AC Milan 0-1 Trento: Rotated Rossoneri fire a blank against Serie C opponents

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan played a friendly match against Serie C side Trento at Milanello this evening and they were beaten 1-0 by a second half goal.

Given that the majority of the first team played in the Silvio Berlusconi Trophy against Monza last night, it was more of a rotated line-up which featured a mix of new signings learning the ropes and Primavera players.

Ultimately, a team that featured the likes of Simon Kjaer, Yunus Musah, Tommaso Pobega, Yacine Adli and Samuel Chukwueze was unable to score against their opposition from two divisions below.

Trento got their winner in the 69th minute as Sipos scored, so they will head back east with a positive result under their belts and Stefano Pioli can make some reflections on the players he saw.

AC Milan XI (4-3-3): Sportiello; Florenzi, Kjaer, Simic (78′ Nsiala), Bartesaghi (88′ Jimenez); Musah (56′ Zeroli), Adli, (78′ Eletu) Pobega; Chukwueze (56′ Traore), Colombo (78′ Camarda), Romero.

Unused substitutes: Mirante, Nava; Paloschi; Cuenca.

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    1. I will forget this match ever happened. Imagine losing 1-0 to a Serie C team. God bless us, this is going to be a long season.

      1. I think this is beyond clear that the project got too big for Pioli. He is a mid table coach with a small squad that needs motivating. We haven’t played one good game this summer. We didn’t play 4-3-3 in any of those games even though he thinks we did. We created a problem on the right as Pulisic doesn’t look great playing a wide right wing( its 2- up front and not 3 for sure) and there is no space for Chekwueze. I think management is already looking at options for a new coach.

        1. Arne Slot has a 5M release clause, hope we go for him next season, but yeah it’s quite clear pioli cannot handle all these new signings. Playing Luka on the right, Adli as a Dm. Does not seem like he knows what he is doing.

    1. Bad result, but blaming Pioli on this one is wrong, against a team like that you don’t need a coach to win. With the exception of some Primavera players (Bartesaghi, Simic), the midfield-attack was all with players that theoretically can (should?) play in Serie A and in the first team. Adli, Musah, Pobega, Chukwueze , Colombo, Romero.

      If they can’t own their opponents and score against a serie C team, they need to take a close look in the mirror and figure out what they want to do this season and work on their motivation. If I was the coach, with a performance like this not sure how much I’d trust them in the last 15 min of a close game where we need to score or defend a result.

      All that said, the team looks in disarray, the cohesion of the scudetto team (or even that of the first few months of last season) is missing and it shows.

        1. Yeah.. I agree with you… he is a good coach, but just mediocre for a club like milan. Waste many potential players. He is a good couple for the current owner, which profit oriented. So what can I do, i just 1 of milions of fans, like others, I just have to support the team I love, whoever the owner, the coach, even when the team loss and playing bad.

  1. Pioli knows how to make players look bad, I must give him credit for that. I just hope we don’t loose CDK, Adli, and Salemakers before a new coach arrives.

  2. I remember that one game under Allegri when we lost against a Ligue 2 side (?) on the run up to being fired lol 😂
    Certain things shouldn’t be happening. This is one of them. Can’t be losing to a Serie C side with more than capable players

  3. Seems all the pioli lovers are beginning to change tone! God bless you all for the tragedy of a season that await! Anyways Forza Milan the club is bigger than the coach- no matter what he is the one that will leave.

  4. So many clueless comments here… LMAO!!! A bunch of mostly bench/new players who have barely played together off at all… and we’re judging them based on standards we hold the first team to?!

    LMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Get Real!


        1. Lmao, that’s all you know how to say, right? Did your mommy teach you to talk like that. Inter are playing their best 11 in every preseason game, meanwhile some kid who still uses “🤣” emoji at the end of the sentence thinks it does not matter if we lose to a team 2 divisions below us. Inter are miles clear of us.

          1. Hey maybe you and Doki can be friends. You guys grow up together? 😂 I bet it got lonely… It’s Ok. There are plenty like minded people here – you’ll feel right at home. 😉

  5. I said it since the first day we brought pioli even before he won the Scudetto as a coach ( thanks to the fans and some players efforts) that he’s is a mid-club or relegation survive coach
    Take leao and Theo out in a game you will see the secret of pioli. He has nothing to offer as a grade A coach who knows what to do with the players he has
    Can anyone tell me what problems does he have with Adli? This was a player who was doing great in French league but he destroyed his potential
    Milan has every produced great coaches who are recognized worldwide and they even did it with unknown players then
    So let watch pioli and see how long his fake pretence lasts

    1. Absolutely agree with your comments. Do not understand the situation of Adli with ‘Pioli Out’ Adli plays very similar to Reijnders and never had a real opportunity. Hope Pioli resign soon. A terrible pre-season!!!

