Baresi praises Elliott; reveals they have a clear objective for AC Milan

By Nikita Fesyukov -

After years of many difficulties, AC Milan are looking sharper than ever and on their way back among the European elite, economically as well as sport-wise.

And it must be noted that this is, first and foremost, thanks to the contribution of the new ownership of the club: Elliott Management Corporation.

The company has brought stability to the club, both economical as well as personal, leaving the technical staff of the club virtually unchanged throughout the last couple of years.

And on this basis, the Rossoneri have seen massive improvements. Economically speaking, the club survived the Covid-19 crisis in a surprisingly positive manner, while the team itself is doing very well, having secured Champions League qualification last season and once again challenging for the top spots in the ongoing campaign.

This exceptional growth is evident to everyone, including club legend and former Milan captain Franco Baresi, who spoke about the current positive moment in an interview with Sportweek (via

“Gazidis has always said that there are no time limits. Elliott has given us financial strength and tranquility, which was most important during the lockdown,” he said.

“They [Elliott] have a clear objective: to bring Milan back to where it belongs. The investments made in recent years, the construction of a team of young talents, prove it,” Baresi added.

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  1. Elliott’s “clear objective” is to spend as little money as possible, get the club on a better financial footing and use that to sell up as soon as possible for any kind of profit. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves, or being paid by Elliott.

    1. so what if they at some point want their investments back ? The name elliot investment management pretty much says it all and if/when the club is sold the buyer will be in a better position to invest in the team because of the moves the current management has done to improve the economy of the club and as we still have been playing great for over a year with small investments this is a clear win win situation.
      When that is said elliot has ito my knowledge nvested in the vicinty of 700 mil euros both in clearing up bank debts and investing in the squad since they took over so either way how its turned thy have made heavy investments in the club.

      1. That’s all nice and jolly, and yes, Elliott have done a decent job on a shoestring budget with a bit of luck – but don’t kid yourself that Milan will ever be anywhere near the top table of European football whilst they are in charge. 700m Euros (I’ll take your word on the figure, I’ve not seen anything definitive on the size of their investment) isn’t a lot for a major club over 5 years. Realistically, 75% of clubs in the Premier League are bigger spenders than Milan. I’m not criticising anyone, just stating the facts. Actually, I think the petrochemical “loss leader” clubs like PSG, Chelsea, Man City etc are killing football.

        (And I do know Elliott quite well, by the way, I have investments with them myself!)

        1. 3 years at the club not five years. You cant really compare italian teams with premier league teams on the fact that just getting promoted from the championship to the premier league to my knowledge pretty much gives as much price money as winning the serie a so financially speaking we currently cant compete with those teams hence why we also was in need to find different solutions than just buying overpriced players.
          Im fully with you though on your assessment in regard of those teams but overall id include the entire premier league stucture and its advertisement deals as its creating an unfair grounds to judge the ffp as they well beyond favoured.
          Hope those investments work out well for you.

        2. I think we are all a bit disappointed over our transfer budget the last 3 years since they took over. I for one have complained about it and probably still will until Elliot can demonstrate we can spend the required 4-50M on one player when needed (striker comes to mind). However, I agree that you cannot compare an Italian team to an English team. Apples and oranges. The Premiere League has a massive Television deal that nets each club approx. 200M per season and I believe most of not all the clubs own their own stadiums and they are mostly all new. You cannot compare that to Italian clubs which save for a few clubs (like Juve)a do not own their own stadiums and we do not have that kind of TV money. Now Elliot has balanced the books and has spent 700M to get the clubs finances in shape. We are debt free which no other Italian club can say and most others cannot either. They are trying to build a new stadium which is essential for revenue growth. All positive. I hope our lack of “big” spending is due to responsible investing AND that I believe we are still on probation with UEFA FFP – until end of this year. In 2022, I hope that when the probation is lifted we can spend a bit more – Elliot won’t go crazy like Chinese ownership did and spend 200M in one summer – but hope we can add a few high quality starters (Valhovic, Faivre, Kamara etc..) without busting our budget. Also having a policy in place for contract renewals (so we don’t lose players for free) Time will tell. However, the key for me is the stadium . This is a must. Look how it transformed Juve. We need the same. And the league needs to negotiate a more lucrative TV deal. So let’s wait and see what’s up next for Elliot. But we cannot complain about the results thus far – and I was one of the biggest complainers lol. Hope we can spend a bit on January to reinforce (RW – Faivre, Kamara) and let’s see where we end up. And I’d Elliott end up selling after they get the stadium built? I will say THANK YOU as they will have done something no one else was able to do for our club EVER.

    2. Better than being owned by people who have no regard for human life and does not give two shits about football since you are the type that thinks throwing money is always the solution

  2. So the new Newcastle owners didn’t see Milan? Ahhh…that would have sunk Nice and Inter seeing that they are all struggling financially more than us

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