Bianchin: Milan will have to ‘make choices’ with bids for star trio almost inevitable

By Oliver Fisher -

La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Luca Bianchin believes that AC Milan will almost certainly receive big summer offers for three of their main stars.

Bianchin gave an interview to Radio Rossonera in which he addressed a number of different topics, and one of them was the future of the biggest names that are currently in the team, more specifically Mike Maignan, Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao.

Starting with Theo, the journalist stated that Milan believe he is a player worth €100m, but we are in mid-March meaning there is a long time to go yet before the summer window opens. Thus, we must also see if a Premier League team will come calling and what they will offer.

Milan have three players – Leao, Theo Hernandez and Maignan – on whom they will have to ‘make choices’. They are so strong that it is clear that calls will come from top clubs abroad, just as they did last summer.

While the Milan management and fan base will of course hope that no bids arrive for any of the three players, given their importance to the side and the project, they are among the best in the world in their position and so offers are almost inevitable.


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  1. Theo and Leao should be invincible. For Mike if we get an offer in range of 60-70M we should accept it, the GK market is vast and Mike has declined quite a bid in recent years.

    1. While I think the 3 players are of importance to Milan in the following order…Leao, Theo and Mike…I think if Milan were to receive offers of 150+ for Leao, 90+ for Theo, and 80+ for Mike Milan should seriously entertain them.

      Leao is great, but his heart is not in each game. Its like hes too cool to try.

      Theo is great, but his actual LB defense is suspect. One of the reasons Milan have let so many goals in this season is THEO.

      Mike is great, but he isnt above repacement. Ramsdale or someone else like that can be bought for 1/3 his price.

      At the end of this all, its a business. Id love to see all three of them renew and stay…and fight for the Scudetto and Champions League fame, but they will have to choose to stay.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if we end up selling all three, though I don’t know how that would impact the team…

      Look at Napoli, between players that left (KIm, Elmas) and players that want to leave (Kvara, Osimhen, etc), the drop in performance has been very big.
      Same with Lazio (Milinkovic sold, and a lot of players wanting to leave or have higher salaries)

      1. On the other hand, look at inter. They have sold basically every important player with the exception of Lautaro and they are better than ever. I think it’s about using the money well and having a system that increase the chances of players perform.

        1. The backbone of Inter is the Italian players …Barella, Bastoni, Di Marco, Darmian + the captain Lautaro. Frattesi is also being pushed to that group.

          Inter had the best team since 4 years ago, the fact that they got only 1 scudetto with their salary is a failure. Up to now, winning the Serie A would give a profit of 15-20 mill which was not enough to justify much higher spending than 2nd or 3rd place. Marotta is also very good at weakening the direct rivals and with the exception of Juve, he’s poached at least one starter from all the big serie A teams.

    2. Nothing to get surprised about, but I would still think we shouldn’t sell Theo at any price. He is truly the backbone of the team.

    3. Well the question is, if we get hefty fund from selling, where would we allocate the fund? Do we buy some OUT OF THE WORLD players.

  2. They will not sell easy.

    Next year, more money from champions league, plus Milan is fighting for second place and possibility to play supercoppa where more money generate.

    In my opinion they will possibly sell Kalulu or Thiaw, plus De Ketelaere, Saelemakers, Origi and Krunic, plus some youngsters and in that way, the will probably go to gain from 50 to 70 million, which is price for Maignan.

    In this direction, all three stars stays, and there would be room for new Central Forward and possibly 2 or 3 more good signings

  3. If any ‘sacrifice’ were really needed, my choice would definitely fall on Maignan. Theo and Rafa are simply the main axis of our offensive actions, to loose any of them would make mandatory an overhaul on the squad tactical attacking display.

  4. We should try everything to keep the 21-22 scudetto winning stars, they should be the core to build on..
    We already lost Kessie and Tonali..

    But expect anything from Cardinale and the new management.. As Cardinalie himself alluded, he wants to take an American “moneyball” type approach.. so give him another season and he will pick out the team one by one just to make few more millions.

  5. Strange there’s no mentioning of Tomori. He’s also a strong candidate to leave considering his agent is out there sh*t stirring in media. And according to them, Bayern seem to be most interested in our players – Mike, Theo and Tomori.

    Tomori would bring in what? 50 millions? Not really what Theo, Mike or Leao would bring but still something and he’s also one of easier replaceable compared to Theo or Leao.

  6. AC Milan doesn’t have any debt AC Milan actually earn more revenue than inter AC Milan have the least from top clubs in Italy in wages but……….
    They have to sell one of their stars theo Leao Maignan Bennacer why?
    Just because

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