Bild: Zlatan asks Forsberg about RB Leipzig star – Arsenal and Liverpool also keen

By Oliver Fisher -

Another source in Germany has confirmed that AC Milan are interested in signing Benjamin Sesko, but they face strong competition to land the RB Leipzig star.

According to what is being reported by Bild (via MilanNews), Milan’s interest in signing Sesko is very much concrete and actually dates back beyond the recent period, given that in recent months Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been at work.

The report claims that the Swede asked his compatriot Emil Forsberg – who plays at Leipzig with Sesko – for more information on him in terms of his abilities but also his character.

The piece also explains the situation of the player’s release clause, which specifically today amounts to €50m but which at the end of the season – depending on the number of goals, assists and minutes played – could rise up to €75m.

Furthermore, Milan are not the only club to show interest in the Slovenia international because some Premier League sides are on his trail, above all Arsenal but with Manchester City and Liverpool also watching and waiting.

This season the former Red Bull Salzburg striker has collected a total of 16 goals and 2 assists in 40 overall appearances in all competitions, but it must be said that his numbers have taken a sharp upturn in the second half of the season and he is still just 20 years of age.

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  1. Cardinale fired the men who identified proper targets for our team, who brought our team the Serie A title and who brought Milan back to CL.

    – Maldini & Massara

    instead, we replaced them with Moneyball Moncada & then Milan is attempting to use Ibra as a Maldini-lite equivalent in negotiations. HA. Good luck.

    Ibra is Ibra, but he will never fill the shoes of Maldini. Never. Not in any way shape or form. Ibra’s EGO prevents him from understanding this. He’s just become a Cardinale yes man.

    People think Milan is going to sign a Sesko skill type of player, but Milan isn’t the same Milan as old. Milan will make news stories and poke around signing a good player but they can’t compete financially and they know it.

    Milan might not even make CL next year if moneyball man does his magic again.

    So it’s most likely, we sign some cheap player or some unknown french “superstar” that is going to be our Cerci, Fat Cassano, Destro, Piguain, etc…

    I mean, moneyball profits – AM I RITE? Daddy Cardinale needs a new yacht and you’re behind schedule. Work harder. He needs his money.

    What a disgrace Milan has become.

    1. As dismayed as i was and still is in regard of the sacking of Maldini and how it was handled all transfers except two done in the summer of 2023 was all players previously mentioned as potential transfers under M&M’s tenure. The only players i doesnt recollect being mentioned is Jovic and Romero so its not really like they have swayed from what was seemingly already in the pipe line with Maldini. Maldini even gave an interview after his sacking where he pointed out that buying players like pulisc and loftucs was obvious moves without any money ball statistics as they are already proven talents.

      1. If you have noticed the behavior of the Maldinisti, when the new players play well they tell us that they were Maldini targets as well, but when they play poorly its moncada and Furlani signing trash players.
        Maldini gets the credit for the good moves and the blame is passed on everyone else for the bad moves.

        1. Well for me it isnt so black and white as it is for others. Maldini had his flaws but so does everyone and those at the helm of the club today as well.
          I actually think we had a pretty good 2023 summer mercato even though i wasnt happy about the tonali sale it still makes sense in hindsight after all we have learned in the meantime.
          I for one think maldini sealed his faith commenting in the media about money after our last cl match but on the other hand i do believe he would have been sacked a year before had it not been for the scudetto as the new ownership would want to leave its own imprint.

    2. Fired the men that identified proper targets for our team?!?!
      Origi, Bakayoko, Dest, Renato Sanches, all proper targets.
      But keep repeating the same BS.
      If M&M were so great how come no one wants to hire them?
      Massara got passed on by Juventus, Napoli and even his own former club Roma. All needed a sporting director and all said: no thanks, to Massara.
      No team wants to hire these great men. I Wonder why.
      But keep on keepin on 🦜 meez

      1. You do the se thing you accuse him. Off.
        You a portion all the blame on Maldini and massara, and none of the praise. You always have.

        And you are doing the same thing here again. Unlike meez, it’s was clear and still is that all. Power was not run by M&M. There were inputs on sale and buys from the entire management. So throwing stones and glass houses….

        1. Bingo…it’s so hypocritical. Dude went from “Maldini gets the credit for the good moves and the blame is passed on everyone else for the bad moves.” to “Fired the men that identified proper targets for our team?!?!
          Origi, Bakayoko, Dest, Renato Sanches, all proper targets.” Furlani and Moncada nowhere to be seen associated with those names right?! Smh

    3. I really don’t understand all this negativity. Yes, results haven’t been what we all would have hoped for but all this vitriol against ownership, management, the players, and other fans seems uncalled for. This isn’t directed solely to you Meez, but that is all I see in the comments section these days and I am baffled by the poor attitude. We are all supposed to be Milan supporters, yet seemingly every comment is a negative one in a season that impartially is not considered a disaster. I could understand it for a fan of Napoli after the season they are having but a decent season from Milan should not illicit this type of reaction. I suspect the Scudetto win of a couple of years ago raised the fans expectations too high, too soon in what always going to be a process and not an instant revival.

      1. You are absolutely 👍🏻 right‼️
        Actually I think Pioli is the one messed up with decent squad the management gave him with his coward tactics, favouritism of certain players( whether they are on or off form) and panicky decisions, he may be ‘top four roach’ but not title contender.

      2. I’m with you here. Everything has become so toxic these last couple of weeks. It’s basically ruining all the fun of being a fan. But I guess it started when we went out of europe and had nothing left to play for. I think everyone is just looking for next season to bring something new. I hope we will have some good news during summer so we can start the new season with some good hype so we can start having fun instead of just complaining.

      3. Don’t worry you will soon.
        With the direction the club keeps taking, if you haven’t figured out the anger or source of it by now, you soon will.

        I believe Maldini explained it well in his interview concerning the club after the scudetto win and the CL semi finals, what had to be done to move the club forward.

        But two seasons after the scudetto and a season after the CL semis and we are still in the same rut. As I said don’t worry you would soon see the reason for the vitriol towards owners and management.

    4. “He’s just become a Cardinale yes man”

      This sentence alone shows how dense you are and how little you actually understand…

      Why is it that the ones that understand little are the ones that bark the loudest?

  2. Still 2023 is not a hit though. We are lacking cdm for 3years and we sold tonali being Bennacer injured. We spent 120m+ still we didn’t bought any striker or cdm. Only good thing was pulisic for right wing and RLC for physical midfield still he is not defensive midfield.

    If Maldini and Massara was sacked for 35m buy of dekeatelare then who have to be sacked for not passing group stage in champions league and even the league position we got only because Juventus lost continously.

    Someone have to be sacked other than coach for poor 120/130m spend in 2023 summer

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