Ancelotti makes comparison between Bellingham and Milan legend

By Ben Dixon -

Carlo Ancelotti has been blessed to work with some of the best Trequartistas in football, and the former AC Milan manager has drawn comparisons between Jude Bellingham and another of his former students. 

The meteoric rise of Jude Bellingham has been a pleasure to watch, and although he has often been deployed as a central midfielder in his career, Ancelotti has potentially found the position which gets the most from the former Borussia Dortmund midfielder.

Since his move to Real Madrid, the Italian has opted to use the 20-year-old as a Trequartista, and he has reaped the rewards of this decision in bucket loads so far. This season, in La Liga and the Champions League, the Englishman has scored 20 times and assisted a further six goals.

With his dominance in this position, there have been comparisons drawn between another Los Blancos and Milan icon, Ricardo Kaka, whose best years came playing under Ancelotti, and it is no surprise why the links are being made.

They have nearly identical statures, footballing brains, and knacks for goals – traits that are difficult to find. Ultimately, though, the most prominent link is their tutor, and Ancelotti is already on track to further mentor Bellingham into one of the best in the world, much like he did with Kaka.

In a recent interview with Sky, Ancelotti spoke about the comparisons between the two players, and his words have been relayed by MilanNews.

“He has a bit of Kaka in him. There is not much difference in how they come to hurt their opponents. Since Kaka’s arrival, the game has changed, as have the characteristics of the players who play in that position. Whoever plays in the three-quarter now is a more powerful player than 20 years ago when players with more talent than power played in that position.”

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  1. Jude Bellingham is more comparable to Loftus Cheek in the way he plays as attacking midfielder than he will ever be to Kaka.
    The difference in skill level and technical ability is massive between Kaka and Jude.

    1. While there is an overlap in the roles of both Bellingham and Kakà, I feel like their profiles are not exactly the same. I think Ancelotti’s remark is more about their development under him rather than their actual skill/positions.
      Bellingham and Loftus Cheek is certainly the better comparison and it will be massive if we manage to make Loftus Cheek to be half the player Bellingham currently is.

  2. Jude is a good player and maybe even above average but honestly in my perspective I don’t think he’s extraordinary. Sometimes I watch Madrid amd focus solely on Jude to understand the hype around him but I guess he’s English so maybe that adds to it. If Jude is worth that amount, I wonder what a 24-year-old Kaka would be worth in today’s market. Anyway this isn’t to say Jude isn’t a good player, this is to say he shouldn’t be compared to players like Kaka in any way, shape or form. I’d even take Robinho over Jude. 🙂

    1. No offence but you’ve not a clue what you are spouting – Robinho was useless. Jude is a gem and comparable to Kaka given his age,,, also Ancelotti knows far more about football than you ever will

      1. No offense but I think you’re committing the fallacy of appealing to authority. Ancelotti knows more about football than I ever will and I agree with that but imagine Ancelotti saying in an interview that Jude doesn’t come close to Kaka. Of course he’s going to say nice things about the player but you who watches football knows that there’s no comparison. And of course I hope you know the argument is a comparison between the younger versions of each player. There’s no way I’d take a 30-year-old Kaka over this Jude. No way! And in terms of player durability obviously Jude wins but the argument doesn’t take injury history into consideration. As for the Robinho argument, I said “I would” not “everyone should.” That’s an opinion based on the entertaining football I like not comparing a 30+ Robinho to this Jude. Football is kinda different now but if I was a coach amd I was told that I can either sign the Robinho of real Madrid or the Jude of real Madrid, I’d pick Robinho over Jude. I feel the need to say again that it’s an opinion not an absolute truth.
        Forza Milan 🙂

  3. Jude is definitely an exceptional player But don’t ever compare his ‘football brain” to that of kaka, ever.

  4. Natural #10 position is dying. Nowadays coaches mostly use #8 characteristics players (box to box) in that position e.g. Bellingham, Koopmeiners, Szoboszlai, Gallagher etc.

    In case of Milan, in my opinion, Reijnders would be far more suited playing in the hole instead of RLC, although the latter is our #8. But he’s just too clumsy and is slow in anticipation and build up.

  5. Carlo is genius in terms of unlocking player potential. The way he shifted Pirlo from attacking midfielder to regista is also remarkable.

  6. Read carefully what Ancelotti is saying
    Kaka had more talent, Jude is more powerful. The CAM position has changed

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