Brahim Diaz ‘forever grateful’ to Milan as he continues to shine at Real Madrid

By Oliver Fisher -

Brahim Diaz might just have overtaken Jude Bellingham as the man of the moment for Real Madrid given his excellent form, and he sent a message to his former club AC Milan.

The playmaker started the first leg of Real Madrid’s Champions League last-16 tie against RB Leipzig and he scored the winner with a curling shot inside the far post after an excellent dribble to give them a 1-0 victory.

Brahim spent three years on loan at Milan from 2020 to 2023, with an initial one-year loan then followed by a two-year spell, but he returned to the Spanish capital last summer.

Since then he has found playing time a bit easier to come by having made 28 appearances, scoring eight goals and adding three assists, earning the trust of Carlo Ancelotti.

After the game he reflected on scoring the winner for Real in Germany and also spoke about his past at Milan, a spell Carlo Ancelotti admitted has made him complete.

“Yes, I feel well, but I was happy at Milan, too, and I will be forever grateful to them,” Brahim said (via TMW).

“I love everyone at the club because I spent three amazing years in Milan, and I am happy here, too.“

Brahim was also asked if he has spoken to Theo Hernandez after hos winning goal against Napoli at the weekend.

“Of course, I did. I talk more often to him than to my family or my girlfriend!”

Finally, asked if he still watches Milan games, he responded: “Sure. I always follow them and will forever do it.”


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    1. Or we can be grateful for him and the teams involved we got to see him play for us for 3 years and become a champion in Italy.

      But I’m sure you will choose the “b*tch, b*tch, b*tch”-option instead.

    2. He played with us for 3 years just like any other player we could have technically owned. Also, we ain’t no rival for real madrid

    1. He wasn’t that great with us either, he got bullied in Serie A, 7 goals and 7 assists in 45 games is hardly a healthy return, Ruben has 5 goals and 2 assists already with 20 less games played. He just wasn’t strong enough to play in our league.

  1. As I’ve said before, not every player is suited to Italian football, people forget how he got bullied last season. 7 goals and 7 assists in 45 games shows that. Even Paqueta couldn’t adapt at all. Just like how Italian players struggle abroad, you need to be a certain type of player to thrive in Serie A.

  2. ….and didn’t he get injured that game ?(which btw almost cost Real a goal after imo unsporting play on by Leipzig). Anyways glad he’s doing well but not so much so that we developed him.

    PS Lol why are people harping on about 7g 7a??? As if that’s not a decent return on a player that’s “easily bullied” and who really was a sub to Hakan who then became a starter. We have a player that doesn’t get bullied in RLC and he so far has less contributions per game…..yes 7 in 25 is less than 14 in 45 🤦‍♂️. Make sense of that. But hey….he doesn’t get bullied I suppose /s. Also not many players in our team have had a 7g7a season or many time in their careers for that matter. So go figure 🤷‍♂️.
    Also, some context here and not to defend us developing other team’s players but Brahim was a low cost option when star players didn’t want to come to Milan. We just left a dark period and we got him to backup Hakan. I wouldn’t want to redeem him for 22m though. But he’s a decent option as backup.

    PS. PS. And unrelated. Don’t see what the big hype about Sesko is about too. Tall, lanky, not too much pace. 🤷‍♂️

  3. I was never a huge fan of Diaz honestly. He did have some insanely good games, but they’re few and far inbetween.
    He is a good dribbler, one of the best we had recently, but is physically very weak and gets easily bullied and shut down by physically strong players and crowded midfields. He is a good passer, but his shooting is very lacking (at least with us, didn’t watch him with Real Madrid). He often missed opportunies Leao, Giroud or Messias could have converted, and most of his goals are 1vs1 or very close to the net.
    During the scudetto, we sometimes had Krunic or even Kessie as AM instead of him.
    He had 7+7 G/A but it took him 3 seasons to do so. Pulisic is already at 7+6 and RLC at 5+2 in their first seasons and RLC is not a natural AM.

    1. Brahim didn’t really get starter game time until last year when he had to be the man (he did also get the year before but he was playing winger too). Even his record now at Real shows he’s a capable backup. I agree about him not being physical enough for the league but also that even with physicality it doesnt guarantee you being much better in terms of output either

      1. I think la Liga just allows for more dribbles and goals I guess ? Just look at Chukuweze and even Castillejo. Chukuweze looked like a world-beater before coming to us and now even his mouvements look bad. So maybe la Liga is just easier for these types of players to express themselves.
        Also let’s not forget that now Brahim plays with some of the best midfielders in the world, under a well respected coach who knows how to get the best out of his players.
        Now for Brahim it’s not just his lack of strength that bothered me but also his shooting abilities. With that said, this year he could have been a territic backup/option and could have allowed us to play with a TRUE AM.

  4. He was initially trained at Manchester City and the fans certainly wanted him to stay but he was flattered by Real’s approach and he wanted to play more frequently. Unfortunately Real hardly played him and he had leave to progress.
    Will he get the same playing time when Bellingham returns? Unfortunately I think not. He would be better at Milan.

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