Bennacer discusses idea of missing Kessie and Milan’s ‘changed’ spirit

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer believes that he and his team-mates are now ‘stronger’ as the derby win against Inter showed.

Bennacer has been one of the stand-out performers for the Rossoneri so far this season and he put in another positive and determined display against Inter in tonight’s Derby della Madonnina at San Siro.

Milan ended up triumphing 3-2 in what was a game full of drama, as Rafael Leao netted a brace either side of another derby goal for Olivier Giroud. Inter had taken the lead through Marcelo Brozovic, and scored late through Edin Dzeko to make it a dramatic finish.

Bennacer was interviewed by Sky (via MilanNews) at the end of the game to reflect on a huge three points and a performance that ultimately deserved the win.

Are you growing up? “Maybe on the pitch yes, I’m always learning. Now it is true that I have gained a little more experience. I know the team, the staff, the fans better… I really feel like Milan. I feel better but I’m always learning.”

You played better than Inter: “I think our spirit has changed many things, it’s our strength. We have so many incredible players, we feel stronger.”

How much do you miss Kessie, and how do you feel with Tonali? “A player like Franck is certainly missing, but that’s football. When someone goes you have to do everything to make him forget. We are doing well together with Sandro but we can do even better.”

Are you ready for the Champions League? “Of course we will be ready. The Champions is another level, other teams. We have to do everything to be at the best on Tuesday.”

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  1. I don’t think Kessie has started a game yet for Barcelona….he could be part of our journey but he chose money and a nice warm bench….

  2. yes because Barcelona have a better players then milan
    Kessie was world class player and he important player for us we should’ve kept him i hope we learn from that big mistake and i really hope we learn that the hard ways

    1. yes because Barcelona have a better players then milan
      Kessie was world class player and he was important player for us we should’ve kept him i hope we learnfrom that big mistake and i really hope we don’t learn that the hard way

      1. So far no big mistakes. Milan just won derby and at the top of the table.

        And with Aster Vranckx arrival, we have enough players to fill Kessie roles.

      2. No LOL the only midfielder they have that’s better than ours is Pedri and he’s an alien to be fair, secondly not surprised he’s not playing because he just joined and in my opinion Kessie doesn’t fit into the style of spanish football, you have to be very technical while Kessie has never been technical, I would’ve liked to see him in the premier League because that’s where he really could have maximised his potential with his strength on the ball

      3. Kessie wanted to leave on his own, meanwhile Milan never regret such because we have Bennacer, Tonali, and De ketelaere-a perfect and a better good player.

    2. A world class player forces himself into the team. Kessie was okay at Milan, but definitely not indispensable. He is certainly not world class. He’s just a decent player.

      Man Utd paid for Casemiro. That’s a world class player. What has Kessie won apart from the scudetto with Milan? He definitely would have helped if he stayed at Milan, but he’s not special like a Kaka or Seedorf or any Milan legend. Tonali and Bennacer are holding it down. Hopefully, Pobega and Vranckx can quickly gel and get into the team chemistry. That can only come from playing. I hope Pioli stops playing Diaz as sub for CdK. Adli should be the option. It’s a shame that Diaz is registered for UCL while Adli is not.

    3. World class my ass, we arent even missing him one bit

      bigger mistake would be letting a player with such a big ego do whatever he wants, we are Milan not freaking Lecce

    4. You’re just a player fan and not a Milan fan. Lmfao if leao goes to Barca he will start, if Ben go to Barca he will start if MM joins Barca he will start etc. He’s important to us but we are flourishing without him. It interpret u ain’t important tho. We have nothing to learn cos we can’t afford to pay a season wonder 7m. It was never a mistake to let him go, it’s a blessing instead, we got a better, younger player for a cheaper price. We don’t miss any ex player, and it’s obvious u want our downfall becos we don’t renew your fav. U are pained and u might die through the pain I’m sorry cos this will be another great year. U can literally stop lamenting and go join your fav in Barca. Denouncing Milan for Barca isn’t a crime nor a sin but a right.

  3. Doing better with sandro. Means that sucks to u casshie we can survive without you

    Those barca bench sure are cold, need strong big guy to warm them up

  4. Milan’s whole weakness seems to be Diaz at the point. I thought strength was his weakness but I was wrong. his weakness is his awful AWFUL decision making. A player at his age is supposed to know when to pass and when to STOP dribbling. Diaz doesn’t have that sense.. AT ALL. No wonder he wasnt in Guardiola’s plans in City neither will he be in Real’s plans. He is just a dribbler and not a really good one at that either and that’s all there is. He really needs to get that urge to dribble under control and read the game better.

    1. I’ve noticed from this year to last year, Saele has improved in that sense, his decision making seems much better but he still needs to make many more steps if he wants to be our main winger

  5. You can’t really be a die hard Milan fan if you want the team to learn “hard way” about a player who wanted to leave. He left that’s it…bigger and more decisive players left Milan and it’s still here. Just go koi Barca already.

  6. In the derby leao was more of team player and it made our attack look excellent, but each time he chose to go selfish the team seems to strugle beause the attack seems out of oder, i just hope he continue to be a team player bcos thats when every player shines best

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