MN: Why Milan continue to wait for Renato Sanches to make a decision

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan continue to wait for an answer from Renato Sanches who must soon make a decision on his future, a report claims.

MilanNews confirms that the Rossoneri management are waiting for the player knowing that Lille currently seem to prefer the idea of selling to Milan rather than their domestic rivals Paris Saint-Germain, with some conflicting reports about how interested the Parisians are.

The Portuguese midfielder left for the training camp under the orders of new head coach Paulo Fonseca, but Lille know that he does not want to stay and will not renew his contract which expires in 2023.

What is certain is that Milan are waiting for the 24-year-old because they consider him to be potentially a very important piece in the evolution of the tactical system that Stefano Pioli has in mind, given that Franck Kessie – who joined Barcelona on a free transfer – must be replaced.

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  1. August 29th.
    Renato Sanches getting inpatient with PSG. If he doesn’t get an offer from them in the next 48 hours, he will accept Milans offer

  2. Wating because we have a shit management. That doesn’t reach to renew kessie, and now unable to search for another midfielder instead of that unmotivated Sanchez

  3. What Milan do with Renato Sanchez is as stupid as what Leeds do with CDK.

    The player doesn’t want to play for Milan. Full stop.

    Is it wise to sign a player whose only wish is to play elsewhere?

    Move on guys ! (and incidentally invest the money in CDK).

    1. He wants to come to Milan he agreed to come in January lol. It’s just he wants us to match PSG’s offer of 4.5M a season. It’s simple. You pay this guy 4.5M/season and be done with it, you cannot find a player of his caliber in his prime for 15M transfer fee. We need to stop being cheap and match his salary offer from PSG and not low ball him at 3.2M. Very simple if we want to get this done.

      1. Man, you’re right. Renato had expressed his desire to join Milan. We waited on end, and then, PSG came into the running for him, and offered more in wages. If Renato was your son, would you advice him to still head to Milan? PSG are more likely to win the champions league than Milan, and he would certainly win more trophies there. I want to see him at Milan, bcos he has the quality we need for the midfield, and that’s why M&M are still trying. But, to be realistic, we have to give something extra to get what we want. We should blame our management for the situation they put Milan in, not our transfer targets, or their respective clubs.

      2. If he’s so cheap why hasn’t anyone else come and grabbed him? Or maybe 4.5m for a player who is high injury risk is too much? The club ran the numbers, ran the risk models, and what the club has offered in terms of salary is what they’re prepared to offer. Period. If Sanches accepts he accepts, if he doesn’t someone else comes in or noone. Stop reading the 20 articles that come out every day about Sanches every day. We don’t need an article to tell us Milan has made their offer and are waiting for a response. If it doesn’t come it doesn’t come. Stop letting yourself be gaslit by the 24 hour fake news cycle.

  4. Milan are waiting because they offered Sanchez, 3.2m as salary….WTF, why will you offer Sanchez 3.2m at the age of 24, considerjng the quality he brings, this stupid ideology this Milan management is creating in football view will hunt us in the future, we are always being dramatic in our dealings and very soon players, agent and clubs will start dealing with us in hostility.

    If Sanchez takes 3.2m for 5years at his prime, how can he get more than that when he is 29/30, in as much as the dudes play football, they also need to be paid because they have families and needs to create jobs for themselves after retirement which will be in a much inflation world.

    If I am Sanchez, I will wait for PSG, if possible stay in lille and go there next season for free, PSG are willing to give him 4.5m which is suitable, it is a disgrace that we want to pay 3.2m to Sanchez, it is a bigger disgrace that we are waiting for his transfer to PSG to fail so he can accept our 3.2m,. Milan have turn into a big joke, they may think that they are saving 1m or 500k but they are simply tarnishing their image, soon football transfer will see dealing with Milan as running in a circus and we will keep ending up with unknown names, rejected players and finished players

    1. Exactly. I’ve been saying the same thing. Match PSG’s offer at 4.5M/season and he will come. It’s simple amd he’s worth the $$

    2. “We need to stop being cheap and match his salary offer from PSG and not low ball him at 3.2M”
      – F*** no! In fact Milan should stick to their original 3.2M€ offer. If PSG want him, then pay Lille what they want. If not, then Sanches has no leverage whatsoever as Milan were the only one willing to pay Lille what they want and Sanches what he wants. M&M would be bloody stupid to raise their offer due to ELLEDGED interest by PSG.

      ” they also need to be paid because they have families”

      LMAO!!! Sanches has already secured his family’s life for the rest of their lives. You are living in a f*ng fantasy world and this running football clubs is exactly like in video games.

      Sanches could easily earn a raise by playing well. Milan has lift / is lifting the salaries of several players due to good performances.

      Even an idiot understands that improving budget means keeping the costs as low as possible and gains as high as possible. Milan doesn’t have gains so they need to save on costs. Player wages is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – costs for the club. EVERY million more salary on player is 1.5-2M€ costs on the budget due to taxes.

      1. Typo fixed: “You are living in a f*ng fantasy world and think running football clubs is exactly like in video games. “

      2. BB you think slow, that’s why you write fast.

        There is no team in football who will offer Sanchez, 3.2m. even Atalanta or Lazio will not offer Sanchez 3.2m, infact that’s an insult. This was the reason he refused to come in January.

