Report: Offer made, player keen – Brighton leading candidates to sign Milan target Wieffer

By Oliver Fisher -

Brighton & Hove Albion are ready to rival AC Milan for the signing of Mats Wieffer from Feyenoord and they have put forward an offer, a report claims.

According to who cover Feyenoord, Brighton are now the ‘leading candidates’ to sign Wieffer from Feyenoord. They confirm that the 24-year-old has also received interest from Milan, but it is the Premier League side who are ‘doing everything’ to win the race.

A first big offer has already been made to Feyenoord and while their sources do not want to make any statements yet about the amount, they do state that Brighton have been following him for 18 months and that the Dutch side are after £30m to sell, which is around €35m.

Wieffer is seen as an ideal reinforcement for the new head coach Fabian Hürzeler, who was recently presented as successor to the departed Roberto De Zerbi. Hürzeler was also on Feyenoord’s list to succeed Arne Slot, but the Rotterdam club chose Brian Priske.

Having signed from Excelsior in the summer of 2022 for €575k, Feyenoord owe 15% of the profits to their city rivals if and when they sell. The midfielder has just returned from holiday and is keen on the move to Brighton, but is patiently awaiting the development of the negotiations.

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  1. Wieffer: “Hmm, I could go to a legendary side, winner of 7 Champions League titles, former home of players like Donadoni, Pirlo, Seedorf, Ibrahimovic… or I could go to Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. I think the choice is clear.”

    1. More like “Hmm, I could go to a side in the best league in the world, and get paid more than the legendary side that is trading on its history and can’t even afford to buy a proper striker, and then after two seasons transfer to a CL team in the same league and make even more money.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Fact, i better play for Brighton rather than this graveyard history club who never let his star go easily again.

    2. Bruh, that 7 ucl winner didn’t attract anyone’s anymore. Coz that history of winning dna had already long gone in this current club.

    1. We are in the third world when it comes to competing vs. the premier league. It is the new reality; their TV deal is 5x greater than Serie A’s. Brighton had enough $ to gamble on Ansu Fati. Maybe my memory is off but I think the last time we bought a young but risky talent like that was Pato?

      1. Ansu Fati was on loan at Brighton. They didn’t buy him.
        Leao was a way riskier purchase than Pato.
        Pato’s game at 18 was more advanced than Leao’s game is today.
        Pato’s injuries derailed his career, but IMO as a footballer Pato was a bigger talent than Leao. Leao is just taller and stronger but in everything else Pato was ahead of Leao.
        But I agree on the EPL clubs purchase power over the rest of the European leagues and especially Italy.

  2. Clubs signing players left and right, making deals. And what has Milan done this month? Jack Daniels. No that ain’t right. Jack sh*t!

    1. I have no idea what these clowns are doing anymore, it looks like they are more focused on the u23 team than the main team. The player isn’t even playing in the Euro, they should have at least initiated the talks to sign the player.

    2. I have no idea what these clo#wns are doing anymore, it looks like they are more focused on the u23 team than the main team. The player isn’t even playing in the Euros, they should have at least initiated the talks to sign the player.

      1. Irrelevant. Maybe the deals are already made, but with this management is highly unlikely..inter btw has already a couple names crossed from their shoplist

  3. Is Brighton a bigger club than us? No. Does Brighton have more history and clout than us? No. Does Brighton have a better team than us? No. Did Brighton make the champions league?? No. Does Brighton have more money than us?!? No. How does this happen? Incompetent management…

    1. “Does Brighton have more money than us”

      Quite frankly, yes – they have more guaranteed TV income over the next five seasons (the likely length of the player’s contract) than Milan, they’re making 100m PROFIT in their last accounts (Milan’s is 6m). Their revenue is lower, but not by as much as you’d think – it’s about two-third of Milan’s based on 22-23 accounts.

      Crucially, they sell players for big profit every season and have one of the best recruitment/scouting teams in Europe, so they know who will replace those players when they leave.

      So frankly, Milan’s main trump cards are heritage (and what player really cares about that?), competing at the top of their league and UCL football this coming season. This is the sort of team we are competing with for players now.

      1. No that’s just not true at all. Even with the lucrative EPL TV deal, the two clubs had almost identical broadcasting revenues (€183m Brighton €182m Milan). Don’t forget Milan gets champions league money. And as you mentioned, Brighton had revenues a mere 60% of Milan’s in 22/23. That’s not a small gap. And Milan’s revenues are projected to have taken another substantial jump upwards this year. Yes Brighton sold Caicedo and logged a massive profit, but no they do not have more money than Milan.

