CM: Bennacer’s agent rejected a €3m contract proposal from Milan

By Euan Burns -

The agent of AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer recently rejected a contract proposal from the Rossoneri, a report claims. 

As has been reported by, an offer was made by Milan that would have seen Bennacer’s salary increase to €3 million per season.

The agent, Moussa Sissoko, feels that the Algerian midfielder is deserving of a greater pay increase and talks are set to continue.

There is a will from both the player and the club to come to an agreement and carry on together. His current deal does not expire until 2024 so whilst the issue is not pressing, it would be wise to address it now as both parties are doing.

He currently earns around €1.7m per season but wishes to be paid more than double that in his new deal.

Frederic Massara and Paolo Maldini are expecting to be meeting with Sissoo at the end of the transfer window to try and resolve the issue but there is interest in the player.

Premier League side Liverpool have been linked in recent days.

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  1. Milan quickly needs to have a new way of contract agreement. One of which is the club have a 1 year option to Renew at a predetermined salary. Players with 2 years left of contract and if the club cannot reach an agreement, the club can activate the option to renew 1 more year. Players cannot hold the clubs to ransom

    1. You can’t do that dumbo. That’s like holding someone hostage. Even if that’s legal that would affect players performance or you would advise some way of torturing them if they don’t play best they can ?

      1. Are you kidding? That’s something negotiated into lots of football contracts – an ‘option’, sometimes for the player and sometimes for the club to decide.

        However, it’s usually comes at a premium because otherwise the player wouldn’t sign for it. Unfortunately, Bennacer is in demand and can easily make more money in England.

    2. What Milan is doing now, is demanding respect from the players, but not giving it to the same players.
      That’s how communists run their businesses.
      And not a club with that kind of leadership I want to follow.
      How can you think this is good? Respect must always go both ways. Otherwise we are just simple communists.

      1. Respect doesn’t keep finances in shape though. In a long run club is doomed if they cannot make a profit. It will VERY interesting to see what happens to Barca in 5 years. 1B€ debts already and huuuuge finance issues already. Yet they’re selling their soul to the devil by selling their future incomes.

  2. A 4m and a contract till 2027 will be better and the idea of 1 year auto renewal of players is very nice the management should welcome it .

  3. Milan really needs to have way of renewing players contract. There should be a performance appraisal for the players prior to their contract renewal. We can’t afford to let the core of the team leave just like that, then what is the essence of the project. Bennacer deserves at least 4M. We have suffered enough to come this far. We don’t want to go back.
    Masara and Maldini pls see to it that the contracts of the players whose contract are about to expire are renewed on time. The other clubs are lurking to take advantage of our inability to reach an agreement with our players.

        1. Only €500k different. Florenzi earn €2 million and Bennacer earn €1.5 million which is fair. Florenzi is a veteran player who played for Roma, Valencia, and PSG while Bennacer isn’t when Milan bought him from a relegated Empoli.

    1. “Give him 4 or 4,5.”

      Why give him more than he’d settle for? That’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad business. This is not FM.

    1. Of course not. If he had the wallet, we would see a total other Milan.
      But, we no longer can trust Paolo’s words. He said in the interview, that if the new owners don´t show (with money available for the market) that they want to take the step up to the top of Europe, he will not sign the new deal.
      Now, perhaps Redbird said that next window or summer Maldinin will have €200M to play with. But that’s unlikely. Cause they will loan €600M from Elliott to make the deal…

  4. Here we go again. Milan with these lowball offers , going to drag out the negotiation inviting other teams to come in and make better offers. Same as they did with Kessie. If they just make their best offer to start with they can avoid this nonsense. The problem with this management is that they don’t learn from their mistakes.

    1. Oh pls stop it already. Kessie wanted 7 mln. That was never going to happen. That has nothing to do with management. I bet you negotiated car sale of your car your whole life.

        1. Correction. Milan first offered for Kessie was 4 million + bonus but his agent asked for 5 million. Then Milan agreed with 5 million but once again Kessie agent showing his greedy color and asked for 7 million because he already offered Kessie to Barca.

          You can’t blame Milan for not agreed with crazy high salary when the club are not yet have a steady income. Maldini don’t want Milan financial back in the red again.

          Remember Milan doesn’t have their own stadium yet and the way serie-a works are farrrrrrr behind EPL, La Liga, and Bundesligue when comes to TV rights and prize money.

          Just look at the prize money for scudetto. Milan only got around €24 million. Even small EPL club earned more than a scudetto winner!!!!

          Seriously why people like you never learn and just brainlessly blame Milan when the problem isn’t Milan.

          1. That’s the point. Milan’s first offer of 4 mil to Kessie was ridiculous. Everyone knows he’s worth more than that. If they just went to him at the start and said we really want to keep you here and our best offer we can do is 6 mil, I guarantee you he would have taken it then. But they played their games, then other teams started to swoop in and they lost him. And they don’t learn from that. The management’s and fanboys like you have this idea that every player should except less than they can get elsewhere just to play at Milan is laughable. It’s not the 90’s. Milan haven’t had that kind of pull in a long time.
            And don’t use Serie A as an excuse. Look at Juventus and Inter’s signings compared to Milan.
            What are Milan doing with the money they were going to us on Sanchez and Botman? Or the money from not resigning Kessie? Or Ibra’s big salary reduction, the money from winning scudetto, or making the Champions League? Right into the shareholder’s pockets. That’s what you are supporting.

          2. ” Or Ibra’s big salary reduction, the money from winning scudetto, or making the Champions League? Right into the shareholder’s pockets.”

            Nope. They are not making profit and they will not be handing out dividents.

            Inter has huge financial issues. Sure they brought in players but e.g. Lukaku is on a loan only. Inter cannot buy any stars. The have a main sponsor who has failed to pay their first installment of their lucrative deal. They might lose the sponsor due to that. They had problems paying salaries 1-2 years ago. Is that what you want for Milan?

            Juve has their own stadium that brings in extra 100M€ per season. That’s where they get the money for their big transfers. Once Milan has their own stadium, they will also have bigger budget for players (both transfer fees & salaries).

      1. They could’ve had Kessie for less than that if they would’ve made him a good offer earlier. But they drag it out and then other teams come in and make offers. The point is they know 3 mil for Bennacer is not what he is worth and he can get much more than that elsewhere. What is the point of that offer? To insult him and invite other teams to come in and offer him more. This is amateurish. What is the point of developing good young talent if you are not going resign them. And players are not automobiles. That’s a really dumb analogy.

    1. Congratulations. You just won the award for the dumbest comment. Milan just let their best midfielder go to Barcelona, now they should sit their other top midfielder for the season…Ok. I guess you don’t care about winning games. And punishing players for wanting to get paid what they are worth is a great way to attract other players to Milan.. Ugh

  5. pay the man , show him the money ! Bakayoko makes almost twice what Bennecer makes to keep Ismael’s seat warm. This is his agent doing his job, a lowlife job, but the agents job is to squeeze blood from a turnip.

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