BILD: Bayern emerge as potential destination for Camarda amid contract speculation

By Euan Burns -

Bayern Munich have shown an interest in AC Milan youngster Francesco Camarda as the 16-year-old continues to hold off on signing a new contract with the Rossoneri.

As has been reported by German newspaper Bild (via Bayern & Germany on X). the German champions think there is a deal to be done for Camarda after recent speculation.

Camarda became the youngest-ever Serie A player earlier this season when he came off the bench at San Siro against Fiorentina as a 15-year-old, and he has produced an incredible scoring record in the younger age groups at Milan.

It was assumed that he would immediately sign a new deal upon turning 16 years old, but that has not happened yet and various conflicting reports have claimed that his agents are asking for obscene figures, which they deny.

Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani has also publicly stated that the figures circulating are not true and the club is still calm about the renewal process.

What is certain is that the rest of Europe is alerted to Camarda’s talent and potential availability, with Bayern Munich seeming to be one of the frontrunners.

Camarda recently got his 13th Primavera goal of the season against Juventus despite only being 16 years old.

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  1. Bruh just give what he wants it’s the first time you have a talent that is so highly rated by any expert giroud is basically out Jovic we will see
    Strong ST will be tough Colombo you are probably gonna be sold origi isnt working okafor needs more time so just get him and playing him as much as Ferguson in Brighton like wtf

    1. Camarda already has played more than fergusson on a high level at the same age as you do realize that Camarda is 3 years younger than the scottish player.

      When that is said im pretty sure a lot of clubs would like to sign him but it seems to be the german media specuating and hoping for it to happen as he will almost guaranteed sign his contract with us at the end of the season.

  2. Milan should start giving him some minutes in the Serie A. If he is a big talent, he needs to get to the next level i.e. gain experience in the first team. Simic too did well, he should be given more game time in the Serie A. Newbies need to face with real challenges to grow up. Barcelona are playing in the UCL with 16-17 old guys. Why can’t Camarda, Simic amd others play 20 minutes against Verona, Frosinone or Salernitana?

    1. Im pretty confident to say that both players has exceeded their own expectations for minutes this season and realize what’s their current place in the club.

      1. You speak a lot of sense Inter fan…I also agreed with your Scalvini/Buongiorno, Thiaw, Tomori, Simic comment…

        Whatever made You turn to the dark side 😂

        1. i assume you replied to the one above me as im not an inter fan 😀
          He do sometimes have some good points though but nobody is perfect.

        2. The one in the “dark side” is Italian football which either does not trust the young players, mismanages them or sells them to the very first (foreign) buyer. With this kind of mentality it is not a surprise that the era of Serie A dominance in Europe is long gone.

          1. It is the financial element mate, but you’re right the league is in the dark ages. I mean take San Siro and the fact we have to pay rent to the local authorities….we are Soooooo far behind the rest. The racism is appalling too, not as bad as some countries but far from acceptable.

            Italy is quite literally the most marketable league in the world, the home of the renaissance, Gucci, prada, Bugatti and Ferrari…some of tej most beautiful places and weather on earth…it needs some Serious marketing

    2. Well Camarda, Simic, Traore, Jimenez, Zeroli already has playing times at the first team.

      The thing is we can’t put more responsibility for these kids as if they are adult players. Their body is still growing / developing and needs careful treatment because If they got heavy injury then it could be the end of their career.

      It’s not like video games where you can just slot these kids and played them for 90 minutes.

      1. Messi, CR7, Mbappe were playing with the first team at the age of 17. That did not ruin their careers; the contrary is the case: it helped them grow up. Some more game time does not cause any harm. Simic, for instance, did well when he played and he is 18. Next months turns 19. When will he be considered to be “ready”? 29 years old?

        1. Those names are exceptional which i’m sure not all young players have the talents and growth like Ronaldo, Mbappe, or Messi.

          And just because Simic played well in a couple matches against small team doesn’t mean he should played all the time replacing Tomori, Thiaw, or Gabbia who are more ready than him. Who’s gonna responsible if Milan lost an important match and Simic got heavy injured when he shouldn’t be playing? Definitely not you an Inter fans lol.

          1. I mentioned those three as the most successful examples, but there are many more.
            And no, I did not say that Simic should play all the time. A young guy can play against the weakest teams, grow up and then start against the stronger teams as well.

            “Who’s gonna responsible if Milan lost an important match and Simic got heavy injured when he shouldn’t be playing?”
            There always is risk in life. At least trying is better than keeping him play with the kids or warm the bench.

        2. Btw look at the first page where Victor Eletu got knee surgery and he only played against primavera. Now imagine if he plays against adult / veteran players that will send him fly straight to the surgery bed with just one tackle lol.

          It’s just crazy how people don’t understand how big the physical different is between kids and adult players.

          1. It is just crazy how you do not understand that every player has different physical characteristics. Some are stronger and more resistant, and some are doomed to have issues over all of their career. The fact that Electu got injuried does not mean others are not ready.

  3. This rumor is probably the work of Camarda agent. Heard bad things about the guy that he’s just as bad as Raiola with greedy / shady crap business.

    If at the end of this season Camarda don’t want to sign the contract then just let go of him. It’s not like there’s only a few of talented young players either.

  4. Guys, chill. It’s BILD.

    They are a sensationalist pseudo-journalistic lame excuse for a magazine. The pages are meant for the bathroom, for when you run out of toilet paper.

  5. Yeah let’s wait a few months to sign the most exciting Italian prospect of that century while every European club is probably trying to lure him. That’s a bold strategy Cotton.

    1. Not sure if I’d agree that he’s the most exciting italian prospect of the century, imo Pellegri was better at his age to name one other striker, Kean was also a hot prospect … and we both know what trajectory their career took.

      Also Milan’s not waiting… the waiting game is done by Camarda’s agent trying to blow the flames and start a bidding war. Let’s wait and see but from the current state I don’t think that he’ll stay with us after this season.

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