CM: Chukwuemeka overtakes Renato Sanches as Maldini grows impatient

By Oliver Fisher -

Days have passed without any significant developments on the Renato Sanches front and AC Milan are waiting for an answer, a report claims.

According to, Sanches is currently remaining firm on his request for a €4.5m net per season salary, which is too much for Milan who have put forward €3.2m, but not for PSG who are providing competition.

However, Lille do not want to reinforce a competitor in France and have an offer of €15m from Milan whereas PSG’s bid is €10m. Jorge Mendes and his client are continuing to buy time while it seems that the Parisians are currently committed to making room in the squad by sorting destinations for Wijnaldum and Paredes.

Milan have waited months, but now Maldini and Massara seem impatient because the clock is ticking and a midfielder is needed. That is why Carney Chukwuemeka of Aston Villa is a name that the Rossoneri management are now looking at with more and more temptation.

The outlay to sign him would be more or less the same (around €10m) given the 18-year-old’s contract expires in a year. It could be a tactic to try and put pressure on Sanches and Mendes, but for now the Englishman seems to be the leading candidate.

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  1. I’m sick and tired with this guy….It’s as if Milan’s transfer market is all around three names……
    Not exactly the takeover we were hoping on.

  2. So we can’t pay transfer fees of 20-30M – we cannot afford it. fine. So we finally can get a starter in Sanches for a cheap fee (10M + 5M bonuses) and now we are low balling him at 3.2M season LOL. Make up your fkn mind already. No wonder he’s waiting for PSG. They are offering him 4.5M/season. Who would turn down an additional 1.3M season lol. He’s 24 in his prime – he wants to make as much $ as possible. Pay this fkn guy 4.5M and he will sign. Not going to get a lower transfer fee for a starting Dynamic DM. What else do we want here. Either it’s the transfer fee we can’t pay and now the wages we can’t pay. What a fkn joke these owners are.

  3. Why the hell will Milan offer 3.2m for Sanchez? That is poor for a mildfeilder of Sanchez calibre, if he takes 3.2 now 5 years, how can he make more when he gets older (29/30)…this is not fair, sanchesz deserves atleast 4mil.

    I don’t like this from Milan, this is a shame

  4. Đọc tin hằng ngày… vẫn tin tức cũ, không kết quả hàng tháng nay. Chúc ta có phải nhà Vô địch không? Mệt moi

  5. This is a shame, Ac Milan is a champion of Italy, but to sign quality player is war, even one, the New owner is not serious

  6. I’m getting fed up with Chukwuemeka to be honest. The only reason he wants to leave Villa is because despite only being 18,: he thinks he should be starting every game ahead of Coutinho and Buendia. Coutinho who once cost €145 and and Buendia who we paid €40 for. That and he wants a huge contract which I don’t think Milan can offer him.

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