GdS: Adli misses trip to Mozart’s home city but his chances with Milan will come

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan playmaker Yacine Adli will miss out on the trip to Mozart’s home city as his mission to win over Stefano Pioli continues.

La Gazzetta dello Sport recall how Adli has a love for the piano and in particular is a fan of Mozart but he will not feature in tonight’s Champions League match between Red Bull Salzburg and AC Milan which will take place about twenty minutes from the house where the famous composer was born.

Adli has been excluded from the Champions League squad list and will not take part in the trip to Salzburg on Tuesday evening despite having a positive preseason and also possessing a very useful versatility.

The former Bordeaux man is a playmaker in his natural role – like De Ketelaere and Brahim Diaz who are ahead in Pioli’s hierarchy – while the coach made it clear that there is no future as a member of the double pivot.

However, it must be noted that Adli is 21 and has to adapt to Italian football just as it was the same for Pierre Kalulu, who quickly rose from reserve to permanent starter because he was able to thrive in the right situations.

So far Adli has played 46 minutes (29 against Bologna and 17 against Sassuolo), remaining on the bench in the derby and in the first two league games against Udinese and Atalanta. However, from now until the beginning of November a game will be played every three days virtually, so his time will come.

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  1. Diaz should have been sent back to real during transfer Windows. Failed the first season, failed the second one as the main man. How he stil hanging there is irritating. Piolis loyalty to some of these players are annoying

    1. Mate, it is a matter of him knowing how to follow Pioli’s instructions after a couple of sessions. However, smart players can take over easily, just like Kalulu and De Ketalare did.

      1. I overall agree with your assessments of pioli choosing players that already has an understanding of his instructions and tactics but kalulu didnt immediately play a lot as he first debuted december 10th in the europa league 2020, 3 months after joining us.
        In the end though im sure adli will have his chances this season but as most people i would have picked adli instead of diaz but Pioli should have earned our trust by now so lets see if this was indeed an unwise choice.

        1. your right, Kalulu has even stated that when he joined, he was told that for the 1st 6 months his job was to watch and learn. I think Adli is on this same path, yes he will get minutes here and there but its the smart play to settle them in slowly. CDK is different in that he is already one of our most experienced CL players and is more ready for the big stage.

          1. I had forgotten about that interview 1MIKEJ but you are absolutely correct and i agree it could very well be pretty much the same formula for adli and some of our other aquisitions made this summer. When that is said i wouldnt be terribly surprised if he gets his first start against for example empoli or maybe even vs sampdoria due to the compact schedule. CDK certainly stands out in many aspects and his cl experience is deffently not hurting his chances.

  2. The upcoming fixture list for the next few weeks is horrendous for Milan, even the two ‘smaller’ games they’ll face will be away ties to established Serie A sides Empoli and Sampdoria.

    We’re going to need that squad depth more than ever.

    1. That’s why Adli should be given playing time in each match – to get inside the team/league. CDK cannot play 90mins every match and we all know what Diaz will (or actually will NOT) produce. And don’t add Krunic to the equation as he will contribute NOTHING to attacking plays and there will be games where there’s 20mins left and we still need a goal. That’s not the time for “Krunic in – CDK out”-substitutes.

      1. If we’re 3 or 4 goals up, sure, give him a run out. Hopefully he’ll be ready to start when we get to some of the games in the middle of the season against lower teams.

        If we really need to work to protect a lead, then I have no issues with Pioli keeping faith in the players he trusts to know his system.

        Krunic or Diaz both played their part last season and no need to throw Adli as an unknown into that unless Pioli believes him to be ready.

        But this weird Adli-mania that’s cropped up because of a few clips from pre-season is so weird IMO, we’ve seen hardly anything to judge on so far and Pioli has seen far more – have some trust in him.

        1. “If we’re 3 or 4 goals up, sure, give him a run out. ”
          LOL. In other words you don’t want him to play ever. It’s not like Adli hasn’t played football in his life before.

  3. Adli will play more in the upcoming match against Sampdoria and Empoli.

    Some people needs to be patience and don’t put too much pressure on Adli.

    1. I don’t think there is any issue with pressure. The issue is that he needs minutes on the pitch to learn his teammates and the league. Watching on the bench doesn’t do any good. Even every last 10 minutes in the matches will do him a favor and help him settle in.

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