        1. Wrong. The profits on both Caicedo and Sanchez come in the next accounts. And if Chelsea come in for Enciso our annual profit could be in excess of £200m.

          Not bad for club that didn’t have a ground, (played in a rented municipal athletes stadium) less than 20 years ago.

          We will be in Europe again next season. UTA!

  4. Since day one, said these people running the team are clueless and out of their depth.

    Getting bested out and outworked by Inter with new temporary owners, despite being in a worst financial position while being deeper in all the positions we have to reinforce, then signing players there, before us AGAIN. Getting their stars renewed before us…AGAIN..2 STARS AGAINST US AGAIN provided no motivation to get on top of it, when we supposdely came into this window in a better position to close deals fast.

    Midtable PL teams are beating us to players too…this will be another farcical summer full of embarrassment. Get ready for Inter to extend their unbeaten streak as well.

    We rebuilt this team 3 seasons in a row, getting weaker each time. Point to our position and goals scored by new signings, until you look at the teams they did and didn’t perform again, considering the league has diluted since we won as well. The real measuring stick is looking at the CL, EL and performance against top teams, all else is having convenient amnesia.

    Being beat out to a signing by Brighton…..wooooow

    1. To be fair, since day one you been a Negative Nancy and never really have this management a chance nor have you ever said one positive thing…

      Why change now?

      1. Third offseason…same story. They haven’t signed a viable striker since coming in, we had a good one and sold him for 27 million when he scored 10 goals, but are trying to sign a player with as many contributions for 50. Negative is what you call it, I call facts as they are. They are point blank terrible. They are passive and incompetent. They couldn’t even figure out who’s agent was representing a player they were pursuing last summer.

        I gave them a chance and the benefit of the doubt and they haven’t done anything but disappoint. I am not expecting they spend like Man City, there is no reason a club projected to make 450 millions euros next year, to be slow to close deals when we are far behind our competition and been ousted by teams we should have comfortably beat in Europe. There has to be urgency. When they make moves that shows we want to win, I’ll be positive and give them credit. They didn’t earn it spending 40 million euros a window when letting our wage budget dwindle while our revenues soared.

        1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will Milan. Last summer they brought in a good foundation. They didn’t get to a striker admittedly, but they are clearly addressing the issue this summer.

          They are actively plugging in holes. Maybe it’s not happening as fast as you want. Let’s be honest, the fan base these days has no patience. It’s “signings, NOW” and “Results, NOW”.

          This project will slowly kick into gear and keep humming along. Management is clearly spending money to bring in players, change the coach (can’t call Fonseca an upgrade yet). Then U23’s will start stamping out better players out of our primavera. Then the stadium to give us better purchasing power, and so on.

          Won’t happen overnight. But while RedBird is actively taking steps to improve and upgrade this club, I will keep giving them the benefit of the doubt and judge them based on results.

          Que the “are you being paid by RedBird” comments now…

          1. I think it’s fair to give credit to the management for a successful mercato last summer, but chrisp has some very valid points as well… slow and indecisive is not the way to win trophies. Look at how swiftly Inter re-signed their stars, and look how slowly Milan is moving. Our management made some nice moneyball moves in the past, but we aren’t going to win trophies just with moneyball. We have the lowest wage ratio of any of the top 15 clubs, and much lower than Inter and Juventus. It’s good to shop for bargains but we also need to be decisive and move with purpose. We have money. It’s still early and I’m still giving them the benefit of the doubt but some criticism is definitely warranted.

          2. Are you being paid by Redbird? Yeah … Me neither 🙂

            The number of initiative they have going at the moment as you point out to insure the long term health of AC Milan is impressive.

            That they let Wieffers pass could also mean they have someone better in mind. It could mean he didn’t meet the profile for the price. It could mean it’s just another rumor.

            I get rather a good laugh at all the folks who are OMG … So and so bought blah blah blah.

            No puppies are dying folks. Please stand down. July 1 will be here soon enough.

          3. “Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will Milan”??????

