The Athletic: Chelsea offered Pulisic to Milan in package deal for Leao

By Isak Möller -

Rafael Leao was heavily linked with Chelsea during the summer window, which came to an end last night, but a move never materialised for the winger. The English side tried hard, a report claims. 

Leao was one of the most important players for Milan last season and it’s not exactly strange that he’s attracting interest from abroad. This summer, Chelsea followed his situation with great interest and even approached Milan.

According to The Athletic, the Stamford Bridge side were willing to pay around €92m to sign Leao this summer. In the early stages of the negotiations, they offered Christian Pulisic to the Rossoneri in a package deal (cash plus player).

As we have learned, however, Milan always referred to Leao’s €130m release clause throughout the summer and the clause couldn’t be triggered in the final weeks of the transfer window (as per the terms).

It’s more uncertain what will happen in the future, though, especially if Chelsea were to approach Milan with another high offer. A lot will depend on Leao’s performances between now and the winter transfer window.

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  1. As the great Randy Moss would say only Straight Cash, Homey.
    I don’t think he is worth 150 mil or anywhere near that, bit the way EPL cl7bs throw money around, that’s what will suffice, 150 mil POUNDS, not euros

  2. Pulisic would solve our RW problem. He is an excellent right wing. If we’re offered 92M + Pulisic in January, and Leão hasn’t renewed by then, and hasn’t recovered his form and is not providing lots of goals and assists, I’d take the deal. However I do expect Leão to recover his form and to renew; seems like RedBird is committed to it. In which case I’d keep him, and would solve the RW problem some other way (including, trying a separate bid for Pulisic or some other good RW). In any case, I do trust Maldini and Massara to make the best decision for Milan.

  3. Very soon he will be delivering the goods again, he’s just heating up the gears for the new season, be a little patient for Chrissake. This guy is and will be in the foreseeable future one of the mainstays of our squad, believe me.

    1. I think so, too. The criticism of Leão is uncanny. He’s the freaking league’s MVP. Lots of assists and goals last season. People are forgetful or ungrateful. I love Rafa.

      1. “People are forgetful or ungrateful.”

        Nope. Some people just see past the few good games and see that he’s pretty useless 2/3 of the season.

          1. Eh, the forum lost my reply… Oh well…

            “Ya sure Leao is “useless” LOL.
            – Pretty useless != useless. Subtle difference.

            “You clearly don’t understand football nor ever played the game. ”
            – Over 300 matches and almost 200 goals in lower divisions. Plus I’ve been coaching every now and then too. All in real-life. And you? My guess is you tried it a few years ago in f-juniors and someone tackled you and you left home crying and never came back on the pitch, right?

            Haven’t played video games for at least 10 years. I loved the original Championship Manager series though.

      2. Yeah League mvp with shit stats where you normally don’t get a mvp with. He isn’t even top 5 in the league imo. He only won it bc of some goals that won us the league, fault from the keeper aswell. Let him show up today, which he will probably not do

        1. Loll…. He is the best dribbler last season among the top 5 leagues in the world even Mbappe don’t have the dribble success rate that Leao has though mbappe plays in farmers league.
          Are you fucked up with something or what?
          He has the pace, dribble to beat the defenders.
          Last season is the first season he has played as a starter, give him 2 or 3 seasons. And we don’t have a better winger than Leao in last 10years do remember that.
          I like Rebic more but he can used as a mix of striker and winger. Pure winger is should be like Leao with improved finishing which will come in some years.
          you are asking someone like a world class player who is playing for 6 or 7years in good league but we are paying 1.4 million to Leao lol…

          1. Best dribbler doesn’t mean anything. There’s literally hundreds of amazing dribblers in Brazil yet no one will ever get to know them because it really doesn’t mean anything if the end product is missing.

  4. That’s an authoritative source and, if true, I’m disappointed that Milan didn’t snap their hands off. But most likely it isn’t true and, even if it is, I suspect Pulisic’s wage demands would have been well outside what’s possible for Milan right now.

  5. EPL clubs thinks mediocre player like Harry Maguire worth €87 millions but for one of the best LW in the world they only want to spend €90 million? Lol foh Chelsea.

    1. Ya only reputable journalists are reporting it like Romano and Di Marzo and not to mention the Athletic – but ya I’m sure it’s all fake LOL

      1. I didn’t see Di Marzio reporting it, Romano said no advanced negotiation, and Pioli said the media themselves start the rumour.

  6. Pulisic is useless, he’s always injured, and Ziyech is another injury prone wimp. If they offered Mount or Havertz , who have massive potential, then Milan may have considered.

  7. If that’s true, Milan should have taken the money. No way Leao is worth 92m. Not even in his best shape.

    He had 10-12 good games last season. Only 14 goals and 12 assists in 42 games. He doesn’t defend, doesn’t press the opponent. Bad attitude most of the time.