        It is you who doesn’t even understand how football works. Players and agent don’t care if you are in red or green, you pay what is expected if you want a player and shut up with that trash of saying that Milan is improving the budget by keeping the cost low…….did Milan buy anyone in January? NO, did Milan get paid for participating UCL? Yes(35m+) did Milan get paid for TV money ? Yes, Did Milan get paid for scudetto win? yes, have Milan spent on any significant transfer this summer? No, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY NO LOWERING COST, so giving Sanchez 4m or 4.5m will take us back to serieB? …….

        This mediocre mentality that the new management is imposing on Milan have started getting into some fans.

        Sanchez should stick with lille and go to PSG as free transfer next season, infact I will not even advise any club or player to get into any transfer dealing with this Milan, this is a shame, look at fiorentina who I do not even know the last time they went to Europa league are making wave in transfers for the past 2 seasons, even Roma, Lazio and even Atalanta are atleast getting deals closed while we are here running around a 21year old Belgium kid while screaming, we don’t have money.

        We are a disgrace in this mecato no matter what happens, Milan have really disgraced themselves and we should all be honest and accept that, forget the money or budget issues, we are being owned by a Vulture funds and that explains it all

        1. 1.) Milan is still under FFP agreement, so they can’t buy Mbappe Haaland and everyone else for you. If they violate the agreement they will be banned from Europe and then we WILL be in Serie B. 2.) “New management”? Redbird does not control the club until September. Get this through your thick head.

          Remember when people were like “OMG Madrid’s 4th string LB, f— Elliott”? Or how Kalulu is now a demi-god, but he was bought for like 550k. “Donnarumma left, boo hoo, now we got this guy Mike f— Elliott”, but now he’s magic?

        2. “did Milan buy anyone in January? NO,”
          – You can’t get a single “fact” right in your bedtime stories… They bought Lazetic.

          “Players and agent don’t care if you are in red or green”
          – They do. Who wants to join a club that has problems paying salaries and might go backcrupt and/or get relegated due to financing issues?

          – WTH are you shouting? No lowering cost? No? That’s what they need to do due to FFP.

          “giving Sanchez 4m or 4.5m will take us back to serieB?”
          – Wow! Just… Wow!!! How the f*** did you come up with that from ANYTHING I wrote? And you claimed I was slow… Maaan… You have a reading problem. You don’t seem to understand ANYTHING you read. So… Probably I’m just wasting my time writing this.

          “I will not even advise any club or player to get into any transfer dealing with this Milan”
          – I bet all the clubs in the world will listen to you as you make soooooo much sense with your bedtime stories. 🙂

          “We are a disgrace in this mecato no matter what happens”
          – Nope. The disgrace is you and people like you who cry about the management’s decicions thinkin’ they could do far better job with their FM background.

    3. He’s SO good but Bayern decided to let him go because they’re too cheap as well? He’s SO good, but other than PSG nobody seems to to be lining up to get him at such LOW prices because all the other clubs are too cheap as well? Lol.

      “If Sanchez takes 3.2m for 5years at his prime, how can he get more than that when he is 29/30, in as much as the dudes play football, they also need to be paid because they have families and needs to create jobs for themselves after retirement which will be in a much inflation world.” L-O-L. Are you 12?

      1. Vero rossonero this typical comment you made shows that you are the one who should answer the question “are you 12?”

        You don’t know what life is all about, you probably running around, playing playstation, thinking the players in your video are like the real players and they all don’t have a life…..dummy

        1. “You don’t know what life is all about”
          – That comment coming from you deserves the “Irony of the year”-award. 🙂

  5. Sennouni you are a stupid fanatic fan, Milan doesn’t need you but you need Milan so get lost or be optimistic. Renato Sanchez will be a bad signing. Milan need a tall fast winnings ball player that can play 2 or 3 different positions like LB, CB, DM etc. & young under 21..

  6. Milan needs Sanches. M&M know that, and will keep trying till the end. He is good, and can still get better at Milan. Fortunately for us, PSG are not keen on signing him. So, if we don’t get him, that’s our failing. Not all quality players come cheap, regardless of the time left on their contracts. Lewandoski, Sterling, are examples. Any arguments we fans want to keep having back and forth is futile

    1. China you said it all, do not mind those people who to create galaticos with pennies…..they will be the first to jump to criticizing the team once they don’t do well

  7. I like Renato but honestly I do not think he is better than Bennacer right now, tbh, and certainly a 4.5M salary seems excessive for a position where we already have Bennacer. Renato and Bennacer are both 24 years old, although Bennacer is a little younger. Renato won the French league with Lille. Bennacer won the (more competitive) Scudetto with Milan and is Serie A tested. Renato is injury prone, so is Bennacer. Renato won a Euro with Portugal and was named best young player of the tournament in 2016. Bennacer won the African cup of nations with Algeria in 2019 and was named best player of the tournament, plus best young player of the tournament and was also the top assist provider. Bennacer’s current salary is 1.5M and Sanches is asking for 4.5M. Do I like Renato? Yes. Do I think he’s worth the 4.5M salary considering we already have Tonali and Bennacer? No. Do I think offering Bennacer a pay raise would be better and less costly than getting Renato?? Yes.

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