Calhanoglu confirms he is leaving AC Milan for rivals Inter: “I will sign a contract tomorrow”

By Oliver Fisher -

Hakan Calhanoglu has now confirmed that he will be leaving AC Milan after four years and will sign for their rivals Inter tomorrow.

According to the latest from Fabrizio Romano and other sources, Calhanoglu is set to cross the city divide and join Inter from Milan. The general consensus is that it will be a three-year deal worth €5m net per season plus €1m in bonuses, which is slightly more than Milan’s offer.

His current contract will expire next week and he will sign with the Nerazzurri until June 2024 after refusing the offer that the Rossoneri management put on the table some time ago, with his medical tests now expected to begin on Tuesday before everything is made official.

TRT Sport in Turkey managed to speak to the 27-year-old and he confirmed that he will be joining the Nerazzurri during a quick interview with correspondent İbrahim Kırkayak.

“I agreed a deal with Inter. I’m going to Milan. I will sign a contract tomorrow,” he said.

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  1. VladaSWG says:

    There will be much rejoicing. Not just because he finally left, but because he will be someone else problem for a change.

  2. Mr1 says:

    Thats good. He will sit on the bench there and regret it. The only thing is that we shouldve get at least money out of this. Too bad.

  3. T says:

    We managed him for long and he would weaken Inters attack. Milan would win the league next season.

  4. qwerty says:

    Pass this fine gentleman a pen please! 🙂

    This is the biggest relief of this year’s transfer market! Doesn’t even matter whom we’re signing in his place.

  5. USC says:

    Bye, Felicia.

    Start Diaz. Buy a competent backup.

    Or change formations to a 4-3-3 and get Kessie, Bennacer and Tonali on the pitch at the same time.

    Sell Leao to buy a legit right winger.

    Buy a legit starting striker.


    1. Juro says:

      We don’t have $$ to buy his replacement AND a starting RW, Striker. We also do not own Tonali as we did t pick up his option. So where are we getting all this $$ from when we cannot afford to pay our own players or for example, pay 5M for Giroud?? Lol. We are becoming a joke. Lost another starter for nothing. I’m not saying Hakan is worth 5M a season BUT what are our alternatives and to lose him for zero transfer fee is horrible. Our stay in CL will be short lived and what happens to Kessie, Theo, Benacer??? Are we gonna pay them? Foreign teams will double or triple their salaries. At some point we must show we will pay to keep our stars. Not saying Hakan was one of them, very inconsistent, but I just hope we don’t take same approach will everyone as that will backfire. Players want to get paid and if we don’t pay them someone else will especially when they don’t have to pay a transfer fee on top of it. Sign then sell IMO….Terrible

  6. Juro says:

    We don’t have any $$ to sign his replacement lol. What a joke. I don’t think Hakan is worth 5m but to lose him for nothing is stupid and horrible business. Who are we gonna get to replace him with??? What happens with Kessie, Benacer, Theo? A foreign team will gladly double their salaries. Are we gonna let them walk too? At some point you have to pay your top talent and reward them for their development. Fine Hakan wasn’t that guy. Apparently Donnarumma wasn’t either. Who is? And what type of talent do we expect to attract if they know we aren’t a team that will pay top salaries? Players want to get paid. That’s why they choose other clubs over us. We must be careful not to be too rigid with this wage policy otherwise as they say – you get what you pay for.

    1. qwerty says:

      Disagreed. Players must be shown to their place. Like they are not getting paid enough already.

      Look at Atalanta — highest paid player is Duvan Zapata with 3 million/season.

    2. crorossonero says:

      So, it would be better to give a higher salary to a player that wants to sign for Inter? No true fan would ever say that, anyone that wants to play for Inter should leave tomorrow. Donnaruma got a huge contract as a kid, not a single club in word football would give him that much money at that age, and he was ungreatful after he was again offered an increase and one of the top goalkeeper contracts in the world. He would make more than Courtois, Oblak, and almost any other top goalkeeper you can think of. He wanted to be the best paid goalkeeper in the world, or at least top 3 and Milan doesn’t make enough money to pay that much yet, they need 2-3 years in the CL. It has to be a bunch of kids commenting, incredible you can’t think over 6 months into the future.

  7. Borafa says:

    AC Milan will end 7th next season in the Serie A and Hakan will lift the trophy.

    1. Cabju says:

      Milan has no project, it’s a pity

  8. Anaximander says:

    The big question here, is who will replace him. If we do not get a suitable replacement then this the refusal to give Donnarumma an Cala what they demanded may turn out to become economically disastrous for Milan. On the other hand, we would not be guaranteed a CL-spot next year with them staying either. But letting them go is a far riskier strategy. And I am writing as someone not particularly happy with what Calhanoglu has given to Milan.

