Ancelotti thanks Milan for helping to make Real Madrid forward ‘complete’

By Oliver Fisher -

Carlo Ancelotti has thanked AC Milan for their role in the development of Brahim Diaz, who returned to Real Madrid over the summer and has been in excellent form.

Brahim Diaz moved to Real Madrid from Manchester City in a deal worth €17m in January 2019 and subsequently he spent three years on loan at Milan (an initial one-year loan then a two-year deal), where he became a trusted option for Stefano Pioli.

The 24-year-old went back to the Spanish capital in the summer transfer window but he has had to be patient again, with the likes of Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes ahead of him in the ranks.

Nonetheless, Brahim has been in great form of late and in his 21 appearances across all competitions he has chipped in with six goals and three assists. He thanked Milan for their role in his development back in June.

Ancelotti spoke at a press conference on the eve of the Copa del Rey derby against Atlético Madrid, which will be played at the Wanda Metropolitano, and he spoke about the playmaker.

“He improved a lot during his years at Milan. He is stronger, more powerful and has also improved tactically,” he said (via TMW).

“In tight spaces he asserts himself a lot, he is important in defence, he works a lot in any position. He does well wherever you put him in the line-up, he’s helping us a lot, he’s very complete.”

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  1. He is like the Adli of Real Madrid – He just really wants to be where he is and is willing to do whatever to stay there.

    Good for him.

  2. Milan paid 3M to real to develop a player for them. Perez a proper businessman, our guys could learn a thing or two 😀

    1. I think Brahim also helped us a lot with the Scudetto and also with the revival of the team, we needed him in that time. With Jimenez it’s different, yes

      1. meh. he contributed some, but a proper Am wouldve gone a long way. Diaz was 2 hot and cold there and pioli rarely used him on the wing, where he was better

        1. Pioli used Brahim a couple of times in the right wing and it doesn’t work well compare to he played as AM.

          Not Pioli’s fault that the club owner doesn’t give him a better AM.

          1. The fûck you on about? He was always much better on the rw. Even when he played am he always drifted towards the rw.

            Pioli is very much at fault. Lacks ballz and probably even a backbone. A typical yes sir coach

          2. If Chuk ever starts playing up to his potential, Pulisic is a natural fit for the AM spot.
            As it is, right now, Pulisic is playing more like a right sided AM rather than a true right wing forward.

  3. You’re welcome Ancellotti 🤗we love developing your players. Currently we’re also developing Jiminez at the expense of our very own Bartesaghi. Can’t wait to have him available for you in two years a more solid and capable defender. Yay 😁🙌. Whats that? Ohhh dont worry about Bartesaghi, we’re going to loan him out with the hopes he gets playing time while Jiminez takes actual game time. You don’t worry your little head 🤭😂

  4. I understand many fellow Milan fans being upset. But he was with us for 3 years – which is a ton – for nearly nothing for his quality. This at an instrumental time where the club got managed to get back on its feet, partially due to Brahim. Also, Brahim got a massive break where a ton of attacking players at Madrid got injured or he would have initially struggled to even make their bench. And Pioli wanted to stop playing with a regista – meaning hed even struggle to find a spot with us, and his contributions on the wings for Milan were somewhat questionable.

    I think the math with Jimenez is different because we don’t suck anymore.

  5. Berlusconi just turned in his grave .

    So this is what it has come to?
    Oh no wait this is how it’s been for a long long time but wait it’s not the fault of the owners 😧 oh no it’s italia football and ffp that’s the reason why the club is where it is😠.

    Enough excuses the owners starting this summer should put up or get out of this truly great and giant of European football the fans followers and Italy deserve so much better.

    1. But it was your Italian expert (Maldini) who pushed for the deal.

      We had Paqueta who I consider a far better player than Brahim Diaz, but instead of hiring a coach to utilise him properly, he sold him.

      It is your Italian professionals who are charged with the day to day running and management of the club and not the Americans, the Americans are the owners.

        1. I don’t think so Buddy.
          He’s on the Capello wagon.

          I can see how difficult it is for you to make sense of his statement, cos it actually doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Jack Russell – I think we were in a bad cycle and are now out of it. I think Jimenez should be bought outright or returned, and not repeat a Diaz like deal.

