CM: Bordeaux midfielder re-emerges as one of three Milan midfield targets

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are looking to find the right reinforcement for the midfield department, and there are three names on the list. reports that with Renato Sanches having gone to PSG, Milan have been forced to look further down their list of targets. The Portugal international represented the perfect prototype but now Maldini and Massara must find a new solution.

In the last few days at Milanello, the two managers have been evaluating a long list also proposed by the scouting department and among the names circled is Jean Onana of Bordeaux.

Chief scout Geoffrey Moncada has been following Onana for months and the relations between the clubs are more than positive, as seen by the Yacine Adli operation. He is a very strong midfielder physically, explosive and with an excellent change of pace.

The alternatives are Adrien Tameze from Verona and Raphael Onyedika of FC Midtjylland.

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  1. Onyedika is U21, he will be exempt from Serie A non-homegrown limit (but not from UCL non-homegrown limit).

    If Milan replace Bakayoko with Onyedika or Matar Sarr, the Serie A homegrown issue can be delayed until Ibrahimovic return.

    Onana won’t solve it though.

    1. My friend the directors at Milan must be knowing these issues….I guess its just media rumors articles after articles regarding our transfer targets…..who ever comes either home grown or foreigners the people at Milan are more than aware of this…..let’s not worry about these issues let’s pray our milan perform better last year…

      1. I am just revealing which one make sense and which one doesn’t.

        It is clear that by exploring deal for U21 such as Chukwuemeka/Matar Sarr/Odenyika, Maldini is currently dealing with the homegrown issue (at least for Serie A registration).

        PS: there are some people who insist that rumours in media are the truth as if the media are spokeperson for Maldini.

        1. For last 15 days I am waiting for this transfer window to get over….tbh tired of all these transfer rumours…can’t wait to watch some football and have more performance related articles in depth analysis instead of these make up articles….who ever wakes up following morning start throwing their stories on….

          1. Tbh, I was only waiting for the conclusion of De Ketelaere. For the rest of the mercato, I know Milan will eventually remove Bakayoko as they can’t even register him at Serie A squad due to the limit. But I got sick of the media making non-sensible rumours as I know that the non-homegrown limit prevent it, so I ended up posting comments regarding the homegrown rule to debunk some of the non-sensible rumours…

        2. You are insane buddy. Give it up with the homegrown registration requirement. You sound creepy – your too obsessed man

          1. The homegrown rule is the most important thing in consideration for the rest of mercato! Maldini also know this. Stop being ignorant of it.

            I have wrote over and over about UCL homegrown rule, yet some of you belittle it by saying they can still play at Serie A.

            Hopefully, this is the last time I need to explain it to you.

            Do you even realize that Serie A also has homegrown rule?

            Serie A homegrown rule is similar to but not as strict as UCL homegrown rule. Serie A allow unlimited number of U21 players regardless of homegrown status while UCL allow unlimited number of U21 regardless of homegrown status only if they have been at the club for at least 2 years (It means CDK & Lazetic, both are U21, do not use registration space at Serie A, however, they can only play at UCL if they use the limited A list registration space at UCL, they can’t use the unlimited B list).

            As of now, out of the 21 non-homegrown players Milan has, 19 of them are not U21, the Serie A limit is 17 which means Milan currently above the limit by 2 players.

            Even if the loan of Bakayoko is terminated and Ibra’s registration is delayed until January, it is not enough to open more non-homegrown space at Serie A registration.

            Maldini and Massara know this despite media/journalists ignoring it as it go against their rumour-making business.

            There are some options if Milan want to sign new players, the options are:
            • Sign a homegrown player.
            Nb: maximum 1 more as there is only 1 Italian-homegrown slot remain; this option contain added bonus as the player can be seamlessly registered at UCL squad without excluding more player(s)
            • Sign U21 player(s).
            Nb: out of the name currently in circulation, Pape Matar Sarr qualify for the this
            • Remove more non-homegrown player(s) who are not U21 (not only Bakayoko) then sign non-homegrown player(s) with the new space.
            Nb: hardest option if Pioli still insist on keeping anyone but Bakayoko

            One more thing, the homegrown rule is not homegrown requirement, it is non-homegrown limitation. Filling the club/assciation homegrown quota is not mandatory, it will just result in less number of over 21 years old in the squad.

          2. If after reading this you still belittle homegrown situation, then you are not Milanisti, you or just shinter fans, or maybe juro stands for juve roma.

            You hope Milan sign more non-homegrown over 21 years old so Milan will not be able to register some of their players to play in Serie A, not just UCL!

          1. Bakayoko will be removed for sure.

            Ibra won’t be registered for the first half as he is injured.

            Lazetic is U21, he does not occupy the space at Serie A. In Serie A, U21 is not limited even if the players have not been at the club for 2 years.

            I had actually thought they will replace Tata, but then they sold Plizari…

          2. My bad, I didn’t realize you were talking about UCL squad.

            I do think Milan has enough for Serie A, there are already 25 players can be registered. But Pioli said that on paper, defender and midfielder is missing.

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