    2. Look how Maldini left and how Tonali was sold. We are 100% looking for a new coach and wouldn’t be surprised if we have one already waiting like Pochetino waited for Chelsea. This pre-season has been shambles. We are still playing 1-4-2-3-1 but with new players. Pioli created a problem playing Pulisic on the right wing and Chekwueze will need to be benched due to this. Why Krunic plays all the time and not Adli? I think Pioli has 10 games to prove and that is it.

    3. Your first sentence is priceless…

      “I said it since the first day we brought pioli even before he won the Scudetto as a coach ( thanks to the fans and some players efforts) that he’s is a mid-club or relegation survive coach”

      So in the same sentence you acknowledge that you were in fact wrong because Pioli was by definition not a “mid-club or relegation survive coach” having won the Scudetto (1/3 current Serie A coaches to do so I should add) but that reality still doesn’t change your OPINION.

      Yes you consider your OPINION based on some entirely arbitrary rating like it’s some kind of beauty contest to have more weight than the actual, verifiable, historical, recorded FACT that Pioli won the Scudetto.

      But your’s is so typical of so many OPINIONS and OUTRIGHT SPECULATION on here where players who have actually won the Scudetto are then written off as being players who cannot possibly win a Scudetto….

      As if that reality – that happy reality I might add – has no relevance to these OPINIONS and OUTRIGHT SPECULATIONS.

      You people couldn’t even enjoy the last few years because you couldn’t focus. You kept imagining other managers and other players winning imaginary titles in your imaginations.

  6. While all the big teams are busy perfecting strategies that will win point for them in preseason winning and taking it seriously! This old failures keep losing everymatches and can only score and win by penalities! This man makes me feverish

    1. Some people say it doesn’t matter, that its just friendlies 😂😂😂. How can Pioli field a team that has never played together, doses that look like a serious coach ?

      1. What are you even talking about? Did you expect him to use the players that just played a complete game last night? Get real. This was just a chance for our backups and new players who just arrived to get some minutes. That’s it. Yes they should’ve still won but to make a big deal about a scrimmage with backup players is silly. ANd maybe we won’t be so quick to bench Pulisic for Chuku just yet.

        1. The thing about common sense is that it’s not that common. Useless to try to explain things to users based on what they are saying…

          You will have easier time selling hair care products to a bald man.

      2. Surely the best time to try players who haven’t played together is pre-season?

        And given we’ve replaced (at current count) one third of the squad surely we need to give these players every opportunity in pre-season to get to know each other?

        If anyone is to blame here it’s the directors for changing too many players but it is what it is and now Pioli has to figure out a way of making it work.

      3. Nah Pioli should do the experiments during the season instead tjats what absolute r*tards like yourself would do

        Do everyone a favour and stfu next time

  7. Sry but chukwu Colombo and Romero they should have scored at least one goal. I hope this season does not become Milan’s down fall again. Because if Milan plays a bad season. All the good player will leave I can promise u this. Pioli lacks passion as strength to push our players with tactics. He needs to realize that he got to change

  8. Well said @fabo I have been saying it several times that pioli can’t take us to the next level. Milan need a coach that knows how to win trophies with a winning record. But I know the Americans will not take it lightly.

    1. Pioli’s time will come. He is not a top level coach by any means, but he has done remarkably well with what he had to work with at our club. He exceeded all initial expectations. This season he finally gets the players, he asks for, so let’s see how he does.

      If this season is a failure, and by that, I mean anything other than Top3 finish, and then, yes, Milan will definitely need to upgrade the coach.

      FORZA MILAN ⚫️🔴

          1. The only reason we won the title is because of Radu aka luck.
            The same way he lucked out and got into UCL spots this year solely because FIGC decided to stomp Juve.
            The entire last 2 seasons we’ve been outplayed consistently by Lecce and other farmers. But you Pioli fans dont watch games so you wouldnt know anything about that

          2. Came in 5th becuuae your fav FAILDINI HAD THE WORST FREAKING TRANSFER MARKET EVER


            But yeah all Pioli’s fault, Faildini is a saint

          3. Reality will never live up to their imaginations….

            For some reason I can’t respond to the person below but for the 100th time, we did not finish top after 38 games due to luck and we maintained title winning form for over 2 years from June 2020 when we emerged out of covid until the last 5 minutes against Roma in January 2023.

            Plug into the Form Table in Transfermarkt


            By form we were top from Round 27 to 38 of 20/21, won the title in 21/22 and then were second from Round 17 of 22/23.

