GdS: Milan give Club Brugge 48 hours after €32m bid – De Ketelaere remains hopeful

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan believe that they will eventually get their hands on Charles De Ketelaere despite the fact they have not yet found a full agreement.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (as cited by MilanNews) explains that Milan expect a conclusion by the end of this week one way or another after Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara flew via private jet for talks with Club Brugge in Belgium yesterday.

The Rossoneri are in a hurry to close the agreement and have presented their latest offer of €32m, including bonuses, but now we must see if it will be enough to convince the Belgian champions to give the go-ahead for the sale.

If they do not accept the offer then Milan will move on, because they believe they have made a very fair proposal and have absolutely no intention of raising it nor getting involved in any bidding wars.

Within the next 48 hours, the Rossoneri want a response from Brugge while De Ketelaere is waiting and hopes that his current club will grant a small discount on their asking and will finally accept the Milan bid.

He is not interested in a transfer to Leeds United as per the paper, despite the fact they have made a bid of €37m and believe that they are very much still in the race to land him, as relayed by TEAMtalk.

Essentially, we have finally reached the decisive phase of this long saga and it could be the weekend for Milan to celebrate a big coup or one in which they definitively move on to alternative profiles.

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  1. The guy is good but we simply can’t lavish money on a guy that hasn’t even played in a top club yet. The hype is too much from Brugge…. It would be a capital gain for them even if they sell him for 10million. They are just been greedy…. It should be a ‘take it or Leave it’ from Milan. 32m is enough, even too much! MALDINI & MASSARA shouldn’t get carried away…..

    1. Exactly man, I think this guy is an exceptional player for Brugge but bro they got him for free so why are they so stubborn on gaining like 2 million from Milan

    2. if CDK ever played for top club Milan won’t even be able to buy him because his price will sky rocketed.. and you said Brugge is not top club while they played more in UCL/UEL than Milan played in the last 10 years

      1. And how many of those attempts they win!? Zero! So they should hold their horses, accept the bid and let’s all move on.

    3. You’re so damn right bro. They’re just a greedy. Indeed this guy has not played in any to flight league yet…. we agree that he good but if he can demonstrate his qualities in a top flight league, then he would worth may be more or even less than the 32m Milan is offering. I think, Leeds made a big mistake by making such a huge offer. But I don’t blame them… the structure of the English league allows them to spend frivolous amounts on not well known players. I hope they accept Milan’s offer and if so we’ll have to rate him then.

  2. Lol at GdS, Maldini had not even submitted an offer at the meeting. So how can a deadline be made for Brugge to accept unsubmitted offer?

  3. Every player on the planet that plays In great club come there from small club. At the end if Milan miss CDK for 5 mil and they don’t want to pay more then 32 they will buy Ziyech at least 25 and more likely 30. And they are not greedy they have offer that is 37 mil, Milan with this long negotiations only rises the prices of players cos other teams involve in the race. So for me better young prospect then some player who has 29 and past his prime and hasn’t play regular foodbal 2 years

  4. And one more point, most of us have watched Chelsea and premier league, but how many of you have watched Belgium league? So how can you tell is he worth the money or not when you never watched him play? If he wasn’t worth it MM would never offer 30+mil, the problem is Milan don’t have budget so is playing cheep game

    1. 100% Brugge are waiting for us to go away so they can get real money for him. The market is crazy, 50m is the going rate for an average Prem player, Brugge know this

  5. We just can’t know how good it is until we try it! Everything else is speculation. That’s why there are scouts who give their opinions. I’ve only seen it one game and I like it. He played in the Champions League and competed with the best. I think he’s going to make more progress. I wouldn’t miss out on buying a player like this!

  6. Sadly not, if we undeclare our interest, he will go to a prem side. Even Everton or Leeds is a step up from Brugge and they can offer 40, 50m. It is not in Brugges interest to sell to us, they dont care where CDK goes, they just want the most they can get. He gets his Prem move and from there can do a Raphina and go elsewhere. Don’t forget Money talks, and Botman wanted us. Once Lille made it clear we weren’t on the table Botman’s desire to join Milan soon dissipated and he was overjoyed to be going to Newcastle.

    If CDK falls through the net, it is safe to say we are in for a mercato of Deulofeu level players. Brugge will be desperate for us to undeclare interest because at the moment we are a problem in the sale process. The player wants us but we cant match Brugge’s price. The minute we piss off, Brugge can start a bidding war in the Prem. I would also expect higher profile Prem clubs would be interested in him. Arsenal perhaps

    1. Exactly! His preference is us, but once we are out of the picture he will move to the Prem for well over 2.5m per year.

