AC Milan could get a new home sooner than they expected

By Oliver Fisher -

Milan’s City Council just voted to allow AC Milan, as well as their city rivals Inter, to start building a new stadium.

Of course, just like any other plan that the city council makes, it comes with some strings attached. Actually, there are 16 of them, and the most important ones are related to protecting the San Siro in the process of building the shiny new home.

Steps to be made from getting the approval to starting the building process

The vote to approve Milan and Inter to move forward and build a new stadium was passed with 27 voting in favour, 11 voting against and seven abstained. And even though this is a big win for both teams, the fans should not get ahead of themselves with plans since the process from going from this approval to laying the first brick isn’t the most straightforward.

Especially after seeing how many strings the municipality attached to this approval – no less than 16 strict requirements that need to be met in order for the new stadium to remain a possibility. Right now, making sure both teams find a way to surpass these requirements becomes the biggest challenge.

The most important requirement for the new stadium to get built

The most stringent request from Milan’s city council was that the actual San Siro must not be touched. So, the challenge is on to find ways of building a new stadium without bringing the slightest change to Giuseppe Meazza, how San Siro is also known.

One way around it would be to build around the hallowed and deteriorating structure in what would be an upgrade of the current stadium. However, coming up with a plan to upgrade the stadium without affecting its original structure seems like an impossible mission for architects.

If an upgrade of San Siro isn’t considered to be viable, a totally new stadium could be built, however, that creates a headache for the city council itself for figuring out what they’ll do with the current stadium.

One alternative would be to use the San Siro for women’s football, however, it’s still too early to apply any plans. So, the end destination of the San Siro is still a gamble and not necessarily an enjoyable one as one would get from Australian online casinos

Approval to build a better stadium, but not necessarily a bigger one

Another mind-boggling issue comes from the size of the new stadium. While the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala pointed out that he was one of those who voted for the new stadium, he also mentioned that the new stadium can’t be as large as the two clubs initially wanted.

This means that both teams will have to scale back on the initial project and also think more seriously at environmental impact. The council also asked for more green spaces to be made available to the public besides other requirements like providing financial stability ( creating new jobs).

All these strings attached bring a lot of headache for Manica and Populous, the two firms competing for the rights to make the new AC Milan stadium a reality.

Plan B

In any case, the city hall is also a pragmatic figure by recognizing that the teams also have a very viable Plan B. It means building the new stadium in Sesto San Giovanni are that is located perfectly just outside the city council area of authority.

Of course, this would mean the new stadium will be harder to reach from the city centre, however, the real fans won’t have a problem with this. Building in Sesto San Giovanni district will also mean almost no restrictions regarding the initial plan and no more strings attached.

It’s not certain how things will go on from this point, however, no matter what the final decision is, the good news has to prevail. Milan football fans will be getting their new home for football and that’s something to celebrate!

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