Adli discusses overcoming difficult moments: “Tomori asked me what I would do”

By Oliver Fisher -

Yacine Adli has admitted that there were some difficult moments for him personally while he wasn’t playing much, but relished his first start in nearly a year.

It was not the best first season at Milan for Adli after his loan spell back at Bordeaux because although he stayed patient and tried to earn a spot, he got just one start in the league throughout the entire campaign.

Tonight, the Franco-Algerian got his first start since an away match against Hellas Verona 346 days ago and he certainly did well, earning a score among the best on the field in our ratings.

With Rade Krunic injured, Adli could well get more chances to impress at the base of the midfield. He spoke to Sky after the game to reflect on his first start of the season, and his comments were relayed by MilanPress.

How would you assess your debut for the season?

“I waited and dreamed about it, but it also took work and patience, which I had. I have always given everything for this moment, but this is just one match, now I want more, I want to show that I am there.”

What is your best role?

“In my career I have played everywhere, so the change of position suits me. When the coach asked me, I told him to put me where he wants, for this shirt I would also play full-back.”

Was it difficult when you weren’t playing much?

“There were difficult moments, because like every player I wanted to play, I tried to find happiness in another way. I’ve always tried to help, I get along well with other players and the staff.

“The first day the coach told me that I wouldn’t play much. Tomori asked me what I would do and I replied: ‘I’ll stay here and you’ll see how I play’.”

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    1. I also hope that it was a lost in translation kinda thing. A bit weird for a coach to pass judgement on a player on the very first day, without even seeing what he could possibly bring to the table.

    2. Well… you know… Pioli only give chance to untested players when his trusted players got injured. In Pioli’s plan, Adli is 3rd choice DM behind Bennacer and Krunic.

  1. On the first day before the season even started, the coach already told him he wouldn’t play much even though Bennacer is not available & despite the hefty schedules & so many games & with his Potential but this man would rather play Krunic through out the games every 3 days.. that’s exactly what he did to Bakayoko which is so unfair & I hope Krunic stays out a bit longer for him to develop because Krunic is not a top class player that should be starting every game for a team like Milan. Bench player at best (4th choice) which he was when Kessie & Bennacer led the Midfield.

    1. Im pretty sure the reason why bakayoko didnt play much was that milan didnt want to risk ending up with an obligation to buy the player for roughly 20 mil because if he had played around 8 full matches in 2022/23 season in minutes then ac milan would have had to cough up such an ammount, Glad they chose otherwise.

    2. Playing Krunic is not the problem. Not playing Adli was the problem. And those those things can be mutually exclusive especially depending on where he’s deployed. Adli should also realize he isn’t going to get game time unless something serious happens in terms of injuries and personnel

      1. LOL. If it were last season and we had to chose between Adli and Tata in goal – I’d chose Adli lol 😂😂😂😂.

        Great performance yesterday considering FIRST game of season and first time in that role in reg season game. Something very positive to build on. The way he was moving the ball was fantastic – yea some things to work on (defensive) but a 97% pass rating is fantastic. Start him vs Lazio on the weekend. We have a potential gem on our hands and let’s face it when Benny returns to health we will likely sell him to SA so the need for another DM to Krunic is def there.

      1. Pioli isn’t a tactician at all ,thank jeez some agrees to this, look at inter Milan deploying hakan at the base, or mik at transition and benching Adil when he has the potential of both mentioned players. Pioli needs to find what the best way to bring the best out of adil as it was done with pirlo…adil is good

  2. technically adli is better then any player we have but defensively he is really bad i hope bennacer speedy recovery i really want to see bennacer in three man midfielders

  3. Pretty sure a lot was lost in translation.
    Adli isn’t talking about the start of the current season, but from the start of his time at Milan.
    We brought him in as a jack of all trades in Midfield, and Pioli decided to convert him into a specific position. Told him at the beginning of last season that whilst they were converting him (he had to bulk up and change his mindset/tactical positioning) he would not be playing much.

    And now he’s ready, and it’s beautiful.
    Long may it continue.

    1. This 👍

      I’m glad there’s someone who really followed the news, doing some research, and can think clearly before posting a comment. People who keeps posting kneejerk reaction should learn from Ryo.

  4. “I waited and dreamed about it,” yea no buddy you shouldn’t be doing that. Especially at your age. You should want to play and be a starter somewhere. The fact that the coach told you that you wouldn’t play much was pretty much the signal that you needed to go somewhere else as you’re not primarily in his consideration.

    1. So you’re telling him to be a quitter, eh? One obstacle and run away? I love your approach (no, not really) but still prefer Adli’s “I’ll fight and earn my spot”-mentality.

  5. Story goes, that last year when he wasen’t playing instead of complaining, he arranged a bbq party for his teammates and their families.

    we all like him for a very good reason; he bleed black/red and he is a very good and gifted player.

  6. I am sure there are thousands of mediocre players who would prefer sitting on a bench of Milan now. Why do we need “this kind of guy” is beyond me. He is slow, soft, poorly defending and he thinks he is a new Pirlo.

  7. So much Pioli grumbling here, what on earth are you all on about?

    Coach being honest with the player from what he sees, “can’t believe he’s ruining his confidence”. What’s he supposed to say, “I’m going to play you every week” ?

    Maybe, just maybe, Pioli knows the player better than you do. Maybe he knows what he responds to. Maybe he wants to see what he’s made of and how he responds. And he’s not going to get that right every time, but he’s got a very good record with a young squad, so let the guy do his thing.

    And all these complaints are after Adli puts in a good performance starting in a new position. So he did get picked. He did get trained for that position. The team is coached to use Adli in that position. It was a game the team was strong enough to win and overcome one small mistake he made (and the sort of game we didn’t win last year) and that’s got to be good for everyone’s confidence.

    How do you all look at a good outcome and still manage to shoehorn in that “Pioli is awful” logic, it genuinely amazes me.

    1. It’s because a coach should, surprise surprise, coach the player on what he needs from him to help him become the best player for that coach that he can be.

      Pioli doesn’t do that. It’s sink or swim with him.

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