GdS: Adli could be impacted as Milan aim to sign Real Madrid forward for under €20m

By Oliver Fisher -

Brahim Diaz is in the final few months of his two-year loan deal from Real Madrid but the AC Milan management want to try and keep him, a report claims.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Brahim Diaz has made it clear that he would prefer to stay at Milan where he gets plenty of playing time and feels like a big part of the project, while the Spanish playmaker is also appreciated by Stefano Pioli.

However, the big variable at the moment is the amount of the option to buy in the loan deal that was agreed with Real Madrid in 2021, which is set at €22m with a buy-back in favour of the LaLiga club set at €27m.

It is an outlay that Milan consider to be excessive and which they will therefore try to lower. If they were to get it below €20m, then there could well be an agreement reached.

Brahim’s future could have a knock-on effect on Yacine Adli’s too, a player who is one of the great mysteries of the season so far despite being signed from Bordeaux after a careful and lengthy evaluation and then being left on loan there for a season to develop.

So far in 2022-23 though he has made just one start and four total appearances for 113 minutes. If Brahim Diaz were to stay, the opportunity for a season on loan elsewhere would open up for the Frenchman.

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    1. No way, Adli can’t play real football, have you watched him? Tactically around 12 year old kids…Diaz is also so so, but he has his flashes and scores goals.

  1. When we don’t have a lot of funds to begin with we need to choose wisely and I don’t think Brahim is that guy. He’s not bad and has his moments but we can’t afford to use around 20m on him. Not now

  2. I’m mixed on Diaz. Sometimes he is like, wow, the dude can play. Then most of the time he is totally invisible and when he does get the ball he gets bullied of it, being so smoll and weak. Serie A really isnt a place for him- Milan been waiting on him for 3 years to start showing some consistency in his play and its just not happening.. And if Milan does sign Zaniolo in the summer AM will be crowded af

  3. What a joke. We have no $$ and we are going to waste 20M on Diaz who is nothing but a role player and has never distinguished himself as a starter in the years he’s been with us? Lol. Brilliant 🤪. Okay Adli give the kid a chance at worst he’s on par with Diaz

  4. This story kind of depends on if Pioli is still coach come end of season.
    But i think Diaz is a good fit for the spanish league

  5. Diaz has 0 end product. I’m really hoping M+M aren’t that dumb to sign him especially with our limited budget and fact that we spent huge money on CDK who is obviously immensely more talented than Brahim
    Pioli deffo has a massive soft (or hard) spot/on for Brahim.

  6. At least let adli play. Took the guy off loan to leave him on the bench? I’m not there in training obviously but pioli isn’t giving some guys a fair chance.

    Diaz has been too inconsistent for his price tag

  7. They talk about getting the fee under 20m.

    What would you pay for Diaz based on the quality of his play? Maybe 5m?

    I hope they’re not going to burn a substantial part of the budget on a very average player who has hardly improved in 3 years.

  8. If this is true (probably just click bait) then the management is even more incompetent than I thought. Diaz has 2-3 good games per season, hardly a difference maker. Most of the time he dribbles into defenders who easily push his tiny frame off the ball.

  9. Let me say this how you can rate a player that played only 4 games and only one start ? And the deal for Diaz is stupid even if we buy him less than 20M they have the option to get him back what we are gonna do ? If adli goes on loan ? Paid him to get back ? Get some cheap solution? I think you need to start put him on and play because that money we can get someone else like real RW or younger striker or a LB or RB whatever just put him on . Also get some academy players for depth only so the many can bring us better players not osorio or Vazquez type of players (I mean very cheap solutions)

    1. Bordeaux was getting relegated last seasons, he wasn’t first choice. Just explains how good he really is. He reminds me of those guys that have youtube videos and juggle the ball. But playing real football…

  10. Adli? I thought he left. It baffles me why Pioli refuses to use him. He has never gotten a fair run. It’s a shame. But Instead Krunic is always there. Smh.

  11. Unfortunately,Ac didn’t get Renato Sanschez,and that is where all problems started.Everything else was just trying to fix the damage after scudetto.Adli,Wranckx,Diaz,krunić….all 4 together are not as good as one Sanchez.That is a holle left by Kessie,very powerfull player,and it can not be fixed with 1,50 Diaz,od young Adli,etc. .3 years in a row AC play without real right wing.3 Years…second season without classic 10….years wiothout classic 9…scudetto was a wonder,miracle,it was not invested in summer,almost nothing…what else can you expect but a disaster?….With a new owner who came to cash in…..pure disaster!!!

    1. And,without a doubt,it is going to be even worse.With huuuuge doubt about Champions League succes at the end of season.This fall of AC into an abyss is not at its end yet…

    2. Exactly, when they didn’t get the money to sign the players they wanted patching up started. If we got Botman, Sanches and one more player for RW it would be a title winning team again.

  12. Both should not be at Milan, Adli should go on loan to see if he can become a football player and Diaz should definitely not be purchased. But this is the new Milan, mediocre players are a trend…

  13. En dehors de tout ça, et depuis 2019, je n’arrive pas à comprendre le “projet” de MILAN ! aucune dépense, ni revenu, bref aucun investissement. de quel “projet” parlent-ils ? le club en standby depuis 2019.

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