    But what you mention is a real ongoing concern if Milan is ever to return to the heights of the Berlusconi Milan. FFP makes it difficult for a Sheik to buy a club and dump endless money onto it with no real repercussions. Italy being a mess where you can’t build a stadium, among a million others issues, is a huge one. Not to mention Serie A TV deals are 10x lower than EPL. This brings us to a reality more similar to what Maldini said – we battle Everton for players, not Madrid. We have the same payroll as Everton, we are supposed to in spirit battle for the champions league, while in reality we have a payroll that battles relegations in another league.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom. The club is getting back, and times change, that’s why I say bring on the Super League.

    1. Who cares about money?

      We have whatever money we have. Unless fans are prepared to put their own money in they can’t complain.

      What we can complain about is what the money we do have is spent on.

      And crucially this notion that to compete with Madrid you have to spend like Madrid, and more to the point, Madrid are Madrid because they spend a shed load of money.

      Madrid are Madrid because they’ve kept a core of players together for 10 years.

      Same with Juve and all of the other great sides.

      Ramos and Pepe played hundreds of games together.

      Milan had established a Scudetto winning CB partnership but then once again lost focus and kept fiddling. We’re still looking to sign more defenders for some reason.

      If we want to compete with the best we need to stop fiddling.

  7. I’m not sure why some people upset about this.

    We loaned Brahim where he helped us won a Scudetto + CL semis which also brough Milan a lot of money btw. In return, Milan helped Brahim developed his skills & mentality.

    So it’s a win-win situation.

    1. Some people will try to spin everything into their own narrative. They have an opinion about what type of person should run the club and are desperate to prove themselves right…

  8. Diaz contributed to our Scudetto. Sucks we couldn’t keep him, but remember all the criticism he used to get here – small, easily disposessed, indecisive, inconsistent…

    In the current lineup where would he even fit? In place of RLC? Reijnders? I don’t think so.

  9. Silly Poli liked Diaz more than Cdk and Adil. In the end Milan lost time in developing Adil and Cdk. Poli shouldn’t have continued with Diaz as RM always had the buy back option. Diaz is never going to be Milan

    1. You’re not making any sense. Saying Pioli shouldn’t used a player that gave him good results and should keeps playing the ones who doesn’t gave good results. That’s just a waste of money and talent.

      If i’m on Pioli shoes, i would like Brahim more than CDK or Adli too.

      Last season Pioli played CDK 40 times in all competitions combine; 13 times as starters and 27 times as subs and he can’t even scored a single goal.

      Meanwhile last season Brahim played 45 times and he gave good results with 7 goals and 7 assist in all competitions including the winning goal against Tottenham, Juventus, etc. He has 35 times as starters and 8 times as subs.

      And last season Adli wasn’t fit as AM nor as DM. Hence why he only played a few. Not to mention Tonali and Bennacer was played so well too. But now he’s ready to play. Some players needs more time to adapt and shouldn’t be forced to play when he’s not ready.

  10. “That 3M was worth every penny of it.

    Brahim helped us won a scudetto and reach CL semi’s which gave Milan a lot of money.”


    Of course.

    And of course doom & gloom morons will never see this…

    1. I really tired with the doom and gloom reactions.

      People needs to think with their brain first before they post their kneejerk reaction.

  11. Wait, wasn’t it a consensus here that Diaz is inconsistent, always make a bad decision, too small for the league, basically useless?

    I’ve always been a supporter of him, and said last season that we will miss a player like him. Milanista at heart, grinta, never complaint, time and time again producing the magic we need. And to say we had to make room for the lack of performance by CdK, Adli, and sacrificing more points in the process? C’mon.

  12. Time to move on.
    Diaz was a 2 touch guy in 4 matches.
    I loved him but the amount of times he (and many others) lost the ball to dangerous turnovers was crimminal.
    I’m not sure he would fit in this season and be would be frustrated.
    I wish we had several players that left us, but financially we just can’t compete without a lot of money to build and retain stars. And that stadium-I still can’t believe that I’m saying that. San Siro is the Scala of calico. Forza ragazzii. Third or an amazing second will do for this season and a decent Europa league run.

  13. Don’t let his current rosy patch affect your memories. The consensus in these very comments for the last few years was that he was underwhelming, entirely too inconsistent, too small/weak to battle Serie A defenders. But nah now you’re all hE wAs PiVoToL tO tHe ScUdEtTo. Did he contribute? Sure. Would he REALLY have been missed if Milan hadn’t had him those few year? Definitely not.

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