CM: Agreement close as Milan bet on Origi – the reasons they have gone all-in

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are hoping to wrap up the signing of Divock Origi ahead of the summer transfer window and are confident of doing so, according to a report. report that the Rossoneri are pushing ahead to strike a deal and an agreement between the parties is close and the feeling is that the Belgium international could be the first reinforcement locked up ahead of the summer.

There are a number of reasons that have convinced Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara to push ahead with their pursuit of Origi, with his vast international experience undoubtedly one of them, as well as the flexibility of the forward who would constitute more than just an alternative to Giroud or Ibrahimovic given he can play as a winger or as a second striker.

In particular, the 26-year-old impressed and convinced the directors during the two Champions League matches against the Reds this season as he got an assist for Salah in the first game at Anfield to make it 2-2 and scored the winner at San Siro.

The economic aspect is also a factor because with a salary of around €4m net per season, this would allow Milan to address a key need and to use the remaining budget on other targets such as the centre-back, midfielder and right wing positions.

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    1. Younger, played UCL and scored multiple times, developed under Klopp, used to high pressure and high intensity games, won with Liverpool almost everything, strong and used to physical style of play from PL, can play on multiple positions, doesn’t mind being in rotation and delivers when he is called to deliver.

      1. Agree w shiva. Given our limited budget – Origi would be a solid signing over Belotti IMO…wish we would have just spent to buy Vlahovic and we would be set for 10 years , but it is what it is. We aren’t spending big $ on a striker until Ibra retires…

    2. Belotti is only 2 (two!!!) years older. Ie. Insignificant.

      Let’s look at the stats:

      Caps/Goals: 41/12 vs Origi’s Caps/Goals: 31/3 , Totally destroyed the Belgian there.

      How about matches & goals in career?
      382/154. That’s 0.4 goals per match.

      And Origi? 298/64. That’s 0.2.

      So statistically speaking Belotti scored 2x more than Origi and is only two years older. Their salaries are roughly the same. Belotti is a proven double-digit scorer in Serie A. Origi has zero goals in Serie A.

      It’s a no-brainer.

  1. Kurdo – a good question. Shiva – a good answer. I was asking the same question. I cant decide between the two, would like to get both, send Colombo and the new guy out on loan and have both with Giroud. I dont see how Ibra can play another year, he misses too many matches and is losing mobility.

  2. Belotti 348 games 139 goals 20 December 1993 (age 28)

    Origi 306 games 64 goals 18 April 1995 (age 26)

    Belotti has nearly twice as good stats than origi and has played in far worse teams than the belgian and he is only 1.5 year older than origi.
    Origi isnt even in competition with belotti if we are looking for a consistently perfoming goal scorer and his stats proves it more than well.
    If we sign origi i would expect it to be mainly
    as a right wing aquisition and not to spearhead the team.

    1. Martin, I’m in total agreement with you. It may be that Belotti still arrives and Origi ends up playing RW, but I think he would still be a lesser RW than Lang or Berardi. If this end up being true I think it’s indicative of the financial constraints of the club. All the money is going to be spent on Botman and a CM (Sanches or other), which means ST and RW need to be really cheap of free. I guess in the end one has to look at it in a relative way, as Origi would still be an upgrade to Saladmaker and Messias at RW…

      1. Vero Rossonero we usually tend to agree on milan on various matters so its of no surprise 😀 beradi and lang would seem like better options but lets see what happens because all these fortune tellers of the media rarely knows anything before it actually becomes official.
        In your second reply you mention ibra if he will stay beyond this season or what. well as much as i appreciate what he has done for us i’ll have to say god forbid he stands in the way of belotti joining us as i would have a hard time forgiving both him and the management of messing this opportunity up.
        In the end though i support the management as i have done from day one and even more so now as they have proven very effective with no means but in my book it would be a grave mistake to renew a 40 year old ibra if it effectively means that we miss out on the belotti deal but that would ofcourse also depend on the italian players demands,

  3. I think those stats are out of context brother. Most of those games are origi coming off the bench whereas Bellotti has always been a starter for his club also taken alot of pks. Not only is origi younger and has less miles on his body (Bellotti has been getting injured more often last cpl years) he is faster, has better technical quality and is alot more versatile… I choose origi over Bellotti but I would sign both they’re free so why not

    1. Hey there Giovanni I assume your reply was for me and sure that is deffently one one side of the story as well but origi has also been playing in a team that pretty much dominates and demolishes the competition compared to belotti who has played for survival or at best qualifying for europa league and that should also tell a lot about what service belotti has been getting in torino.

