diogo Costa and Valencia’s Giorgi Mamardashvili. Onana and Maignan are the two that the scouts believe are the best, however.

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    1. They’re not there just to make money. They are here to add value to the club. Selling your biggest assets isn’t the best way to do that.

    2. So you still believe that red bed is the way forward?
      Owners that can’t invest more than 50m in each transfer window, you still believe they are the ones Milan need to move forward with?

      You are practically blind man, wake up, Inter is way ahead of us and they don’t pay peanuts like this AC Milan Owners that have insisted and stamped on a particular salary cap, what happens when players like Theo or Maignan starts demanding for a salary as low as 6m per season and they are not able to meet their demands?

        1. @flossonero: we also have the 4th highest total salary,in a much better financial situation compare to shinter,rubentus and others..and under M & M we bought many players whose value now are going up like maignan,theo,kalulu,thiaw,tonali,bennacer and leao..or you wouldnt recognize them as M & M’s buying? L O L

          1. You misunderstand. Malda says we are way behind, paying peanuts for transfers and salaries, but it’s not true. It is Moncada who scouted the likes of Theo, Maignan, and Leao from France—see his interview from 2020. Credit to Maldini and Massara should be given for the good they did, but also an honest assessment of their errors, which were also plentiful. Above all you need to integrate yourself into the vision of the organization you work for. Maldini could have checked his ego, taken, a slightly different role, and still be involved with the club he loves. However he decided if he could t have total autonomy over the market he would rather not be here, so Cardinale let him go. To say the owners who are pushing to build a new stadium and expand the brand into new markets are not ambitious, is obviously incorrect. Those are much loftier goals than one Scudetto.

      1. “So you still believe that red bed is the way forward?”

        No. So what are you (or I) going to do about it? Bitch and complain? That will help a lot, eh?

      2. “You are practically blind man, wake up, Inter is way ahead of us and they don’t pay peanuts like this AC Milan”

        And Inter’s owners are about to lose the club because of 300M€ unpaid debts that are meant to be paid this year. And if I remember correctly, they have a total of 900M€ debt. Sounds like a good business, eh? “Serie C here we come!” 😀 😀 😀

    3. They will but not just in a week they fired Maldini.

      Even current players will not be happy to go for big prices, as they understand better why they joined Milan and what is happening.

      Not sure Origi and Rebic, will go to some other clubs after all the things happening they will stay on bench and take the salary

    4. 90min have probably not been informed yet that since Maldini is not at Milan anymore there is a fire sale and all of our best players are for sale, according to the Milanisti.
      Not one important player sold in 5 years under Elliott/RedBird. NOT ONE

      1. You remind me of these guys who wanted to sell Maldini, Nesta or Pirlo and the other bandiere back in the 2000s to buy mercenaries instead, because they were more on the cover of magazines and video games. You do not understand that Milan stands for some values, and that’s why most of us decided to support this club rather than others. The financial guru Jerry wants to run Milan as he’s running a gas station. He doesn’t know anything about football and sports values, he’s a freaky robot like the others Wall Street guys. They would let you die to make a penny. It’s fine with you. It’s not for many of us. Values and ambition is gone.

          1. It’s about all your comments and your propension to defend so much a guy we already know is a poor human being, which will probably harm our beloved club, while vomiting in every post your hate of one other guy who did so much for Milan, both as a player and an executive.

    5. because replacing a player on 3.5 million in wages that cost 15 million in transfer fees, would cost 10 million in wages and about 85 million transfer fee. 6.5 (The difference between his salary elsewhere and what we gave him) x 5 = 32.5. You guys must not understand how much money these men sacrificed to be on this team and to give management a chance to build the best squad possible, while keeping everyone together. They spat in all these player’s faces by being cheap flucks and firing Maldini.

      They can’t replace Mike with such a player without turning their entire salary structure over it’s head. Maignan refuses to sign, they will end up loosing him for nothing. WATCH IT HAPPEN. YOU THINK A MAN WHO NEVER PLAYED A GAME IN A CL CAN CONVINCE THE ATHLETES TO STAY HERE? SCOUT ALL YOU WANT, NO ONE IN THAT BOARD ROOM GETS ATHLETES. THEY WOULD NEVER DARE FIRE MALDINI IF THEY DID.


  1. I don’t think Maignan will renew anytime soon even with Milan, if Maldini haven’t renewed Leao a week before it could have been different scenario now

    1. “if Maldini haven’t renewed Leao a week before it could have been different scenario now”

      If it even was Maldini. Some sources say it’s Furlani who did get Leao’s signature to the papers.

      1. @bb brother, you remember how you were coming after me under all my comments when I criticized Maldini the SD over the last year?
        What changed?
        You are singing a different tune all of a sudden.

        1. “What changed?”

          A lot apparently. 🙂 E.g. Maldini getting sacked. All the claimed reasonings behind the sacking cannot be lie. I’m not saying they all are but there seems to be plenty of “mistakes made” and “incompatibility issues” involved. As much as I appreciate the guy Maldini is not bigger than the club.

      2. dude you are an idiot, all Furliani did was bend over backwards to Lille and Sporting by accepting we pay a portion of something we had bo hand in geting involved with. Other players left Sporting without penalties so Leao would have won his case as well. All that man did was make us accept a compromise we had no business taking. Had we sued Sporting for tampering with our player after creating an unsafe environment for him to work in at their club, they would have stfu and backed off of him. There was already a precedent with the other players being allowed to leave no problems that summer. They tried gouging us and him.

    2. Will be a good sign if the ownership extends Maignan’s contract, just to re assure fans that Maldini’s signings aren’t so loyal to him that they’d rather play elsewhere (as there is an assumption that our players accepted slightly lower paychecks than they could earn elsewhere)

      Maignan is world class (unlike say Messias) so would be coveted by almost any side. He could definitely sign for a top class side winning trophies every year rather than settle for a team that balances the books but aims only for top 4. If he signs a renewal, it suggests he thinks Milan can win trophies rather than just participate.

      1. Exactly. Getting Mike’s signature to the extension paper would really send a clear and strong message and ease the tension. But I seriously doubt that that will happen though.

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