MN: From Monza to Marseille – the clubs Bakayoko has rejected to stay at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Tiemoué Bakayoko has been out of Milan’s plans for some time now and yet the player still continues to reject possible solutions, a report claims.

Sky journalist Manuele Baiocchini reported this afternoon the deal that could have seen Bakayoko join Adana Demirspor in Turkey has definitively fallen through, meaning the Frenchman is therefore destined to remain at Milan on loan until the end of the season, where he is yet to pick up a competitive appearance this season.

MilanNews report that the Rossoneri management have been trying to terminate his two-year loan deal from parent club Chelsea early, which ends on June 30th, and they have been since the summer.

In recent months there have been many offers for the former Monaco man, and yet he has rejected them all. The latest in chronological order was that of Adana, but before the Turkish club Bakayoko also said no to Monza, Galatasaray, Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Marseille.

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    1. You must be mixing up names here because Aron Winter played consistently throughout his carreer wherever he played except in his first and last season. He wasnt a bad player either.

      1. Yeah Winter was a solid player for Lazio and Inter back in the early days of Football Italia.

        Maybe he means Winston Bogarde? Who went to Chelsea and picked up a paycheck for 4 years without really playing.

        1. I quite liked him back in the early 90ies

          Damn i didnt remember bogarde ended his active days at chelsea. you might be right there 😀

  1. I don’t get Bakayoko. He will play more and get the same amount of salary if he moves from Milan. But he keeps refusing other clubs offer like why?!

    1. He has very good salary in Chelsea. And he will be in Chelsea for one more year after his loan at Milan is finished.

      He done that already with Napoli so question mark ❓️ is again, our transfer market management, which took Bakayoko for 2 years on loan, when they saw that Napoli declined to buy Bakayoko.

      1. I mean if that’s his logic it’s very short sided. One year of a guaranteed job over 4 years at a similar rate. I have a feeling he’ll regret turning down these clubs when he’s second choice at Covington…

      2. Yeah. Never really got why we went back for him. Didnt make any sense. Yes he was good for us in his first spell and decent for Napoli but it was a bad move. Napoli just went for Anguissa and look at him now. Napoli work smarter on the market with less than what we complain is a small budget.

  2. I don’t get why we doesn’t play at all he had like 3 games last year where yeah he was bad, and then Pioli just banished him. How many chances to prove themselves have Krunic, Diaz, CDK , Rebic, Origi (whenever he’s not injured) got and none of them can string a couple of good games.

  3. While it’s every players right to determine his own destiny – it’s kinda funny at this point. Maybe the kitchen staff at Milan cafeteria must make the best food in the city as this kid just doesn’t wanna go lol

  4. Get Chelsea to terminate his contract so he can sign permanently with us. He may be our Kessie solution and I’m sure Chelsea has no use for him. Kessie wasn’t too technical but we know how well he excelled at protecting that back line. Who’s to say Baka can’t do same even if to a lesser degree?

    1. If chelsea terminates his contract without his consent then they will have to pay him the remaining salary of his contract (2024) as he isnt breaching anything in the contract by refusing to cut the loan deal short. On the other hand if they can make an agreement with him they wouldn’t have to do so or atleast only a smaller amount depending on what they might agree upon.

      Then there is the whole question would we want him to stay, it doesnt look like it because to my knwoeldge his current loan contract stipulates that if he plays 15 x 45 minutes this season we would have to sign him this following summer.
      The player propably hopes for a chance considering how badly we have recently played.

        1. Ok fair enough but still if i remember correctly that if he plays 15×45 minutes this season we will have to sign him why havent he even played a single minute then if he was even deemed usable at this point.

  5. Well it’s Castillejo 2.0. Doesn’t talk too much, sit calmly on the bench, and swoop money from Milan. What a waste of career

  6. Hahahaha… He is true forza milan, wants to stay forever with ac milan. Haha.. or he already have a girlfriend from lombardia. Hahaha….

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