      Belott i has been injured some this year but he has actually played consistently in his time at torino so i do find that observation wrong

      2015–16 Serie A 35 12 1 0 — — 36 12

      2016–17 35 26 3 2 — — 38 28

      2017–18 32 10 3 3 — — 35 13

      2018–19 37 15 2 2 — — 39 17

      2019–20 36 16 2 0 6[a] 6 — 44 22

      2020–21 35 13 1 0 — — 36 13

      2021–22 14 4 1 0 — — 15 4

      origis best ever season was his second with liverpool and played 43 and scored 11 goals back in 2016-17 season.

      Anyways i dont oppose origis arrival that is unless such transfer would stand in the way of belotti joining us.

  4. Im disagree with this ,king origi just last choice in Juergen Klopp squad and cannot be counted as starter quality . Prefer belotti or Jonathan David but i hoping this king origi can do well if he is already become AC Milan player

    1. What is most Milan fans infatuation with Jonathan David? He is an average player who plays in a weak league. Not even the best forward in Lille. With price tag out of the equation I would rather have Belotti over David. Origi is better than both. He is a bench player at Liverpool because of Liverpools preference for a false 9 players. And he is a bench player in far superior league in quality than Italy. Bench players in Premier league are stars in Serie a. Tomori 6th choice at Chelsea, starter from day 1 at Milan. Lukaku bad in England, looked like a beast in serie A

      1. I would argue that whilst that is true, lukaku has definitely been played wrongly at chelski, really want to see him and havertz in a front 2

  5. Giro and Abraham were also last in Chelsie pecking order, and most of the time one of them wasn’t even on the bench. Being at the bottom of the pecking order at Liverpool, Chelsea or Man City means you’re training with those clubs, with those coaches, preparing for PL and UCL and you have to be ready to give your 3000% when you’re put into play.

    Starting for mediocre Serie A team, training to achieve mediocre Serie A results, playing and scoring against relegation fodder and mediocre Serie A teams doesn’t even come close to that.

    Origi scored some very nice clutch goals, while Belotti failed to show up during Euros. As soon as the heath was on, Belotti was nowhere to be found.

  6. Not the choice I would have made. Stats by club (games/goals/assists): Wolfsberg (36/7/3); Lille (89/16/5); Liverpool (171/40/17). Not great.

    Compare with Belotti: UC AlbinoLeffe (39/14/0); Palermo (64/16/7); Torino (243/109/28). His Torino strike rate is just shy of 1 goal every other game. Think about what this would have been had he played with a better supporting cast. In contrast, Origi has score 1 goal every four games with LIVERPOOL. Oh well.

  7. Like many of you guys I am also unconvinced. I generally prefer Belotti as he’s a Milan fan and might just give that little extra when donning our shirt (just like Cutrone). I also see the argument for Origi, but yeah his goal ratio is nothing to write home about, and also will he even be consistent enough when given the playing time? But then again Tomori and Tammy are proof that sometimes it might just work out.

    But, I’ve been proven wrong before and would be proven wrong again, let’s see how this one goes.

  8. If I was in charge, I’d get both for free. If Ibra stays send Lazetic on loan to serie A get some experience. Belloti knows the league Origi can be a game changer and deliver on big occasions.

  9. A little more context through statistics: Belotti career club goal rate = .40.; Origi career club goal rate = *.21*; And for perspective, Milan hero Filippo Inzaghi career club goal rate = .46. Only .06 more goals per game average than Belotti, and Inzaghi played for Juventus and Milan.

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