ML: €80m Arsenal flop an idea for Milan – Tomori-esque formula could reunite him with Leao

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could give Arsenal winger Nicolas Pepe the chance to rejuvenate his career by reuniting him with Rafael Leao, according to a report.

According to MilanLive, the Gunners are thinking about selling him for just €30m having been disappointed following the €80m they invested to sign Pepe from Lille. The 26-year-old has 25 goals and 18 assists in 98 appearances for Arsenal which is far from an awful return, but given the price paid their management were hoping for more.

The report adds how it is clear that Pepe – who capable of playing across the front three – could represent an idea for Milan who are looking to add some quality to their right wing position given Samu Castillejo could leave and Alexis Saelemaekers is more geared towards work rate than attacking production.

Pepe is certainly a player who needs confidence to express himself at his best and Milan could be the right place given he would reunite with Leao, whom he had a good relationship at Lille as the pair combined for 31 goals in the 2018-19 season.

The source speculates that a Tomori-style deal could get it over the line; i.e. a loan with option to buy for a pre-determined figure.

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    1. Players cant really be judged like that as some plyers will do badly at some clubs and great at others. Milan has a long history of bringing in players that either didnt perform as excpected, had disciplinary issues or didnt reach their prme at other clubs and then turned out world class with us. No offense but If you think milan should only scout players hyped up currrently and us thereby overpaying for them then you have no clue about how they scout and run this club nowadays.
      Im not saying he is in his prime but would you mind having aubameywang back with us ? he currently plays for them and certainly still is a
      deadly player when in form.
      Pepe wouldnt be my number 1 choice but its nevertheless unquestionable that we could greatly benefit of having him in the stable.

    2. Thank god the Inter flop Pirlo came to the Rubbish Dump. And the other Inter flop Baresi as well. It cuts both ways, as Milan flops like Cristante and Locatelli are going on to have great careers. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say.

  1. I’m not saying Pepe would be a bad move, actually I think he’s a very interesting option, but I’m more worried about the cost. What’s the option to buy going to be like considering Arsenal paid 80M for him?? No less than 35M probably, so I wonder how much would Sassuolo ask for Berardi, for instance, 35-40M, tops?? he has better stats and a lot of Serie A experience, so he would need very little time to adapt. Pepe is a good idea but if we’re going to sign him for basically the same price we could get Berardi, then maybe it’s not that good of an idea.

    1. Berardi will cost money 100% and won’t be available on a loan. Pepe would probably be available on a loan with option to buy, which means it is a risk free transfer. You get the player, check out for one season and buy if he plays good. Under 10M euros for his salary and loan fee. If he’d get in form he looks better than Berardi to me, that is why he was paid 80M, that is a big if of course, but a much safer bet with the loan and possibly much better value for money if he turns out to find his form in Milan. He also played with Leao at Lille, not a bad thing.

      1. Overall i agree with your assessments in regard of a potential loan formula of pepe unless we was able to orchestrate a deal like juventus did with chiesa meaning that berradi potentially would have to renew and then making a paid loan with option/obigaton if certain criterias are met. Not so sure sassuolo would accept such deal with us though.
        When that is said i dont really think you are correct in regard of what arsenal paid is a sign of quality because thats more a sign about hype of the week and the willingness of a rich club to overpay that fee, Before joining arsenal he had 1 season scoring 13 goals in 36 games and another scoring 22 goals in 38 games. The first of them is a bit above what could be expected of him in his position, team and the overall strength of of the league whereas his second one was really great and created the hype but did it really justify that price in my view ? Not really and in my view he shouldnt have been bought for more than 40-50 mil at max. premier league teams tends to overpay both in fees and salary and if arsenal isnt satisfied about a player scoring and assisting as much as he has done in that fairly short ammount of time he has been with them it is clearly showcasing its the price that was wrong to begin with.
        In the the end though id gladly welcome either pepe or berrad as our new right wing who both would offer a lot to this current team.

    2. Edit :Obviously i meant the deal juventus was able to strike with sassuolo in regard of locatelli but either way they did a reminsecent deal for chiesa at fiorentina.

  2. If they can get him on loan with option to buy, without any obligations it would be a good move. We get to see if he settles in to the club and the league and when he was in form he is probably better than Berardi. He is a 10+ goals per season winger, we don’t have anyone like that on that position.

  3. Pepe would be nice and I would take him over Berardi – but both seem too expensive and I don’t think realistic IMO. Stick with Faivre for 15M and who is younger and just as dynamic as Pepe but more affordable (salary and transfer) Add Kamara as well – who plays both CB and DM and again is affordable dynamic and young. This talk about Sanches is nice, would love to sign him – but again I don’t see us spending 30M on another DM. Just my opinion. Where we need to focus $$ outside of RW is a future striker. For me that should be Valhovic. Spend the $$ on Valhovic and we are set at that position for a long while. Fairve Kamara and Valhovic – would be absolutely amazing transfer business IMO

  4. I don’t buy that Arsenal are will to sell for 30M. .43 goal contributions a game is pretty valuable and taking a 50M loss on productive players is not something clubs do. More bogus transfer stories…

    1. spot on Nelli, hard to imagine the Gunners accepting such a massive loss, the player is still relatively young and could easily come with a 50 mill price tag, I could see Psg coming with a bid in view of replacing Di Maria…

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