Sky: Midtjylland and Strasbourg duo on Milan’s new four-man midfielder wish list

By Oliver Fisher -

Four new transfer targets have emerged as AC Milan continue their search for a new central midfielder, according to a report.

After missing out on Renato Sanches, who was officially unveiled as a new signing for Paris Saint-Germain last night, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have had to restart their search to try and replace Franck Kessie and bolster the midfield.

According to what reported by Sky (via MilanNews), there is no numerical urgency to sign a new player given the presence of Sandro Tonali, Ismael Bennacer, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Rade Krunic and Tommaso Pobega, Milan are following different profiles that the scouts have identified.

The 21-year-old Raphael Onyedika of FC Midtjylland is one of the names on the list, as is the 24-year-old Ibrahima Sissoko who currently plays for Strasbourg. Bordeaux’s 22-year-old talent Jean Onana and Adrien Tameze of Hellas Verona (28) are the names that complete the current four-man wish list.

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  1. Why is no homegrown in the scouting list? Has Italian academy regress this badly and missing the World Cup just the tip of the iceberg?

    1. Just stop with your homegrown obsession please. It’s not pleasant to keep reading to, and your voice won’t be heard by Milan management anyway.

      1. At least Milanisti who read this site understand the homegrown situation and stop bashing the club for not signing the non-homegrown they and the media wanted the club to sign.

        Any fans keep insiting on the club to sign non-homegrown after realizing the situation are ignorant of reality.

        1. I’m tired of reading Milanisti insisting the club to sign 3 more non-homegrown players.

          Worse, they easily said that the club just have to exclude some the existing non-homegrown to make room for those players in UCL squad even after some of them work hard to help Milan win the scudetto. So disrespectful!

          Worst of all, they call some of the players with great contribution in scudetto as useless to justify their fantasy of new non-homegrown players.

          Even Pioli himself come to defend those unfairly judged players in recent interview, calling them as the strength of the team.

          1. Pioli can say anything he wants in the papers but actions speak louder than words. You mean the ” unfairly judged players that are strength of the team” that he refused to play last season for how bad they were. Players like Ballo Toure & Bakayoko. He played Kalulu & Florenzi on the left just so he doesn’t have to play Ballo Toure.
            It doesn’t matter if those 2 get their feelings hurt if they don’t make the UCL list, they don’t deserve it. If they don’t like it, they know where the door is. Won’t be missed

          2. He was talking about Pobega and Krunic. Not Bakayoko or Balo-Toure.

            Please read the interview before making misdirected comment.

          3. Pobega wasn’t on the team last year and Krunic is the last player that is unfairly judged by anyone. Everyone speaks highly of Krunic commitment to the team.
            Read between the lines

        2. That quata can be filled up with couple names from the Primavera.
          It ain’t that serious as you make it seem.
          Milan needs quality over quantity. Registering 1 or 2 less players on the UCL list wont hurt Milan chances to qualify for the next round.
          There isn’t many locally grown quality players that are actually good or that even Milan can afford .
          Registering 22 or 25 makes no difference. No team uses that many players anyways. It’s only for 6 games of the group.

          1. I am not talking about empty quota of club-homegrown or association-homegrown. Filling them is not mandatory.

            There is a misconception regarding homegrown rule, some think of it as requirement which it is not. Homegrown rule is restriction on non-homegrown.

            Here is the restriction, any club can only register 17 non-homegrown players in Uefa competition.

            So primavera does not matter. Milan currently have 21 non-homegrown players, if those so called fans got their wish of 3 more non-homegrown players (CB, DM, RW), that will raise to 24. That is 7 more, of course some of them can be loaned out or sold, but that will be overhaul of the squad which is counter-productive. And what happen if some of them remain? Exclude them from the coveted UCL matches?

          2. You make it sound like excluding 5 players from Champions league squad is not a big deal.

            Yes, they might not be needed. But think from the excluded players’s perspective! Do you even consider their feeling? Their morale?

        3. @Yelnats24 are you ever going to stop with your “homegrown” squad list? Your sound like an obsessed boyfriend who can’t get over his ex lol. Again if you believe in M&M like you say you do then you also have to believe they know what they are doing and are well aware of the homegrown requirement and will get players accordingly. But wait isn’t this just fake news and can’t you determine which stories are real amd which one are fake??? After all didnt you claim ONLY YOU knew we would sign Florenzi, Messias, and CDK and the rest of the rumors linking us to players were BS??? So you should know the truth of these ones too right? Hahahahaha. Your FKN nuts pal! God bless u buddy

          1. You are ignorant of reality.

            Let me tell you, Serie A (not just UCL) also has non-homegrown limit and Milan already above the limit even after exempting U21 (Unlike UCL, Serie A do not require them to have been at the club for at least 2 years).

            Media/journalist/fans who keep insisting more non-homegrown (non U21) are the obsessed boyfriend.

          2. Maldini and Massara know this issue despite media hide it from us so they can keep writting BS stories.

            If Milan want to sign more new players, they are more likely to sign either homegrown or U21. Out of the names circulated by media, only Pape Matar Sarr fit it.

    1. That’s not the same Onana that Milan is interested in.
      That’s Lille’s Onana and he most likely will go for 40 mil to EPL.
      Milan is supposedly intersted in Bordeaux Onana, whose price is probably 5 mil

  2. Every year, every big team has to exclude some players from their champions league list , it’s nothing new.
    These are grown men, they understand the game. Plus those that will be excluded are excluded for a reason and they wouldn’t have been playing anyways. So if their feelings get hurt because they are not symbolically on a list, so be it. Maybe if they were better they would have been on the list. Merit over feelings

    1. Excluding 1 or 2 is still normal, but if those fans have their way, 7 will be excluded. Good thing Milan shut the door for RW.

    2. @Poli, I just find out Serie A also has non-homegrown limit, but it does not apply to U-21 (Uefa has this as B list but the players have to be in the club for at least 2 years; no 2 years requirement in Serie A).

      It means from 19 non-homegrown who are not U-21 (CDK & Lazetic), only 17 can be registered at Serie A. Milan really have to remove at least 1 homegrown in the summer (the other 1 can wait as Ibra is still injured). The replacement can only be a homegrown player.

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