CorSport: Berardi keen on move despite difficult Sassuolo demands

By Mitchell Wilks -

Domenico Berardi is ready for a move away from Sassuolo, despite their price tag proving off-putting for AC Milan, according to a report.

The Rossoneri are keen to bolster their right flank with head coach Stefano Pioli seemingly not fully convinced on his current options, with Berardi touted as the top target.

But according to Corriere dello Sport (via, the €30m asking price put up by Sassuolo is currently stopping Milan from making their move on Berardi, who is aware of interest.

The report states that Milan have no intention of paying that much money for the 27-year-old, who is keen to make the jump to the top.

Berardi has spent the bulk of his career with Sassuolo, sparing a co-ownership period with Juventus, and has blossomed into one of Europe’s finest right wingers and a European Championship winner with Italy.

Keeping Berardi could prove difficult for the Neroverdi.


  1. After he become free transfer because no club’ want to pay sassoulo asking price ,it is already too late for him ( age 30) , he is just follow belotti path. First 100m euro price tag Torino president put for belotti ,5 years later belotti free transfer and no big club’ want to sign him because his age and injury prone

    1. Do you even care about facts or what ? berradi is 27 and belotti is 28 and neither of them has really been injury prone in their careers. Belotti has in the previous six seasons at minimum played 32 serie a matches a season or more, thats hardly being injury prone.
      Berradi has had 1 season where he only played 21 serie a ganes but besides of that plays around 30 serie a matches a season for 5 consecutive seasons assuming he isnt getting injured in the coming matches. Again hardly injury prone either.
      By the way berradi has some of the best stats for any wingers in europe and that for a mediocre team.
      Those players isnt old by any means as players generally reach their peak in those years.

      1. You’re dreaming bro
        Belotti had lost almost a 2 years from his carreer (the previous and the one before that) because of the injuries
        Berrardi got the same issue 3-4 years ago but now it looks like he’s ok.
        Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have both of them in the squad but facts are facts – there is a risk to trust this guys only our attack (Berrardi is a less risk but anyway)

        1. Belotti has been injured a lot this season i agree but this is is his stats of the previous 6 seasons which clearly shows he has played the majority of serie a matches in that period. Thats actual facts.

          2015–16 Serie A 35 12 1 0 — — 36 12

          2016–17 35 26 3 2 — — 38 28

          2017–18 32 10 3 3 — — 35 13

          2018–19 37 15 2 2 — — 39 17

          2019–20 36 16 2 0 6[a] 6 — 44 22

          2020–21 35 13 1 0 — — 36 13

        2. 2015–16 missed 3 serie a matches
          2016–17 missed 3 serie a matches
          2017–18 missed 6 serie a matches
          2018–19 missed 1 serie a match
          2019–20 missed 2 serie a matches
          2020–21 missed 3 serie a matches

          Does that really sounds like an injury prone player and yeah he shouldnt be judged on one season if people wants to claim he is injury prone which is clear to see isnt a fact.

          1. those guys obviously changed belotti for someone,that guy played almost all seasons 35+ matches per season,i dont know why they dont check fact before talking,and this is not first time i see someone lying about his ‘injuries’,and he has courage to throw some ‘u are dreaming’ and desapear

          2. Injuries or not Berardi is not worth 30M…we would be better off to spend that money on a more dynamic RW IMO. Of Berardi is 15M then ok but at 30 – it’s a pass IMO

          3. Thanks mate. I’m tired of these guys saying Berardi and (mainly) Belotti are injury prone and “in their 30s”. You’re right, they don’t care about the facts at this point anymore.

          4. Juro Even though his stats proves him deadly and effectivefor a mediocre team you can always argue if you can make better investments for example long term in investing in younger players but who would you then aquirre for the right wing ?

          5. Daniel no problem and its getting on my nerves as well as people just throws out claims without backing it up with anything substantial than their contempt for said players. Im wondering if milan has had an influx of ten year old fans lately or that half of them are inter or juve trolls because those players certainly isnt as bad or old as they make them to be.

          6. Redsonerro you are absolutely correct and i dont get it either because its easily proven that they are absolutely wrong in their estimates.

    2. I like ur comment
      I remembered Belotti was 100 then and a club from England came with 70 but the owner refused now he’s going for free

  2. I agree 30M is too much for him; but if we can get Sassuolo to drop the price, it would be great because RW is our weakest position right now IMO. By a lot.
    I still don’t understand why Pioli doesn’t just start Rebic on the RW. He is more than capable of playing on that side and he’s wasting away on the bench behind Leao not getting the minutes he deserves. He presses well, can cross or shoot with either foot, and has great pace/speed to get forward on counterattacks. Yes, for NEXT season, we need to upgrade RW; but for now, we have someone who is a MUCH better option than Messias or Saele.

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