            We HAD a semi-final UCL team that was taken apart instead of enhancing as a former director begged them to do. We already had the foundation and should have added to the core. What are you talking about exactly? Lol

            Ownership chose to take a few steps back by adding “depth” players instead of spending $$ on starting players with that side. I guess we will see if it was worth it. So far no – not for results on the pitch anyways. Time will tell esp this summer market. Are they actually going to spend more than 35M – WITHOUT selling a star player to do it OR sell one Star like last year and use the money to buy more players. We shall see

        2. Second offseason bro, they closed the purchase of the club after the 2022 summer window shut. And in that first offseason they spent 110M and brought Pulisic, Reijnders, RLC, Musah, etc., and took us from 5th place (on the pitch) to 2nd.

      2. I’ve said positive things about this management but still agree with Chrisp. This season wasn’t a massive improvement from last season. Might not even be that big of an improvement overall (though I do believe the new signings should get better in their second season in Serie A). Last summer was an upgrade to the RW (Puli) and subs for the striker (Okafor and Jovic). All other positions were either status quo or downgrades. We’ve downgraded the defensive aspect of the midfield. We leaked more goals than last season for instance. As Chrisp alluded to …yes we have more points in the standing….a win and a couple of draws worth ….for $120+ m ? Is that really “worth” it?
        Even if you want to argue that it’s a rebuild, as Juro mentioned the foundation was already there and we didn’t need to. But let’s go with the your more hopeful scenario and make a ‘one for the future’. Then why did management come out to say we have a winning team, a more European one (we crashed out of group phase) etc. ? It take you to say we’re rebuilding and it’s for the future while the owners/management thinks we’re not? How does that make sense? Why come up with a rationale for why the team is the way it is when you can simply just go base off of their owns word 🤷‍♂️

    2. “this will be another farcical summer full of embarrassment.” I take it you’re referring to Maldini’s Wonder Mercato before he left?

          1. CDK and Thiaw did quite well. Maldini had his wage budget cut his last window and had 40 million euros to spend. Furliani had his increased but sold our one of our cheapest midfielders on wages and who happened to be our best player in the middle of the park. We still didn’t get out the group stages.

            Maldini added got players given the constraints we had.

      1. Zirkzee, 40 million plus 15 million, valued at 60 million by his club and agent.
        11 goals, 4 assist in Serie A at a club not competing in Europe as their main forward. Total minutes 2946 mins /19 contributions

        CDK, 32 million bought for, sold for 27 million, 10 goals, 8 assists in Italy. 14 goals and 11 assists total in club competition. A point every 117 minutes 2949/25 CDK as a secondary option…Yet we let him go….

        Go make a fool of yourself elsewhere.

        1. Okay dude, Maldini’s mercato was genius because he brought in a guy who sucked as* for us but did okay for a different team. How can I argue with that logic?

    3. Since day one redbird as owner, whatever they do , it is always wrong for you. Later even if there is earthquake,tsunami,volcano you will still blame ACM as long as redbird owner. If you hate them so much go ask your friend buy this club , maybe you have friend king or prince from arab that are willing to buy ACM ? Changing coach ,director are easy just pay their contract left. Changing owner ??? 2 billion euro money dude. Beside arab sultan not interesting with italian club , PIF already said : serie A league have bad structure & organization. Syeikh jassim ready 5billion euro to buy MU but got rejected by glazer family , why he dont buy ACM or inter ? He can easily buy italian club with that 5 billion euro, the answer because serie A have low income compared to EPL , no one want to buy club just to burn their money and get huge loss , everyone want profit

  5. This player is what we need to fix the midfield. Ever since we sold Tonali, our midfield became exposed defensively . The likes of Reijnders, Musa, and RLC can’t defend. I don’t see any of them worthy of staying except Reijnders. Also Bennacer became injury prone despite being a great midfielder. Get this guy with Thuram jr and we will be cooking

    1. He’s obviously got more brains than you give him credit. He wants to go to a EPL club that plays attractive attacking football rather than typical boring Italian defensive football

  6. This remind me again about ACM vs leeds for CDK . Now ACM vs brighton for wieffer. Thats why anto vitiello & pietro mazzara reported ACM already moving to brazil DMF , they want to avoid CDK case

  7. Brighton are the most cash rich team in the EPL and can easily outbid Milan. Given we were the wealthiest team on Earth for about 20 years, it’s sour grapes to cry when other teams have money. There are plenty of good, not great, DMs around.

  8. Just tikle yourselves and laugh.
    Best teams already in the market waiting for transfer market to open to close some deals. Our management doesn’t want to spend so they are slowing their chances to get the best players for other teams to register them so as to register the surplus to requirement to say this what we have

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