CM: Four-year deal and €30m fee agreed – Milan’s first summer signing is now imminent

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s first summer signing appears to be in the bag as a full agreement over Sven Botman has been found, according to one journalist.

Given that there are now widespread reports suggesting that Milan will soon be bought by Investcorp thus ending Elliott Management’s four-year tenure, there has been subsequent doubts about whether Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara would follow through with previous negotiations.

According to Daniele Longo of however, the Botman deal will go through. An agreement over personal terms has been found on the basis of a four-year contract which will be less than €4m net per season.

There are some final details to sort between Lille and Milan on the bonuses involved in the deal but the fixed base should remain at €30m as a transfer fee. The operation is moving ‘closer and closer to closure’ after the attempts to sign the Dutchman in January.

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  1. Sad but this 30m +4m salary player while good won’t improve our team at all. So he will make more than Romagnoli (Romagnoli accepting 3.2, Botman 4) and we pay 30m…. seems like an amazing financial choice… so he’s 30x the player Romagnoli is? Ok… sure…

    1. Do not forget: Elliot invested lots of money in Lille, and this way, they make more money. We are buying players from Lille, like they are World champion. Think, why is that happening? When Investcorp (Mubadala) buy Milan, we will start to buy from MC, but only their player who seat on bench, and not good enough for MC.

      1. There is zero truth or facts in what you are saying at all LOL. And the players on Man City bench are some of the best in the world lol. You complain we don’t sign players now you complain if we sign Lille or Man City players??? I personally don’t care where they come from as long as they are better players than what we currently have – and Botman is a huge upgrade over the slow-footed Romagnolli – a player who sadly never developed into the star defender everyone thought he would be. He cannot even crack the national team – which tells you all you need to know. Good riddance. Bring on Botman and whoever else M&M think we need regardless of club or nationality

      2. to be fair they (Lille) did a good job last season in their respective division. But you are correct, money is what keeps these clubs from losing relevance.

    2. 1st…
      I think 3.2 Romag with the taxes is equal or more to Botman’s 4…

      If Romag stays he has little or NO chance to being sold at 30mil or more in the future. Botman has a bigger chance of increase of value. Even though its not guaranteed. Lets hope he will succeed

      Romag no longer is a “threat” to Tomori, this is not good to Tomori or Kalulu’s development. Often competition for a starting spot is good for young players development.

        1. Yours is an opinion, not a fact. I understand your point but to write off the transaction before it is even finalized is far too premature. If he plays well, his value could theoretically skyrocket making it a fantastic financial choice. This scenario is marginally less likely than yours where he doesn’t justify the cost over Romagnoli.

          1. So gross… Money money money money. Game will turn to trash and teams won’t mean anything soon. I’d rather save that money and keep Romagnoli and use the saved money to put towards Nunez who would help us 100x more than Botman

      1. Yeah, I totally agree. Romagnoli and kalulu are not good enough to be starters, we need a CB with height and physical strength

    3. Your hilarious @ Zoro Caloro. You criticize every player that isn’t Italian lol. Your the same person that calls Leao “lazy” and “uninterested” and thinks we should sell him LOL. Botman WAY better than Romagnolli and is money well spent. I would take Maldini’s word for it – if he thinks he’s worth it – he is. Botman is a regista in a defenders body – he will set up the play (something bonnuci was supposed to do for us) and will fit in seamlessly with Tomori and Kalulu in a make shift back 3 while Theo advanced on the left. If it was up to you we would sign Belotti Berardi, Scamacca, Raspadori, Romagnolli etc…and we wouldn’t be any better IMO. I get it you want an “Italian” Milan – well those days are over my friend. Football is a global game and every big team in the world has foreign players. Your living in the past brother. Embrace the future and support the team no matter what nationality the players are IMO

      1. Italian team like Vanuatu couldn’t even make the world cup for Qatar 2022, they only won that Euro 21 because the teams from Americas weren’t in the comp. And no, Italian players aren’t as scary as they were back in 00’s. They are decent for today that’s all.

      2. Berlusconi start Project italMilan under coach Montella but all failed,the best they can do in that season only win 1-0 vs rubentus with locatelli long shoot but failed to finish at top 4 . Just ignore that Zoro,every thread/topic he always say Italian player better than foreigner. If he is AC Milan DS ,he Will pay donnarumma asking 10m euro /years,Renew romagnoli,sign overated/overprice player like belotti,scamacca,frattesi,Berardi,bernadeschi

  2. 1 thing shouldn’t be forgotten is the lille players Maldini and Massara signed have done well thus far. AC Milan is now contesting Inter with big Stars so, there’s nothing relatively wrong with picking the standout players of lille. It best to understand what works for AC Milan than to criticize the process of rebuilding. Forza Milan

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