Architect says Milan and Inter’s new stadium is ‘too close to the residences’

By Euan Burns -

Architect Stefano Boeri has said that the proposed new stadium for AC Milan and Inter is ‘too close to the residences’ and this is the major problem with the development. 

Speaking whilst at the Italia Direzione Nord event (via Milan News), Boeri shared some of his thoughts on the various design proposals that Milan and Inter evaluated and the winning bid’s design.

He explained that he thinks the Patroclus tunnel should have been moved in order to build the stadium in a position that is not so close to the current residents of the San Siro area.

“By moving the Patroclus tunnel that passes under San Siro and that will have to be put back in any case, you can put the stadium in a position that in my opinion is more intelligent than the one chosen by the winning projects, that put the stadium too close to the residences.”

Boeri went on to explain his point by using the Piazzale Axum in Milan as an example of wasted development space.

“This for me is a problem. Let’s remember that Piazzale Axum, in fact, today it is a huge void, a chasm, an element that separates three very different areas of Milan: the area of the working-class neighbourhoods to the south, the wealthier area to the north and east, and the area with the racecourse and green areas to the west.

“It is an area full of potential resources, intervening on Piazzale Axum means looking at all these things and sometimes it has not been done.”

The long-awaited public debate on the new stadium recently concluded and the municipality is nor reviewing the findings. The clubs are hoping for a swift answer from mayor Beppe Sala on what happens next.

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  1. i will never read news concerning milan stadium again, must it be at sansiro area, even if palermo offer you land build ASAP, sesto is available

  2. Oh men why is stefano boeri the architect! If he gets the project we already know the stadium would be full with grass inside and outside

  3. My God! Italy is truly a 3rd world country when it comes to stadiums. Excuses that have no end, and one idiotic comment after another one that’s more stupid and unintelligent.
    It’s too close to the residents?!
    Jesus… Take a look at Santiago, or Emirates in London, won’t even mention Tottenham new stadium…
    Italy is definitely holding its own clubs waaaay behind. Look at Napoli example… If any team deserves to renovate its stadium completely, or. build a new one, it’s this great team, but the authorities wouldn’t give Maradona either on a leas of 90 years, or give them a place to build a new one. And. how. many others?!
    As a true 3rd world country, Italy should beg Qatar to give them those 6 stadiums they’re going to demolish after WC, cuz obviously, Italians can’t ever build even a single new stadium.

  4. Dimitri. When the mob has a finger in politics and coruptions on high level still excist this is what happens.
    A lot of people need to fill their pockets before you get the aprovel.
    Even if we go for that sesto area problems they will unleash some other dogs to come and give problems.

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