AC Milan 0-3 Inter: Rossoneri beaten in Supercoppa after woeful display

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s season received yet another blow on Wednesday night in Saudi Arabia as they were comfortably beaten 3-0 by Inter in the Supercoppa Italiana.

Just like the Lecce game, Milan dug themselves a hole in the opening 30 minutes as they found themselves two goals down. The first came from Federico Dimarco who slotted home a square ball from Nicolo Barella, and then Edin Dzeko got the better of Sandro Tonali to double the advantage.

In the second half things did not get any better as the Rossoneri tried to get a goal to reopen the contest, but it was Lautaro Martinez who sealed things with a nice finish after beating Fikayo Tomori to a ball over the top.

It is yet another damaging result for Milan in 2023, taking the record so far this calendar year to one win in the first five games, and with the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa now crossed off as trophy chances.

Stefano Pioli made three changes to the starting line-up compared to the team that drew with Lecce at the weekend as Simon Kjaer came into the defence, Sandro Tonali returned to the midfield and Junior Messias was given the nod on the right wing.

The opening stages of the game were predictably cagey, with Milan having a brief spell of pressure that culminated with a free-kick that was eventually cleared after a bit of a scramble inside the box, and then at the other end Edin Dzeko shot well over from just over 20 yards.

In the 10th minute, it was Inter who took the lead through Dimarco. In truth they cut through the Milan defence in a couple of quick passes as one put Nicolo Barella in behind and the other was a square ball to the left wing-back who had the simple task of tucking home at the far post.

Milan’s response was immediate as they went in search of an equaliser. A ball from Brahim Diaz set Leao away in space down the left and the Portuguese winger called Onana into action with a shot that was bending towards the top corner but was tipped over.

Despite the pressure from the Rossoneri, it was Inter who made it 2-0 in the 21st minute. It was already clear that Simone Inzaghi’s side were happy to soak up pressure and commit to the counter, and they executed perfectly to find Dzeko in space down the left, with the Bosnian chopping inside past Tonali and finishing inside the far corner.

Inter were one step away from making it 3-0 not long after as a corner from the left met the head of Skriniar who produced an excellent reflex save from Tatarusanu.

The final flurry of the half came when a marauding run from Tonali saw him break into the Inter box, beat and man and see a shot blocked that then fell to Tomori, who scuffed a typical centre-back effort wide of the post.

Milan made the better start to the second half as they pursued a goal to half the deficit and reopen the contest, with Bennacer shooting over from 25 yards out and Leao fizzing an effort over the bar having been fed by Brahim Diaz on the break.

Bennacer had another shot from a similar range and this time sidefooted his effort into the hands of Onana as the Diavolo continued to try and turn the screw.

In the 64th minute Pioli opted to make a triple change with Kjaer, Brahim Diaz and Messias came on for Pierre Kalulu, Charles De Ketelaere and Divock Origi.

All hopes of a comeback were crushed in the 77th minute as Inter got their third goal through Lautaro Martinez. In all honestly it was just a long ball over the top that Tomori allowed to bounce and then the English defender was outmuscled by the Argentina, who finished with the outside of his boot.

A final two changes came after that with Ante Rebic and Sergino Dest coming on for Calabria and Giroud. Ultimately it would make little difference though, as the game filtered out to a comfortable defeat.

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      1. Naaah, the management blames the injuries and think “we’re competitive once every one is back from their injuries”. F’ng delusional.

        The ugly truth is that Inter are THAT much better team. They have better individuals and they play as a team. It could have been the 0-5 I predicted. Easily.

      1. That’s a joke of an excuse, Inters owner is broke and didn’t spend 30M like us in the summer without selling. Their decisions are just great, Darmian who does a steady job every time I see him play, Dzeko who is back to his best when he looked over at Roma. idk what that guy eats but that 2nd goal was unbelievable. Even Acerbi does the job, this game was terrible from everyone and the name I want to mention the most is Leao, he just looks uninterested and walks like he’s a ballon dor winner. When we where 2-0 down his attitude is just so poor. With his head in the contracts talks and Prem teams

  1. The funny thing is.. I didn’t even realize CdK was on the pitch. Shameful shameful performance by the team. Is it Pioli’s under fire now?

  2. Embarrassing. I’m ashamed of this team. Another stinker, that’s 5 games in a row now. Pioli needs to leave, along with about 5 or 6 players, and we need proper signings, or we’ll be lucky to even get Champions League football next season. Disgusting performance. If you are still behind this management and these players then I’m sorry, but you are a complete fool.