            That’s not a fluke. That is a quality coach coaching quality players.

            A quality coach and quality players that were continually written off throughout that whole period including by their own fans.

            All because nobody – the media and therefore fans and therefore directors and therefore the very same manager and players – could accept the reality in which they were living and were fantasising about some other reality where a different manager or different players with imaginary superior abilities would have done a better job.

            And that mentality is what has seen that very same successful side be dismantled in the space of a few months and some new fantasy players signed in the hope that they will reach these probably entirely untenable levels.

  9. We don’t need to argue much on this. Pioli has no tactics. I support the guy that says take leao and Theo out loud the game and you see how bad a coach he is. Pep won trophies with his second 11 agaisnt top tier opponents. Pioli out

  10. It’s the fault of that mf pseudo-trainer, switching from the “balanced” 4-2-3-1 to that mf 4-3-3 when we bought one of the best right winger of Europe is completely stupid and pointless, we just needed to buy a playmaker ,and a defensive midfielder similar to Kessie ,the players are lost, they have to learn new moves, we lost the velocity and combinations of theo and Leao because of this shi* formation, preventing the society from buying another right-back (or even test the ex-real madrid player) to play Kalulu, and saying that we are OK in that position with that mf finished Florenzi, haven’t kiked the ass of Tomori who is so terrible from the last season . Has he seen the calendar of the new season to make all these approximations!! im not sure !!!!

  11. If u look up Piolis manager history u will find so many L‘s he took where he got pushed around from one club to the next. It rly is no surprise that he just can‘t take us to a high functional team by him self. I like his personality and I think he got a talent for getting players in the right mindset but that’s it.

  12. If this doesn’t show the problem of pioli’s coaching then I don’t know what does. Against a serie c side you should be able to win using your backup players. Shows that the players under him don’t have much of an idea in how to play or that idea stinks unless you have gamechangers like leao,theo in the squad. Time to improve!

    1. First of all, these players should be able to beat a Serie C side without any coach at all. Do you think Piloi was working all week to come up with a gameplan to beat Trento? Really? It’s a scrimmage for our backups and new additions to get some minutes into their legs, nothing more. Pioli has his faults offensively as a coach but using this practice match with backup players as an indictment is idiotic. They beat Lumizzane 7-0 a couple weeks ago. Was he a genius then? Did he suddenly get way worse?

    2. No one gives a sh*t about your sh*tty opinion on a friendly, I can guarantee you’ll disappear once Milan win during the season

      You magically appear during losses just to complain, wtf type of fan are you? Pathetic.

    1. You must be related to Sheva7 (or his alter ego maybe?) Or maybe its Sheva7 creating a bunch of alts to reiterate whatever positive point he has to make…

  13. Good. This loss would curb some enthusiasm a little. The management has done well with the recent influx of players, and it’s easy to get swept by the hype and think we can win Scudetto easily. Rome isn’t built in one day and this too, will take time.

    There’s no reason to panic, as always this is just a preseason and considering this is played right after the Trofeo yesterday, Pioli might just wanna see some players get match fitness.

    Losing to Serie-C outfit is embarassing, but at the same time, hopefully it alleviates some of the pressure for the new signings to immediately explode from the get-go.

      1. I’d say this team has been improving…. Last season didn’t play out like we wanted to but reinforcements hadn’t been made so with the razor thin depth we had (or didn’t have) we did OK considering.

        But yeah calling me a mother*ulcer makes your point much more valid. 😉

      2. Sigh. Couldn’t you at least have the courtesy of being polite while sharing your thoughts on a public forum anonimously?

        Speaking of under construction.

        The direction has been chosen, the path has been taken. Following the disappointment last season, the new management decided to stick with Pioli instead and making him a center of the project. While you certainly don’t agree and I personally have my own reservations about all these, all we can do NOW is to get behind the team and see how it goes.

        I like to reiterate how this season is going to be the baptism of fire to Pioli. It’s all onto him now, no more hiding behind any excuses. He’s been given the rein, been supported by provided with the players he wanted, and if he couldn’t make it work in competitive matches, trust me, he’ll be axed before you finished saying Pioli Out.

        1. Brother, you have to keep in mind wether the person you are replying to is objective enough to understand your valid points.

      3. Motherf*cker go f*k yourself and start watching matches

        you conviniently dont comment at all during victories but appear during losses, biggest coward i’ve ever seen, no one’s a bigger fraud than you.

        Milan fan my a**

  14. The signs were clear even from yesterday’s match. The team have been playing for a while. The players don’t seem to absorb the 433 formation. Pioli will soon be sack. More responsibilities equals more pressure

    1. Right…. Based on three preseason games and a friendly? With a bunch of new players and tactics?
      Latest being a test for reserves?