  7. Remember how much we wanted SZOBOZSLAI! I really felt the guy would be the world’s best in years to come. Hey, we missed out, but missed out for good….. The guy didn’t push for the move now he is not his usual self. Though I have this feeling that we would be great with CDK but u can’t have every girl u want… If it doesn’t work out. We gonna move just like we did when Barella and Sensi target failed, we got something more important in SANDRO TONALI who is not just a baller but also a die hard Milan fan

    1. Overall agree with what you are saying but barella was never gonna sign for us as he just as tonali is a huge milan fan then barella is a huge inter fan and already was it when he was a cagliari player.

  8. Milan have SCOUT with good eyes like Moncada who watched CDK matches and analyzed if the player fits with what Milan needs and can integrate into the formation.

    So if a professional scout like Moncada said CDK is what Milan needs then you keyboard warriors who only played video games and act like you guys are a genius who knows everything about football doesn’t need to ask “Is CDK that good?” anymore. Period.

  9. If they don’t want to take the 32mil than we must forget about him, we can get another good young player with good quality on a lower price. Dont pay more than that.

  10. Charles De Ketelaere joins Leeds United for 35 mill in 5 year deal .
    ACMILAN now will look for alternatives with the name Antonin Barak from Hellas Verona comes into mind

  11. And I’ll say this brugge said 5 more mill it doesn’t mean to give them that amount but with 3 or 4 more they would say yes 32 + 3 = 35 mill they would say yes then or 32+4 = 36 they would say yes

  12. Delofeou is far better 5hwnbthisbdude, this CDK is effing overrated, Adli is even more skillfull than him, he is not even the best player in his team, Milan are just eyeing future sales which I think might not even be fruitful because this guy type of player is just a Tall Suso……which position will be play? AMF? We already have Adli and Diaz who are of the same quality with him, be can not play RW, be is too slow for that.

    I just don’t get this buy, 32m for a 15m type of player, this is ridiculous, so any 21 year old playing in a lower league club that won their league is now 40m player? This stupid.

    Milan always doing mediocre stuff, we let Dybala, ousmane Dembele, zyiech, zaniolo, berradi, delofeou go..players that will make instant impact and have been playing in a top league to go pay 32m for 21 year old in a dead league that is not even the best player in his team and we are not even sure what we are getting or how many season be needs to fit in a team that already have two players playing in his position……this is madness, after all the hype for this mecato, here we are fighting club brugge for a 21 year old kid who we are not even sure what he brings….while even Juve and inter our main rivals and also the so called teams that Milan were better than financially, build up an indomitable squad…….

    In our tiny minds, the miracle of last season will happen again, well as a Milan fan, I pray it does because with the way everything is going in this mecato, it will not be that easy, we might be surprised with what we get…..

    1. Maybe you are more smarter than maldini & moncada. Go apply work as AC Milan Director sport. Really? Deulofeu & Berardi more better than CDK? Then why no club want to buy berardi? Dembele and zaniolo are injury prone , Dembele already sign new contract & zaniolo are 60m euro asking price by Rome. If you are in Maldini position ,we already signed many average player or injury prone player then we bankrupcy

  13. Brugge is “greedy” because they want 35M and not the 32M we are offering??? LOLOLOLO. Or perhaps we are just CHEAP and cannot afford to pay CDK’s market value??? Leeds offers 37M we offered 32M. Pretty simple. CDK is under contract for ANOTHER 3 years. Why does Brugge need to sell for anything less than market value (35M)?? answer: they DON’T. Some fans on here need to wake up. If we want CDK we pay his transfer fee or just move on to what we can afford. There is no magic “discount” – you know like some fans believed we would get a “double discount” for CDK and Lang?? LOL. We must face facts we have owners that do not and will not spend lots of $$ for transfers. We have a limited (comical) budget of 40M. That’s about it which is why aside from CDK (and maybe Sanches) we only want other players on loan w OPTIONS to buy. Clubs are not “a greedy” because they want top dollar for their players. They aren’t like us who let them walk away for free lol. Doesn’t matter if we get CDK or not at this point. Ownership has showed us they are only concerned about profit and not titles. Feel bad for Pioli and M&M. They are not supported by ownership IMO. They “sent a plane” to get CDK. Guess what you can send 20 planes but if we aren’t going to pay the fee Brugge wants doesn’t matter how many planes you send CDK is not coming. Same $hit happened w/ Botman. This is about $$$ and unfortunately we do not seem to have much of it again for another transfer window despite wining league and qualifying for CL again. It is what it is at this point. Maybe it changes by end of transfer window, but championship teams are built in training camps and it takes time to integrate new players into the squad. Every day that goes by is another day wasted of gelling together. TY Redbird, well done thus far

  14. I think they are using Leeds United to dup us.we will pay 35m for him and after 3 to 4year later he will leave like kesie,chahanoglu,romagloli and donaruma did.just leave him and focus on players like renter.

