Calabria blames lack of balance and poor finishing for Milan’s loss against PSG

By Oliver Fisher -

Davide Calabria believes that AC Milan were ‘very unbalanced’ during their game against Paris Saint-Germain which left them repeatedly exposed.

Milan were soundly beaten in the French capital on Wednesday night by PSG, who ran out 3-0 winners at the Parc des Princes as Stefano Pioli’s men just couldn’t deal with their attacking quality.

The first was rather predictably scored by Kylian Mbappe who fired in at the near post, then Randal Kolo Muani netted a rebound in the second half and Kang-In Lee rounded off the scoring in the closing stages.

Milan are now bottom of the group with no wins in their three games and no goals scored, while PSG are top with six points. Newcastle and Dortmund, after the Germans won at St. James Park, are both on four.

Calabria spoke to Prime Video after the game to try and assess what was a difficult night for the team, with his comments relayed by MilanNews.

“There is some regret for the first two games, today they were stronger and very organised, with ready players. We are not taking our opportunities,” he said.

“They have a phenomenon up front who scores a goal on the first shot, we are missing that. There is regret for the first two, we could have scored more points.”

Could it be said that Milan didn’t put their effort into it?

“Yes, I think so, we could have done better with the ball too and we were also very unbalanced, accepting one-on-ones against these players. It’s difficult to analyse well in the heat of the moment. A few too many bookings at the start.”

The group is now tough…

“It’s tough, but it’s definitely not over, so we’ll play it. Anyone who doesn’t believe it can stay at home and we believe it.”

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  1. This guy needs to buy a large mirror and put it in his house. This guy has no shame at all. This is how far ‘The Great Milan’ has fallen, they even have a player like Calabria as their captain.

    1. I never understood the hate for Calabria from this site. We all know he isn’t particularly fast and cannot keep up with speedy wingers but aside from that, he is a solid defender and leader. He came off the bench today and was fine, yet he receives criticism. Honestly, some people are not happy unless they are complaining.

      1. You’re clueless about football if you say Calabria is a quality defender. You describe him as if he is the reincarnation of Cafu, but in fact he is worse than De Sciglio.

        1. Yes, “solid defender and leader” is holding him up on a pedestal. Perhaps re-read my post and then respond with something as opposed to saying I am “clueless”. For the record, it is okay to have differing opinions without resorting to insults.

        1. Sadly, how has that been working out for the NT? Selection for the NT is not really a measure of player competence or ability.

    2. Dude told everyone to pay attention on the quick corner. No one listened. They scored. How is this on him? He’s playing against the best player in the world and is left 1v1 at times. What else u want bro to do??? I obviously prefer Kalulu at RB in this case but Thiaw caused Calabria to come on earlier than expected

  2. Lack of balance…?
    It’s on the coach!
    Gabbia had always looked better than that Thiaw.
    Leao is an overpampered bimbo. We ought to have sold him off and bought Kravadona from Napoli.
    Even if he goes.on to become the world best, selling him away from Milan would still have been the best decision because he’d never become great here. He’s too lazy and petulant because he isn’t challenged

    1. Gabbia better than Thiaw. Leao a bimbo. Looking forward to seeing you argue the exact opposite view if Milan beat Napoli this weekend.

      1. Thiaw won’t be playing. Even if Leao contributes goals/assists doesn’t excuse the fact that even on his good days, he tends to drift out of games. He has to work on that to become truly world class.

        He doesn’t have any competition for his position so there’s no stimulus to elevate his game. Milan can’t do better so we take what we can get out of him.

        1. I don’t disagree on Leao. While he is arguably Milan’s best player, I can’t stand laziness. How is a guy that big and that strong so poor in the air?!

          My point is that people get too high after a win and too low (angry) after a loss. The season is a long one so no need to overreact and say things like Gabbia is better than Thiaw (which most would dispute) because of one bad performance or a couple of poor decisions.

          1. These days people loves getting angry and overreact while saying hot takes over hot takes. I blame social media who makes people more brainless and feels irresponsible of what they said.

          2. I saw Zaire Emery out jump/out duel Leao for an aerial ball. Leao has 10cm on him easily and built bigger. And should be able to jump higher

  3. Calabria is right apparently he had a massive fight with Pioli after the game because of the way he set up the squad. Pioli as usual said we played fine. We have a captain with a voice, it’s the other idiot we should be worried about(Pioli)

  4. “They have a phenomenon up front who scores a goal on the first shot, we are missing that.”

    Actually no. He scored on his 3rd try. But even the worst of Mbappe’s efforts was miles ahead of such from Milan-players. He showed what being world-class means. It’s not showing up once a month to perform a good match in Serie A match against Verona. It’s shining bright all the time – especially in big matches.

  5. Says the guy who distracted the team during the corner kick for PSG second goal, by choosing that time to give out to others and lose concentration on the corner.

  6. Pioli needed that big los so he has to react now or get fired.
    Krunic isnt still at top condition after his injury and dont have the speed and agressivety of adli yo get a start in such a big game.
    The other big fail was that he dont change the 433 into a 422 against an bombastic offenssive 424 from paris i know that we have many mitfields injured but he could play in the middle with adli and reinders as cm and on the right musah on the left side pobega to help theo defending against hakimi and dembele so to cover also the superstar on the right side.
    That would give him also balnace against the fast counter attacks. Then in the second half change to 433 bring freshness in the offensive with pulisic for pobega as rw and krunic for adli or reinders as dm. If you play away in paris you have to use the brain for tactical reasons and also adapt the playing stile you cant play evry match the same style football and get good results. A think to get a draw in paris would be like 3 points it that deadly group.
    Good luck pioli

    1. Or even more effective to use a 3-1-4-1-1 and attack throw the middle.
      Magic mike

      Its also an possession tactic.

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