Watch: Burj Khalifa lit up red and black for ‘A light that never fades’ campaign

By Oliver Fisher -

Last night the Burj Khalifa – one of Dubai’s symbols and the tallest skyscraper in the world – was lit up in red and black for AC Milan’s ‘A light that never fades’ campaign.

Milan’s ‘A light that never fades’ campaign is a call to arms for the 550 million fans of the club worldwide ahead of tomorrow’s first leg against Inter. It features a prominent red light that – mixing with the darkness of the night – will reach all corners of the world.

By lighting up in red and black, the Burj Khalifa has contributed to spreading even more strongly the passion that is fuelling the anticipation for this special match for the club, the league and the fans of the Rossoneri.

PUMA are also involved in covering the city of Milan in red and black with an advertising campaign while wefox and Banco BPM have also joined in, lighting up their Milanese headquarters in red.

Globally, 65 AC Milan Fan Clubs have also embraced the campaign launched by AC Milan, contributing to landing the message of this iconic campaign in 49 countries worldwide, from the United States to Australia.

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  1. “550 million fans of the club worldwide”

    Im quite curious to know how they came up with that astrononical number because from the top of my head iit would mean that roughly 1/15 humans on earth is an ac milan fan as there is 8 billion people, that is freaking ludicrous 😀

    nice spectatcle though

    1. I think thats true. AC Milan are popular in east europe due to savicevic,Boban,Shevchenko presence in past. We have african player like bennacer that popular in his country . If they can get more fan from china mainland that would be incredible

      1. We have a huge fan base around the world no question there but the article postulating we have 550 mil is absolutely ridiculous in my view. Maybe 150-200 mil at max. One thing is if people like certain players or sympathize with us but another thing is being actual fans of the club.

        As i said it would mean 1 out of every 15 person on the planet earth would have to be an ac milan fan and that is ridiculous. Lets get real.

      1. Regardless of the source i dont see it as much more credible as it seems like its a way to project themselves in a better light.
        There would be a hell of a lot more red and black striped shirts around the streets if there really was 550 mil fans of the club.

  2. Milan is very popular outside Europe and North America, just by having Bennacer the whole algeria cheering for milan, the middle east and north Africa counts for 400 million, we also popular in Asia with countless number of people… its all estimation after all 🙂 but Milan is not a small brand

    1. Of course its not a small brand but theres a huge difference even if all algerians cheer for benaceer or people cheering on other players from various countries to argue that we have a fan base of 550 million people which clearly isnt true.

  3. You dont have to be a genius to understand that number are overly exxagerated, if it was 55M then yes i would probably believe it, but 550M just plain BS, Milan instagram has 27M follower the rest of their social media has less, youtube only has like 1,3M so there is no way in hell we have 550M just get real and do the math like Martin Bernhard points at if you’re actually believe that 1/15 people living in this world are Milan fans than you are delusional beyond help.

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