  15. Most of what you guys aren’t realizing is, no matter how high Milan goes, Leeds or some other sh*tty EPL club can and WILL offer higher. Milan HAS to draw the line somewhere.. and I am glad Maldini drew the line at 32. Thats a freak*ng bold and strong power move to show brugge that Leeds’ offer has no value to Maldini in this negotiation because CDK isn’t going there and it’s 32 mil offer from Milan, take it or leave it.. we won’t go higher. Ball is now on Brugge’s court. if they agree we will go for it, if not, we will move on to other targets which is exactly what Maldini is doing.

    10 out of 10 power move by Maldini and it’s absolutely perfect. This is where we draw the line and Maldini just told it straight to Brugge. They have the power to do whatever they want now because they surely can’t sell CDK to a club he doesn’t want to go.

    Forza Milan. Bravo Maldini.

    1. Your correct about any EPL team can outbid us. However, you are incorrect re: Brugge and the price. The price Brugge want is 35M. They will sell him to us for 35M. Period. We have no leverage to “draw a line in the sand” in this particular case and say take it or leave it – they can say leave it because he’s under contract for 3 MORE YEARS and they are not desperate to nor need to sell apparently. So this isn’t a “power move” lol. Brugge have not moved on the price. They haven’t increased it or lowered it. It has been and still is 35M. So we either pay it or move on. No planes are needed to send. No drama. This has been a circus. Big teams don’t create this much drama. They identify the player, and negotiate a deal, usually quietly – like Juve w Bremer or Inter with Lukaku – and get it done. This has been a $hit show. And I don’t blame M&M. They are doing the best they can with the limited budget they have. This is ownership not giving them the proper funds needed to strengthen the team. If we cannot spend 20-30M on a player M&M really believe will help us – Redbird have no business being owners of a football club. That’s the reality of todays game. You have to spend 70-100M on players each season if you want to compete with Europes best. Yes you will find a Kalulu every once and a while. But the majority of great young prospects from Tomori, Tonali, Theo, Leao, Kessie all cost us around 20-30M. Honestly this is embarassing and unfitting for a club of Milan’s history and stature IMO. This year (2022) Juve picked up Vlahovic Zakaria Bremer Pogba Di Maria and will prob sign Parades as well. We picked up Origi as of yet lol. What did the power move get us? ZERO. It’s simple pay the fkn 35M IF you really want him or move on. The 3M in savings is already lost in valuable time not focusing on other targets nor integrating new signings into the team. So when the “48 hour” deadline passes then what? Do we make the call to Walter Birsa or do we coax Jose Mari out of retirement?? LOL. What a joke.

      1. And the same $hit happened with Kouadio Koné a few years back. Toulouse wanted 10M and would have sold him to us – we maxed out a 8M and drew a line in the sand. And guess what? It didn’t work. Why? He was under contract for 3 more years and his club were not desperate to sell. So we lost him to Broussia Mongenblach. Now he’s worth double that amount. M$M know WTF they are doing. They just need the $$ to be supported to get the players we need. They aren’t asking to sign 60-80M players. They are reasonable and respectful of budget but they need support – and a 40M budget isn’t reasonable. This has been disgraceful IMO and I blame our cheap owners for that.

        1. The first question we need to ask is, is the player worth the price? A lot of clubs ask high price for low quality players.. e.g Sassuolo/Roma. CDK is good, but 30mil is a just price. As far as I knew, Brugge valuated CDK 30mil and the asking price rose to 35 after Leeds bid. In that sense, 32 mil final offer is a good move from Maldini.

          But I do agree with you, the ownership situation is completely F’ed up and I completely blame Elliot for playing this bullSh*t bidding game with Investcorp that backfired badly with Sh*tbird now trying to Buy Milan from Elliot with Elliot’s money LMFAO It’s so pathetic.

          I really hope Elliot gets to sort out this sh*tty Redbird drama and gets the club back on track for new stadium and healthy finances.

  16. Well, for those who say Brugge are being greedy, this is the point:
    Not every club lets it’s best players leave for cheap or even free.

    We could have easily earned anywhere between €100m-150m for the transfers of Donnarumma and Kessie.

    This is the way to do business, we should prepare contracts that automatically renews upon expiry, giving us bargaining power during negotiations, rather than letting them go for free.

    An additional €50m-60m to the budget will significantly make our market operations easier.

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