    1. Pioli wasn’t on the pitch. The players he has available are below par and Pioli cannot produce (more) miracles. The scudetto last year was his last one.

  3. This is embarrassing.

    Losing 2 times per year against Inter, the biggest rival 3:0.
    Inter play in same League on the same stadium but have three times better players and play against Milan. Enough about Inter.

    Leaving best players for free like Gianluigi, Hakan, Kessie, Romagnoli and not bringing adequate players as a substitute equals this what we have now.
    Now we can imagine what will happen when Leao leaves next year from ac milan.

    Cause Pioli talk about this season yet, he can put himself in big problems. Roma, Lazio and Atalanta are very close and if Milan continue play like this, after World Cup, Milan is going in the same tunnel in which was before Elliott arrived ad Milan.


  4. Pioli is so done when it comes to tactics.. Pas it to Leao and hope he does somethin. Which he hasn’t in a long time. But the ones to blame is Cardinale and whoever the fuck owns Milan right no. You buyin a championship team and you invest 35 millions in a player who you won’t even notice on the pitch, pay 4 millions a year to a guy who can’t even stop the Ball the greatest Liverpool bench warmer legend Origi don’t even wanna continue about Messias and stff. Disgraceful performance but disgraceful form the owners not investing in players we can actually benefit from.

  5. The team’s lifecycle came to it’s end. This is the most you can juice out of the current players and coach. Pioli is not a coach that can survive finals or disqualification matches. As for the management, when you don’t pay, you “pay”. Nee blood is needed. Even when the team has been winning this season, they have been mundane at best. The luck has run out. Get a world class coach with 3 to 4 world class players.

      1. He doesn’t want to coach a bunch of amateurs for sure. He wants quality players and Milan doesn’t have those (enough). 2-3 isn’t enough.

  6. Get mad and insult me all you want, right now we’re a small team.
    What I warned after the Salernitana win happened vs Roma, we lost concentratin again and it cost us. Then Torino, Lecce, and now this. Embarassing.

  7. The team literally is not functioning. The defence is horrible with Tomori’s performance below expectations. The midfield players are struggling to put forward the ball, whilst the attack is non-existent!! A major shake-up is required with most players should leave; Bakayoko, Giroud, Origi, Rebic, Ibra, Mirante, Tomori, Florenzi, etc.

    1. Ibra should leave? The one who has scored most goals during the last 4 years? The one who scored 3rd most goals last season with only one ACL for the half of the season? LOL.

      1. That was the last 4 years! The team is playing now and should be prepared to defend the title. He played last…..I forgot….months ago. Let’s look forward!!!!

        1. “Wtf are you thinking”

          I’m thinking that at 42 he’s still miles ahead of Origi, Lazetic & Rebic combined. Age is just a number when you still produce the end results.

  8. I’m waiting for the player ratings to come out so I can comment but this is just atrocious. There is explaining to do from pioli, Maldini, and red bird. Absolutely pathetic that we win the scudetto and our team has down graded. We lost Kessie and romagnoli, two solid players. Bring in that joke of a player cdk and origi and dest who have been awful

    1. What do you expect from Cardinale when he isn’t even at the game?? That’s how much he cares about us. He is probably busy but if you own a club like Milan just fly to Riyadh, even Zhang did it and he isn’t very popular by Inter fans

  9. One of the worst performances I’ve seen in a while. We were tactically beaten but to say this is purely that is nonsense. Our defense was outclassed, mispositioned itself constantly, and never properly secured the ball when we got it back.
    The attack was lacking everything. Leao makes the same run he’s always done, everyone knows how to defend that now. We killed our opportunities by not taking any risk, and not making the forward pass that can lead to dangerous positions. The desperation was tangible and if I see another of these wasteful longshots, I’m going to lose it. The players don’t trust each other. What is going on? What are we doing, did last year mean nothing?

  10. So? How does that absolve him of responsibility? He is the manager. He started this team, it’s his formation, his substitutes, etc.. He’s not the only one at fault, but if we can’t get results with him, then we need to look for another manager as soon as possible.

  11. Pioli isn’t the problem. He doesn’t have enough good players to choose from. He did win the scudetto last year. And it was a miracle. Miracle don’t keep coming.