    No to mention there was also Pulisic involved in this transaction.

    To think that City payd 60m for Haaland, who’s stats are ridiculous compared to our Leao (30 games, 29 goals and 8 assists for BVB, last season).

    1. “Only” you say? A young striker made DOUBLE DIGITS goals and assists especially in one of top 5 europa league is a big achievement.

    2. Guys, you need to stop this “Haaland costed 60m”. He didn’t. This was only his release clause. City paid at least 50m more in signing bonus to agents/family AND an insane salary (something close to 1/3 of our entire salary budget).

    3. Even if Haaland comes for free to Milan, we cannot afford his salary equal top 10players salary of Milan lol….
      Whereas we are paying 1.4 million to leao

    4. I’m not saying Leao is not good, I didn’t say that we have better players in attack, with better stats. I’m just saying he is not worthing 93m (not to mention that there is Pulisic involved in this operation)

      @luigi – almost every good attacking player in Serie had better stats than Leao.

      @forzamilan – leao is 23, he is not that young. Messi had 2 Ballon D’ors at that age. And 2 golden shoe.

      As a conclusion, I like Leao, he is really good, I just don’t think he is worthing 93m. I think we should’ve cash that money.

  8. Leao 11goals and 10 assists (3 last match btw)

    In serie a,
    10 People scored more than leao and 11 people scored the same amount of goals. Not to mention ciro scored (27) way more than double than what leao (11) did.
    3 People gave more assists than leao and 2 others equalized the amount of assists.

    Berardi 15 goals and 14 assists

    Goes to show how overrated leao’s campaign was

    He frankly didnt really deserve serie a mvp

    1. You’re comparing Leao with experienced players or players who at their golden age like Ciro and Berardi is not making any sense. Obviously they gonna produce more goals / assists than Leao.

      Still, Leao double digits of goals & assists are impressive for a young striker like him and no way in fking hell he’s “overrated”.

    2. Does opponents play defensive when facing Sassuolo?

      Immobile is not winger so it is natural he score more than Leao.

      Having said that, Leao need to be put in finishing drill. He squandered great chance provided by CDK to win against Sassuolo at injury time… the right side of the goal is practically open, all Sassuolo defenders was wrong-footed.. yet he shot close to the middle near the GK… 😱

    3. 1. Do you have a better player in the team Who scored more goals+assist?
      2. Also it is his first season as a starter(any player in Serie A has more stats last eason)
      3. He is best winger in top 5 European leagues who have highest dribble success rate better than Mbappe(who plays in farmers league)
      4. When Mbappe humiliates defenders with pace, French people speak a lot about him. We are saying our own player is not worth as MVP, where he has humiliated defenders with pace, dribbles countless times last season.
      5.Does any player in AC Milan have better stats in last 10years as a winger?

      If you realise this, you will have a answer why he is Serie A MVP last season.

    4. Your judgements are too old for modern football. We are in “big-data” era, & we have many others KPI (Key Performance Index). Like : Dribbles per game, Key Passes, Key Dribbles, Key Crosses, Distance Covered per game, etc.

      Thanks to that KPIs, we will more appreciate talent like Zinedine Zidane’s playing style in the future.
      Zidane’s goals & assists are low and he can only receive 1 personal award (Balloon d’Or 1998 when France win the WC). In fact, almost no one can compete his completeness in def & attack phases in midfield, even in this modern football.

  9. “no way in fking hell he’s “overrated”.”

    Even most people here seem to think so. And they’re Milan-fans after all. That says a lot.

    1. Well, according transfermarkt, Leao is only worth 70m. So if a club willing to pay 150m, that club overrate him.

      Maldini know Leao is not worth 150m, so he is not concerned with the possibility of another club triggering the release clause. And if there is a club that is stupid enough to trigger it, the clause make sure that it cannot be done in the final week of transfer window, this way Milan don’t need to find replacement so close to the end of transfer window.

  10. This article are fake. Leao not worth more than 100 m euro if chelsea pay more than 100m euro it is over price and i dont think todd are stupid
    guy that willling to pay that much. Pulisic good but we cannot afford his salary in Ac Milan

  11. Pullisic’s wage is as much as Leao’s want (about 7M euro a year). Maldini will certainly prefer give Leao that amount than gamble on Pullisic.

    But if Chelsea give English Premier League’s transfer fee record, i think we should let him go & let Moncada do his wonderful scouting work once again.

  12. 100 baba kilavo djete !!!!! Leaa treba platit i ostavit u Milanu !! zaslužuje platu koju je imao Ibrahimović!!! U zimskom transfer marketu treba uzeti jako desno krilo i mi smo rješili sve naše probleme !!!!

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