Brahim Diaz discusses life away from football including upbringing and hobbies – video

By Oliver Fisher -

Brahim Diaz has revealed some interesting insight into his life away from the football pitch during a video interview with Giorgia Tavella. 

The club’s official YouTube channel conducted a conversation with the Spanish playmaker in their series ‘A chat with’ and discussed a number of topics including his upbringing, hobbies and tastes in food and music. His responses were transcribed by MilanNews.

What were you like as a child? 

“I am a grown up boy, like everyone else, loving what he loves now: football, and realising my dream as I am doing so far to be able to play professionally, improving day by day. I am a humble boy, raised in a neighbourhood… and I have come this far, as I said, making my dreams come true.”

Were you a quiet kid or a restless kid? Did you make your parents angry every now and then? 

“Both, it depended on the day (laughs). I’m a quiet guy, who likes to do things, the right way, regardless of scope, but sometimes I’m a little naughty. As a child I think I was more spiteful and disobedient than now, I have matured enough.”

What relationship do you have with your family? Are you very close? 

“Yes, for me family is the most important thing, we are always together and wherever I go they are with me. I am proud of all the values, education and humility they have taught me. I have an incredible relationship with all of them, I have four sisters who are very young.”

What relationship do you have with your sisters? 

“I always try to set an example, being the elder brother I try to give the best possible example in everything I say and can do and give to make them grow.”

What do you like to eat when you are home alone?

“I always try to follow the diet, but it is true that sometimes I really like eating pizza or risotto alla Milanese.”

Could you cook a pasta dish? 

“Yes, it’s all very easy now. There are many recipes on the internet… going to YouTube to see how pasta is cooked.”

And without YouTube? 

“No (laughs). It’s simple, but I’m very lazy, I’ve never tried to cook… Now that you tell me I’ll try to cook a plate of pasta. Indeed, I post it on Instagram to show how I cook.”

What do you like doing in your free time? 

“I read a book every now and then, especially in the evening. The last book I read is about football, it’s called ‘Football in the sun and in the shade’, I like it because reading about football is what motivates me. I have also read coaching books, I like to read but I am not in love with reading. Simply when I have free time in the evening, I read. The truth what I like to do most is play PlayStation (laughs).”

What are you playing? “Fortnite. Now I also have the Milan skin. I play with Theo, he is much better than me.”

Can you think of a mad thing that you did? Maybe even for love? 

“For love not yet. Anyway, as a kid I really liked Spider-Man and thought I was like him. I was in the bathroom, I was taking a shower, and I wanted to jump on the towel… I broke two teeth (laughs). Mom took me to the dentist.”

Do you like music? “I love it, I love music. I don’t have a favourite singer because I like different genres. I like Flamenco, I like reggae.”

Brahim’s ideal first date? “Dinner in an elegant restaurant. The first release is the elegant Brahim. The following times, the normal Brahim who goes in overalls (laughs).”

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