  12. Everything good that happen to milan in the past 3 years was because of ibrahimovic. pioli was about to be sacked then then came abrahimovic players were scared to do any mistake be lazy have bad attitude, pioli even said that at half time he hes not speaking to the players, who does this shit how they going to get motivated look at some pep guardiola arteta kloop videos at half time, sack pioli and appoint ibra for now

  13. We are all mad, but we should not be surprised either. We’ve playing like crap for good part of the season. We’ve had a couple of good displays, against napoli and a few others. Overall not so good, despite getting the points. Eventually bad form translates to bad results. It sarted with bad defense and now we can’t even create anything only individual effort and defense still horrible. Now, team is not responding to pioli at all. If he can’t bring the form back by the end of the season or improve the performance he should go. Should take half of the squad with him. At the same time, i can’t remeber the last time i saw league winners are so so bad the following season, at the same time i cant remember the last time when the team went through a bad patch and the owner stays out of sight, instead of trying to lift the team up. Hopefully, i see my beloved milan bounce back sooner rather than later. Always will support them. Forza milan.

  14. If Ac Milan was sold to Arab owner we would have not been in this useless mess. What is the advantage of this ownership bullshit.

  15. This start from singer who didnt want to sell milan to arabian group then came redbird which only interested in big revenue only by spent an extra small became worst when pioli sign an extension, he is n
    ot really good enough for another level of football, pioli never made a game changing decision to turn the tide of the game, he never did, it always pure from the player ability not pioli idea…so just enjoyed all this thing then we r so fucking lucky if we can sit on 3rd or 4th at the end….

  16. Pioli won by sheer luck and below par opponents his not Milan class kind of coach I knew this will happen even after winning the scudetto

  17. Well no surprise tonight. We have one of the worst squads in the history of Milan.
    Shame on the owners for letting this happen RedbirdOut

    And dont anyone come tell me they had no responsibility during the summer! They bought the team and waited quietly until the transfer window was closed to “finalise” the day after.
    They also took half the summer to renew M&M

    Incase anyone is still wondering if Leao will renew? He wont now thats 100% certain

    1. Yeah he won’t and I get him totally. He’s good, not class, not class really. What Lautaro Martinez is doing every year against us that’s class, what if we had him for Giroud… Leao is a bit lazy and looked lost after the 2-0

      1. I was going to compare Lautaro to Leao too but I’d get so much hate from the Leao-fanboys that I’m not going to. But you said what needed to be said anyway.

        Consistency is the key here. Some have, others don’t.

    2. Leao wont renew, why would he stay with this below average players, only Bennacer I rate. Another year Messias isn’t good for him, your career is short. I don’t think he will be a succes in the Prem, he’s lazy and only ON in part of games, looked lost after the 2-0. The 7M salary agreed is only a thing to make him look good and not greedy for money but Milan won’t pay the commissions to his agent and I think Leao wants a better team aswell

    3. “We have one of the worst squads in the history of Milan.”

      Naaah, plenty more of far worse team during the 2013-2019 years. You can’t even compare this team to those.

  18. FFS id start Brahim Diaz guarding the posts instead of Tata, he only saves the shots that hit him. Yeah worst performence of the season, except maybe first half against lecce.
    It all started with subbing in and playing 3 CB against a roma side we dominated forn85 mins. We are winning easy lets take out all forwards and have all players in our own box. F***ing loser tactics.

    Pioli loser tactics, its like hes afraid of winning games.


  19. Everyone is blaming management – Maldini, Rebird etc….. The main culprit here is simple PIOLI!!!!!! How can a coach only have one tactic , No plan B.

    I refuse to believe Pioli didn’t sign agree to the summer signings. Say what you want, but he got some decent players in. CDK can play 4 positions and the coach can’t find space for him. Why do we have Jr Messias please ??? The man cant cross the damn ball or beat a man!!!

    Pioli is the damn problem !!! Last season we had Ibra shouting at ppl, now we don’t and its very obvious theres no leadership or direct.

    #Pioli thanks for the Scudetto now bye

  20. Compare Newcastle owner with acmilan owner, Newcastle was in the bottom once the guy took over he drag the team up. Cheapest owner in the world brought our team,shame.

  21. I dont get it why milan sign Origi. He came for free from Liverpool and doesnt notice that he have injury prone. Sign for free + injury prone for 5m / years, hahaha…
    Diaz with only 170cm should play on the winger, he could be explode. Learn from David silva at man city or juan mata at MU. He never like fantasista totti or del piero.

    i think Maldini & co should learn from the Guru Galliani for situation like this..

  22. The funny thing is when we play Inter I always get nervous because I think we all know they can beat us 3-0 at the drop of a hat, but I never have the confidence that Milan can ever beat Inter 3-0.

    If it’s Pioli out then who’s out there guys? Abate? Who’s out there that’s going to be an upgrade 🤷🏿‍♂️I really don’t know… maybe Bielsa can get a kick out of these players? I don’t know

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