Sport: Barcelona have €90m Milan duo on list of potential Busquets replacements

By Euan Burns -

Barcelona have got a long wishlist of players that could replace veteran midfielder Sergio Busquets in the near future and two AC Milan players are on it, a report claims.

As has been reported by Spanish outlet Sport, there are plenty of midfielders that the Blaugrana could pursue to try and replace the Spanish star who has been at the base of their midfield for many years, winning multiple trophies.

One of the midfielders on the list is Ismael Bennacer who is vital for Milan and is currently locked in a negotiation over his contract extension and there is a very real chance that he will leave the club in the near future.

The other Milan player on the list is Tonali, who is viewed by Milan as being completely untouchable and he has show no interest in leaving, something that cannot be said for Bennacer.

Other players on the list include Jorginho and Ruben Neves.

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    1. 60 mil minimum for Bennacer?
      Milan should be happy if they get half that for Bennacer.
      Amrabat will probably be sold for 50 mil.
      Fiorentina paid 20 mil to buy Amrabat just 2 years ago. Why would they sell him for less after the season he has had in serie A and especially in the World Cup?

  1. It is so funny. Argument about leaving to a “bigger club”.

    Actually they all leave for more money.

    There is no bigger club then Ac Milan. During 1 season, only 1 club can win European Champions League, in that moment that club is “the biggest”. Chelsea won few years ago, and right now they are out from CL next year.

    There are only RICHEST club, and this is what Milan needs – only bigger revenue. Which are reach able.
    Milan should reach 200 million per year for Tv revenue for Serie a and Champions League, and 100 million for commercial revenue shirt sponsorship. Milan should have that NOW, because Ac Milan name.
    Ajax name is bigger and stronger then Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool etc.
    So it is obivious, Milan name is “cheap selled”. Poor management. That money most be invest in school of football, to have more players like Calabria, Maldini etc, and later, when they upgrade, give them big pay check. We dont need to buy players if we create school like Ajax did.

    1. The lies we tell others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves .
      “There is no bigger club than Ac Milan”.
      How about Real Madrid, how about Bayern?
      Milan has a big past, but that past is a distant past. In the last 15 years Milan has been a laughing stock on and off the field.
      While that was happening, other clubs were getting bigger.
      And it’s not just about money and being richer ,because Milan is top 7 in money spent in transfer windows over the last 10 years.
      Milan has a bigger past than a club like Chelsea but at the moment Milan is a smaller club than Chelsea.
      Milan and Chelsea got sold literally in the same time.
      Milan was sold for measly 1.2 bil
      Chelsea got sold for 3.6 billion. Chelsea stadium doesn’t make 2.4 billion difference.
      If you stop improving, others will catch you and surpass you, and all you will have left is talk about the past and how you were important back in the day.
      Milan has a long road ahead to try and catch up with the really big clubs in football.
      We have our best players leave for free, and others refuse to resign. They are not only leaving for more money but also for more ambitious clubs.
      How does it look to an interested player from the outside looking in when Milan’s best players can’t wait to leave.
      Chelsea every year goes into the season to win every competition they are in. Milan wins the title and comes back with an ambition to be in top 4 and get out of the group stages in UCL.
      Milan had the opportunity to grab serie A in a stronghold and separate themselves from the rest, with Juventus in a mess and Inter in financial trouble but instead of that they got overtaken by Napoli.

    2. ‘Milan should reach 200 million per year for Tv revenue for Serie a and Champions League, and 100 million for commercial revenue shirt sponsorship. Milan should have that NOW, because Ac Milan name.”

      LMAO those numbers are not happening anytime soon. Because:

      1. Serie-a corrupt bureaucracy who keeps the league stagnant and behind other top europe leagues.

      Those corrupt people are also still blocking Milan (and Inter) plan to build their own stadium for 4 years straight since 2019, despite they know Milan-Inter having their own stadium not just benefits for the two clubs but also for Italian football + economy.

      2. Milan can’t rely on the name / brand alone since it was in the mud for almost a decade thanks to Berlusconi who can’t manage the club. Then came Yohongli who deal the blow. While right now Milan back to Champions League and won a scudetto, the club financial and brand are still in recovery.

      Until serie-A handle by good people who wants to take the leap to improve the league and Milan build their own stadium + win Champions League trophy again, the TV and shirt revenue will not reaching hundreds of million euros.

  2. A quality player always in top club’s list. But i don’t think Bennacer will leave near future.

    And don’t even ask what about Tonali. He has Gattuso’s spirit.

  3. We should also sell Leao for 20 mil and Give Mike for free. And Tomori? We should not just give him away for free, we should also pay 50 mil to any club kind enough to take him.

    THEN.. we should buy Hakan for 200 Mil because he is better than messi, CR7, Neymar.. AND Mbappe combined. Wait.. 200 is too low of a price.. make it 400 mil.

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