      🤣🤣😂🙃😂 Dear God….

  15. I said that he should been out since the loss with Torino!!!! He is no good . If he was good he should have been able to handle CDK and ADLI I am concerned for the first game coming up!!!!
    Pioli OUT OUT OUT

    1. Bro please….. you of all people… FFS

      Next time, just leave the comment section blank, cause we already know what you will post.

          1. Get a life, man. You look so desperate for attention. Targeting someone who is speaking facts with your BS. It truly seems like you have a lot of friends.

          2. @Doki or @Sheva7 or whatever else other user names you use.

            I’m not trying to target you, but I am basically pointing out that all your comments are the same devoid of logic, or any merit for that matter. Just pure hatred for Pioli for some unclear reason. Same thing, every single post.
            And you don’t need separate user names, we all know it’s the same person, posting the same thing.

            And if you’re going to try to counter me, at least try to be a little more original and hyperopic (look it up).

  16. At least its just a training match but nevertheless everyone involved should be embarassed as they should be able to overcome a serie c team but come on it really would be crazy to sack pioli because of some bad results in the training matches regardless that this one is the absolute worst of them all regardless that he didnt really field our starters or players much aquainted. He is also one of the best performing coaches with the highest winning % since capello was coach in ac milan but i would nevertheless suggest him to start fielding a 4-2-3-1 as our primary formation and only use the 4-3-3 if tactically necessary as we now have a bunch of players that would fit that formation and trident behind the forward.

  17. It’s not train smash, Liverpool drew to a Bundesliga 2 side 4-4, hardly as bad as people make it out to be, and they had a side containing, Alison, Luis Diaz, Mac Allister, Gakpo, Konate, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold, Jota and Robertson all starting, this is pre-season, nothing to cry about, remember when we ran through Bayern and other top teams during the Audi cup one preseason and would go on to finish 6th in the league? This says absolutely nothing. Be realistic the start of the season is only on the 21st, that’s why we are playing this final round of friendlies to gain match sharpness. Some people make themselves look like they started watching football yesterday.

    1. I agree but nevertheless a pretty bad result but training matches is to get up in gear so i wouldnt put too much into it either, The season you are speaking about didnt we beat bayern 4-0 and beat real madrid as well.
      Fun fact that i noticed while watching us play lumezanne, bayern had beaten a team in a training match 27-0 or something 😀

  18. Most of players in the starters have been there since the beginning of pre-season
    Except Musah and Chuks.
    It doesn’t make sense to say that they still not ready to play or need time to gel especially against Serie C team.
    It was a friendly but can not be taken lightly.
    Pioli so far failed to make all of his players ready to play or understand his needs.
    Either he is the one who is not capable to communicate it or the players are really bad.
    Once again it is the first one.

  19. By all means it’s embarrassing to lose to serie c side what ever experiments u do with any players u have. This one. Secondly u have chukweyze & Romero & Aldi and not scored a single goal that’s a real blow. It’s a blow to both coach and players on the field that day. A serie c side is not an indication for anything if u won on them and by margin. But it’s an alarma serine in a world war attack if u lost and not scored in front of serie c side. All doubts are approved with a royal stamp on a piece of leather as a letter in the mid dark ages That ur tactics do nothing in front of ur enemy and will ramp u. Intermilan play with a very smart way. All do the counter attack and all defend as a wave after another. Inter Milan use the 3 defender system and throw all their weight on the attack in possession and high compactness with high defensive lines at the middle of the park. And u still thinking of 4-3-3 formation.

  20. They just played against Monza last night. This match against Serie C side was perfect to at least see what others have to offer especially Primavera kids while giving some minutes for match fitness to our latest signings Musah and Chuk.

    Get a grip guys.

  21. Pioli doesn’t deserve to get sack over preseason many of you losers don’t know what the problem his, you put the blame on maldini for cdk, he got sack you where happy, tonali was sold and unproven players where bought you where happy, non of our new signing are proven non of them guarantee us success, I said chukwueza was a bad signing in this blog i was abuse because I recommended diaby, no new signing can guarantee us 20g/a period, support English team if you want to enjoy quality signings

    1. Very good point. Mainly because I agree. None of the new players, except Romero, have played in Italy before so we have no idea how they will perform. I have only seen the Chelsea players play before and based on that I would say they can be good. Mainly Pulisic. The others I have only seen on youtube. Based on that I would say Reijnders is our best sogning. The others haven’t really impressed me. Especially now Chukwueze. But yeah, really looking forward to the new season. I had grown a bit tired of the old team so this new injection of plsyers is hopefully what we need to change our game and play better. Cause almost the whole of last season we did play pretty bad. At least offensively. Lots of missed passes and bad touches. We need better quality players and maybe we have gotten some now. We’ll have to see like you say 🙂

  22. Milan should have cashed in on Leao before his value dips; Leao will still be Leao. Tonali stays, we still get the new players, a new coach, new references in the team.
    A proper reboot. The End.