    1. Sammour says:

      Donnarumma situation was reoccurring one every few years so it had to come to an end as it turned out to be blackmailing the team, with Calah. They guy offered him self to all other teams and I am sure he could of got what he want in bonuses linked to performance but he clearly want to go to higher bidder… I agree it could of been cheaper to keep him with 500k more vs new player but honestly i don’t think he was decisive enough to grab on him longer

  9. Va Via says:

    Who cares i say.

    Another guy who kissed his badge on the shirt..

    What a joker

  10. Vikram says:

    I’m more concerned about the way our starters are asking for pay rise. Almost everyone is asking for >5 millions as salary and Milan is not ready to pay them. 2nd thing is that Maldini and Massara are leaving the negotiations for the last year everytime and we are losing all the players on free transfer. Everyone will ask for more salary in the last year of contract because they know that someone else will offer them the same for free transfer. Milan should ponder about this and plan accordingly. We are not able to make substantial money out of player sales.

  11. Zsolt Bertalan says:

    The Hakan of 8-12 months ago is worth 5 mill per.
    The curent one is not worth a nickel. He was a joke at the EURO-s.The current evaluation system of players is not setting us up for a better future for sure.

  12. cuorerossonero says:

    For me Calhanoglu was not even 5% of what Pirlo was for Milan. Calhanoglu is slow and many times he didn’t contribute anything to the game. I think it is quite easy to replace him. I have no regrets that he left. He showed his poor character by signing for Inter. He will not be missed.

  13. Cabju says:

    Milan has no project, it’s a pity

  14. Vero Rossonero says:

    People don’t understand how things work I think. People say “pay him and then sell”. Ok, pay him 6m Euro and then sell him to whom? Nobody else made an offer at 6m. Inter did at 5m plus 1m in bonus because they panicked after losing Eriksen. So if Milan paid him 6m and then went to sell him in a year there would be no takers, unless he had a stellar year. And given what I’ve seen over the course of the last FOUR MEDIOCRE years my bet is that he doesn’t have a stellar year if he stays at Milan. Then they’d be stuck with a mediocre player at 6m for another 2 years. This is why they didn’t raise their offer. If he plays better at Inter, so be it, as overall he’s playing with a better squad. For me it’s good riddance. The ones that truly hurt are the ones like Pessina, Locatelli and Cristante…

    1. qwerty says:

      Not only they don’t understand how things work, they also don’t watch AC Milan games, nor make any research.

      I’ll just state this one more time — this guy, is the worst #10 in the whole AC Milan’s history.

  15. Madiba says:

    Losing Hakan and Donna as a Milan fan is not a loss but losing them on a free transfer hurts so much. Maldini and the rest of the technical crew need to be wise enough not to allow players wine down their contracts..The club will aiways be at there mercy..Sell when to sell and renew when you ought to..

  16. Borafa says:

    98 – Hakan #Calhanoglu is the player with the most chances created (98) in the Top-5 European Leagues in 2020/21.

    1. VladaSWG says:

      Well if you can repeat yourself, so can I…

      There has been a lot of attention paid to a certain statistic concerning Hakan Calhanoglu, namely regarding the number of chances he creates.

      Journalist and stat man Stephen Drennan has provided an excellent thread on Twitter in response to the surprising revelation that Calhanoglu ranks number one among players in the ‘top five’ European League for chances created with 98.

      While this statistic is technically true, it is somewhat misleading as the Turkey international ranks 20th in Expected Assists (or xA), from we can infer that the chances he creates are not of a very high quality.

      The top players in terms of chance creation from just open play are: Thomas Müller (81), Bruno Fernandes (75), Filip Kostic (63), Jack Grealish (60) and Sadio Mané (58). The top players in terms of xA from just open play are: Filip Kostic (11.58), Bruno Fernandes (10.77), Memphis Depay (10.15), Josip Ilicic (9.71) and Thomas Müller (9.38).

      He adds that the top players in terms of big chance creation from just open play are: Filip Kostic (17), Bruno Fernandes (17), Josip Ilicic (16) then Iago Aspas, Memphis Depay, Federico Chiesa, Ángel Di María, Roberto Soriano and Rodrigo De Paul (all on 14).

      Drennan adds: “There are many different ways people can try to measure a player’s creativity and often using just 1 metric can be misleading. Using solely ‘chances created’ without acknowledging chance quality or set pieces most of all.”

      Finally, it is remarked that Calhanoglu created 42 chances from open play, an expected assists of just 3.4 and just 4 big chances created in open play.

  17. SamsonNite says:

    We lost a good player. One of the best on the team. Milan should have kept him. I hope that they find someone that can take over. It is our great number 10 that is available. Messi perhaps. I wish.
    Forza Milan

    1. Ibn O. says:

      This. Is. Not. True.

  18. Yakubu Abubakar says:

    Nice one for Hakan but I know Ac Milan will be better. wish him the best.

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