Bianchin: Pioli ‘not a coach who asks for a lot’ but Krunic veto ‘was an exception’

By Oliver Fisher -

Stefano Pioli is not the kind of head coach who often makes demands to the board, but there was an exception when he learned of the interest in Rade Krunic.

La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Luca Bianchin spoke on Radio Rossonera today about a number of different topics regarding Milan’s mercato, including the pursuit of Mehdi Taremi and Bayern Munich’s interest in Pierre Kalulu.

One of the things he touched on in particular was the situation regarding Krunic who has been attracting interest from Fenerbahce, and he began by saying that it ‘doesn’t seem like an issue on the table right now’.

Around two days ago it was excluded that Krunic would be allowed to depart before the window shuts and it is ‘very, very complex’ for the scenario to change given there are four days left in the window.

“I know that Milan is ready to refuse even high offers, if you then ask if they would be willing to refuse indecent offers I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like a probable scenario at the moment,” he said.

“Let’s say that Pioli is not a coach who asks for a lot, he works in harmony with his management, but Krunic was an exception because he is worth a lot to him.

“I think that Milan, at the cost of giving up a few million, will say no to these offers also because they have to go and get another player afterwards.”

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      1. And when the top teams stomp us becasue we have a DM that didint do the preaseason with the team?
        I’ve an idea. Try being more optimisitc, less whiny

  1. Let’s hope that’s the right choice for Milan. If only Bennacer wasn’t injured right now things may be a lot different. Bye-bye 12M. Hope Krunic performe and help the team.

  2. This falls on Maldini. It’s yet another failure of his. Kessie was as dynamic as Krunic, but even more talented, and Maldini let him walk away over pennies.

    Pioli has tried to make other players into Krunic-style players. Saeleamakers, Messias, Florenzi, Pobega, Kalulu, Ballo-torre, Bennacer etc. He has tested Adli in training. Players who can be effective anywhere on the pitch are rare.

    Krunic could leave for a nice profit had Maldini kept Kessie for a few more dollars.

    The more I think about it the more I realize how destructive Maldini was.

    1. Of course, everything is Maldini’s fault. He joined the club to destroy the club to its core, didn’t he? He must be pretty depressed, his tactics didn’t work and he won the Scudetto.

    2. Very interesting train of thoughts. I for sure didn’t know that Maldini could cough up a few more extra dollars from the club coffers without needing to answer to any higher ups. IIRC, it was Kessie’s agent who started to act up and requested insane commissions. Why Maldini couldn’t just give that agent his fees ffs! He extended Leao/Theo/Tomori/Kalulu/etc contracts with no problems, why couldn’t he done it with Kessie? Oh wait, all those contract extensions are all Furlani’s masterclass, my bad.

      BTW, it is as you said, Maldini’s fault we ended up Kessie-less and relying heavily on Krunic. Then my question is, why didn’t we buy a natural DM then? Is Musah supposed to be that guy? The problem has been identified, why wasn’t it rectified?

  3. Every team needs a “Krunic”. What he brings to the squad can be seen by all except “Livescore” fans. Selling him at the end of the window is bad business. We won’t find a suitable replacement for adequate price at the dead line of the mercato. Remember Dest?

      1. Those teams have had players who have played together for years. Milan have had players who played together for months.

        1. Yeah, the new players are really struggling… How wrong do you have to be before you stop this stupid argument? You are just embarrassing yourself at this point.

          1. PS Do you understand a person can’t actually be right or wrong when they predict the future because the future has not happened yet?

            What we are doing here is guessing what might or might not happen.

            Your guessing on the basis of what these new players have done (or in some cases not done) for other clubs but you’re giving greater weight to their abilities because their new signings.

            My guessing is on the basis of this level of turnover rarely ever working out and on what that existing players have achieved over a sustained period of 2-3 years.

            One of us could guess right or we could both guess wrong. There is no certainty whatsoever (unless you are Biff from Back to the Future 2).

          2. You’ve already been proven wrong, you just won’t accept it. The new players have not struggled to adapt. They have performed the best out of everyone. If Milan struggle this season it won’t be because of all the new players they signed, it will be because of the players that have been here longer like Krunic and Calabria. They are the weak links on the team. What we needed was 2 more signings.

    Pioli willing to sacrifice his job to keep this mediocre (should be bench player) around.

        1. Well Juve struggled against Bologna…

          People on here really are trying to have their cake and eat it.

          On the one hand we have all this hype that we’re going to win the Scudetto thanks to our wonderful new signings who have never actually ever won the Scudetto.

          On the other hand we have these massive gaps in the squad consisting of players who….actually won the Scudetto.

          Eternal optimism for new signings, endless pessimism and in some cases outright disdain for existing players who have delivered success over the past few years.

          1. How is that a response to that question?

            Ok I’m going to assume you’ve never actually worked anywhere let alone managed a team.

            Chemistry is a factor.

  5. BTW, I am all for Pioli to use his veto when he feels need to.

    This season would be his baptism of fire. He would be able to hide no longer. The glory is there for the taking, and he needs to be given full control of how he would set up his team. The management had done exceptionally well to cater to his every needs. TIme for the scudetto-winning coach to prove doubters once again that last season he was just dealt a bad hand and cards that he didn’t really want.

    So, everyone please sing “Pioli on fire” and get behind the coach this season. Rest assured that if he failed to deliver, his ass would be off to Timbuktu before we could say Pioli Out.

    1. If he fails to deliver it’ll be because we dismantled a league winning side (16 players from that squad have now left) and bought a load of disruption this summer.

      Pioli’s responsible to the extent he demanded all this change. The directors will be ultimately responsible for pandering to those requests and for failing to exercise restraint.

  6. Every coach have their favourite player. Alegri with matuidi in juve. Conte with bakayoko in chelsea also with gagliardini in IM. Klopp with henderson & matip in liverpool. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just the fans or netizen or ppl dont like their coach favourite player. Dominques are going to nott forest ( krunic potential replacement) . It is wise choice to block krunic sale without replacement . Krunic one more season will give yunus musah time to adapt in that krunic role , after yunus play well on that position then pioli will allow krunic sale next summer

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