    1. Agreed. The Value of Leao is dropping as we speak. Y’all have to understand that the players need a champion coach to feel a sense of promise and value. They need confidence in the project. They need a coach that can wow them. They need a coach of the caliber of Ancelotti, Pep, etc. Coaches who knows what it means to win. A coach with a very strong and clear plan. Pioli is not that. Pioli is clueless. Clueless is marked all over his body language. The body language of the older players like Leao & Theo in relation to Pioli tells its own story. They know that he isn’t great. It took a great deal of courage for Leao and co to stay, knowing that he isn’t that great.

  23. Sportiello; Florenzi, Kjaer, Simic, Bartesaghi; Zeroli, Adli, Pobega; Chaka Traore, Colombo, Romero.

    These are the players who were on the pitch when this Serie C side scored against them (69th minute).

    3 Ageing players and the rest a bunch of kids.


  24. It has started raining stones, you sold your best midfielder, the backbone of the team was ridiculously sacked. Thinking it will be honey on pawpaw tree. Maldini is Milan. Milan fans should be worried. We lost more than acquired.

  25. Folks, this team under the leadership of this blind coach, will not win the scudetto. Nor the champions league, nor Coppa Italia. Even Inzaghi and Allegri are geniuses in compare to Pioli. Any football lover, could have predicted that by the end of that friendly yesterday, there’d be injuries. The players aren’t fit. Because they aren’t fit, Pioli was to substitute them by the half or just after the half. Pioli left these guys to run, unfittly for 70+ minutes. The very definition of clueless. A inter Milan supporting trojan horse of a coach.

  26. It’s entirely possible Pioli is way better at coaching coaching the 4231 than the 433. I wish he’d stick w the 4231. Remember when it seemed like if we just had a right wing to balance out the attack we could be even better? So he’s got that now, Pulisic I’m the middle should be a slight upgrade to Diaz imho. He’s got oka who we are assuming will be an upgrade to whoever Pioli used to have to put in beside Giroud (factoring out Ibra when he was contributing. My point is if he sticks w 4231 then compared to scudetto year he’s better in attack and so just has to focus on the kessie/defense deal. Plus if bennacer comes back in Jan that helps solidify the 42 part of the formation. I think he’s closer to making a 4231 work well than a 433. A 433 seems like Pioli will have too many leaks in the damn to plug in addition ti maybe not getting the best out of Leao and chucky. I think we may stutter out of the gate.

  27. I swear one of these clowns is martin in disguise.
    not martin bernhard, but you know
    martin, the crazy clown who went missing for a while now

  28. But seriously one thing this result shows is that even Serie C players are very good.

    Most of these players played in Primavera sides for Serie A teams which means they were the cream of their generation.

    In fact before Bosman many would’ve probably be playing in Serie A or at least Serie B.

    But Serie A’s shockingly low conversion rate from childhood talent to senior squad, caused in a large part from the out of control transfer market, has meant these players end up playing in Serie C.

    They still have talent though. Not as much as these Milan players (or rather they might perhaps lack the mental or physical strength of their Milan counterparts) but enough to produce magic in attack or to do a job in defence.

    This is not a computer game where one team is rated 80 something and the other team 60 something. The degrees of separation are as clear cut.

    Applying this to our Serie A competition, including and especially the teams we struggled against season – Cremonese, Lecce, and Spezia – you can see why there really isn’t any room for error against these sides.

    And certainly no room for rotating 7-8 players at once like we did last season. No matter who we have in our squad.

  29. The 4-3-3 formation is not working and I thought by now pioli shud have figured that out and it won’t work ,milan will start playing well if they switch back to 4-2-3-1

  30. I think, our new 4-3-3 isn’t working. We can’t vertical enough, the fluidity at 3 mid have no effect at Final Third, even make the wingers find it harder to find spaces because no AMC to help attract defenders.

    The other solution is back to 4-2-3-1. Reijnders can fill AMC. Loftus-Cheeks & Bennacer can fill the double pivots.

  31. I see Camarda came on for 10 mins – that was positive.
    As I said previously on here, Pioli now has a set of tools which he needs to use. If it all goes pear-shaped, there will be no hiding place.

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