Adli says he ‘gets the shivers’ when Milan fans sing and he ‘feels like one of them’

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan midfielder Yacine Adli has explained the effect that hearing the Milan fans singing has on him and revealed that he feels like one of them at San Siro.

Adli spoke to Fabrizio Salvio of Sportweek for a full interview that will be released on Saturday, but La Gazzetta dello Sport have released an excerpt on Instagram which has been reported by Milan News.

Adli has fought very hard to still be a part of this Milan team given the tough start to life he had in Italy, and he is reaping the rewards as, whilst not an automatic starter, he is clearly a player that Stefano Pioli trusts.

In comments that will certainly endear him to the fan base, Adli explained that seeing 80,000 Milan fans singing at San Siro has a very strong impact on him every time and he identifies with those in the stands.

“When I see 80,000 fans chanting together I get shivers. I feel like one of them. And this, even when I wasn’t playing, made me feel inside, alive, close to the others in the locker room, close to the fans. This love I have and it came by itself, I don’t control it,” Adli said.

He also talked about how he had to back himself during the first full season as a Milan player when he did not have the impact that many fans had expected him to have.

“For better or worse I relativise a lot. When someone said to me, ‘You don’t know how to play, you’re very bad,’ I knew something was still missing, but I knew something would come. Now I seek calm, serenity, I like to hear the sound of nothing, the sound of life,” he said.

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        1. What is that supposed to mean ? because its not like i have anything against him but comparing adli to one of the absolute greats in the history of the game is downright preposterous.

          1. Well, who cares? God, you sound like you spend most of your time arguing on Reddit. Write your own comments, don’t worry I’ll never reply to those…

          2. Ok so you do take offense in that people react on what drivel you posts, why would you post a comment and expect that someone wouldn’t reply to it.

      1. I get he has vision and passing but to make this comparrison he would need a lot more elegance and intensity in his game and become a lot more fierce. Maybe on his best day he is comparable to zidanes worst days but he simply isnt a new zidane as i percieve it. We are talking about one of the absolute best players in the history of the game and a player that is far behind where zidane was at the same age, This comparison is only made because he is a french algeriana and played in the same club as him. Whether he can develope into a worldclass play might be a different matter but if so then he has a mountain to climb before that actually happens.

  1. This guy is one for the future. I think there is a possibility of him becoming a star player. But he needs at least another season to grow into that.

    1. I agree. Adli always show glimpses of what a huge player he can become. He only started playing for Milan this season so he always had take big steps. His work rate is fantastic so that is a good start

  2. Technically speaking, he’s nowadays ‘just’ a ‘good’ player – although with ample room for further development, it should be noted. But in my opinion, what is important to highlight is not only his attitude, which is the best possible, his determination and willpower, but the intellectual level, the cultural refinement of this boy, which is at a very different level compared to the average of soccer players. Consider this sentence, for

    “Now I seek calm, serenity, I like to hear the sound of nothing, the sound of life”

    Heck, the guy even manages to lend some poetic overtones to his words.

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