Bild: Real Madrid ‘working intensively’ on signing €30m Milan defender

By Oliver Fisher -

A report has emerged in Germany claiming that Real Madrid are interested in signing Malick Thiaw from AC Milan this summer and are working on the deal.

According to the latest from Bild, Real Madrid is ‘working intensively’ on signing German international Malick Thiaw from Milan. The former Schalke starlet is under contract with the Rossoneri until 2027, and he now has a market value of around €30m.

The central defender moved to Schalke in 2015, gradually working his way up to the senior team with whom he made his debut in 2020. After 61 competitive games and three goals, he moved to Milan in the summer of 2022 for €8.8m.

This season, the 22-year-old has only played 17 league games for Milan, mostly due to a long-term thigh injury. The report does not mention the stance of the management regarding a potential sale, but a recent report did name him as a candidate to depart if the right offer comes in.

In the last couple of games against Roma in the Europa League and Inter in the league Thiaw did not start, which perhaps shows that Stefano Pioli’s faith in him has diminished. That being said, Pioli is expected to be sacked so a new head coach might have a different opinion.

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  1. As much as I’d love to believe this, I don’t. But if it would turn out to be true, please sell. And go for Buongiorno

  2. Who’s next, Tomori, Theo, Kalulu, Caldara? Player by player’s sold if price is met between management and other club.

    1. Caldara is out of contract in June and wont be renewed. Forget about that guy, he is a hologram at this point, he doesnt exist.

  3. I understand most people would want Buongiorno or Scalvini, but I think Milan should choose Calafiori as the replacement. He is left footed, can cover left back and his style of play suits Milan perfectly. A more natural fit than the others being mentioned

  4. He’s an old school regista-type centre half playing in a completely exposed back 2. He’ll be phenomenal in the right set up but that possibly isn’t here. Steal at 30m if it’s true. Needs replacing with someone more static to play alongside Tomori.

    Some people on here seem to think you’re either good or bad. The lack of binary thinking they display in the comments section obviously extends to their football knowledge.

  5. Thiaw is not a bad defender, but Pioli has consistently used him in the wrong system. He is not a 1v1 defender but in a functional system with defensive mid coverage he defended well.

    Lately between injuries and a 5-0-5 lineup it’s been tough for him. Can he get better at Milan in a better system? Yes.

    Can we put 30mil towards a better defender? Yes, probably.

    1. I agree with your assessment and I don’t personally think a bad season is enough to bury him, maybe he’ll turn out to be a great defender in the future.
      But if the 30M are true, it’s too good to give up. 30M+whatever money we’re gonna get from other players will allow us to propely reinforce the team. Maybe go for Buongiorno or Scalvini.

  6. hmmm milan could sell him for less and they can get that Turkish kid Guler Milan has interest they can combined it in a deal!

  7. LOL. Love how so many are quick to write young players off and scream to sell after one poor season. Does that mean Chuk should also be sold? After all he stunk for 8 out of 9 months and only recently found his form. Based off of last season do we think Thiaw is completely done at the ripe old age of 22 and we should jump ship??? Crazy to me.

    Yes he had a poor year but that wasn’t necessarily unexpected. Many have the so-called second season jinx. Patience is needed. IF this report in true and if Carletto wants him – we should not sell for 30M – his price will only increase in another year with a new coach AND If he’s worth 30M now after a poor season, what is he worth after a good one or a good Euros?? Short sighted to sell him now IMO without a suitable replacement and when his stock is down. As they say buy low and Sell high.

    Hilarious how so many have drunk the Redbird Koolaid and are so anxious to sell actually believing that is the only way that we can buy other players. Sad

    1. Well said. Malick has everything to become a starter for the side. He had a bad year and his confidence is low but he will bounce back. Why else would Madrid want him at this stage. Last year he was very, very good and he will improve with more experience.

    2. I don’t know, it’s a bit of hard question to answer.
      I do absolutetly agree that we shouldn’t consider Thiaw to be a “bad” player because of this season, he can bounce back, improve,…
      But 30M is not something we should be quick to dismiss. We have many center backs and we still might go for a new one, so it’s not like selling Thiaw will make us having to go for 2 center backs.
      But again it’s very speculative at this point, we don’t even know how true this rumor is.

      1. With 30M€ you can buy a player who will actually perform at the higher/highest level now. Far better choice than risking with Thiaw to see whether he’ll lose us several other important matches next season while providing nothing in return. So far, Thiaw has played zero good matches this season. Anyone we’d buy for 10-30M€ would be an instant upgrade for sure. Whether that would be true in 5 years is irrelevant as we need READY CBs now. Not in 5 years.

        1. We paid 8-10M for Thiaw – so a 30M sale is a net of 20M – not 30M. Tell me a world class CB you can buy for 20M??? News flash you cannot buy Buongiornio for 20M. Much more will be needed.

          “Anyone we’d buy for 10-30M€ would be an instant upgrade for sure.” Really? Are u sure??. I wish. Would Brassier be an instant upgrade”????? Who knows.

          You are also assuming we will automatically invest all of that $ into a ready-made replacement that can play now and not another young prospect who may or may not adapt to Serie A – like Brassier. I like you would also prefer established players that can play NOW – but that is not the Redbird way unfortunately and goes against their “moneyball” policy.

    3. People shouting sell ain’t miopic or having short memories, and it’s definitely not because he has a bad season. If we look at it critically, he isn’t a top class defender, we knew he wasn’t totally polished and room for improvement ain’t so much. Even in Tomori’s bad spell not many people deemed it wise to sell him.
      So I’d say its a long game but I’d rather we cash-in on him now for 30mill. Have a nice day.

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