Calhanoglu sends hostile rebuttal to Ibrahimovic: “He didn’t contribute to the Scudetto”

By Isak Möller -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a few headlines when he asked the AC Milan fans to send a message to Hakan Calhanoglu during the Scudetto parade. In fact, the Turkish midfielder has now responded to the matter. 

During the Scudetto parade in Milano, Ibrahimovic asked the fans to send a message to Calhanoglu repeatedly. A few other Milan players, such as Theo Hernandez, also made sure the former Rossoneri player got to hear them.

In an interview with Tivibu Spor, as cited by FCInterNews, Calhanoglu was asked about the actions of Ibrahimovic during the celebrations. He decided to rip into the Swede, saying that he didn’t contribute to the Scudetto, among other things.

“He’s a 40-year-old man, I wouldn’t have done that if I was his age, he’s not 18. He likes to be at the centre of attention. This year he didn’t contribute to the Scudetto, he practically didn’t play at all. But he does everything to attract the attention of the fans.

“I don’t care at all, it’s not fair for a person who always calls me when I’m in Milan, who wants to go out for dinner and ride a motorcycle with me. I respected him. He also wrote about me in his book, he had to write these things otherwise his book would’ve been empty. I won’t answer him, it’s better not to answer. ”

Although he said he wouldn’t respond, one can only take that as a harsh response from the Turkish midfielder. It’s not exactly strange that some of the Milan players are upset with him, given that he left on a free to join the biggest rival, also badmouthing the club.

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  1. Chicken Cashlanoglu!!!!

    That was just an introduction to the misery awaiting you this next few seasons until you totally lose relevance in football…

    We are coming for you…. You challenged us to a fire fight forgetting we are the RED DEVILS 👹…

    Welcome to Hell🔥🔥🔥

  2. Another proof that something happened in the locker room during last season between Hakan and some of his then Milan teammates, especially Zlatan. I don’t care how much you like your money, you don’t go from one club to their biggest, most hated rival, who happens to be in the same city, for just 500 thousand extra a year.

    1. Correct, he wanted to mock us, but mock himself at last, imagine our first match with inter, offensive foul costing a false shot kick,
      He scored as celebrated it, so what was he even expecting?

  3. When your contract with Inter expires. Please! You could join Juventus to continue your mission of gifting Scudetto to your previous team, since you are a loser.

  4. I don’t get the hate of some people here, ofc it’s funny that he didn’t win it but Zlatan even said in his book that he only went there bc of Eriksen and inter needed a player fast. To then act totally different was not so good from Ibra either but yeah, those 19 assist would be good for us😂 better than Diaz and Messias

    1. guess you didnt watch the milan derby when he taunted the entire stadium after scoring a penalty? or when he joined inter he stated he did it to win the scudetto? or when he scored or got an assist and said its easier now that he is playing with better players? he has been an asshole having a dig at Milan and our players at every chance he had all season, at every opportunity he has had a dig at his former teammates, fans and club. he is a clown and a loser.

      1. Exactly. Once a loser, always a loser. Calhanoglu is the main reason why Milan won the scudetto. He should have left earlier and Milan would already have the two stars.

  5. Zlatan had to write about him to gain attention?? What’s next, Messi had to write about Bernardeschi so his book is not empty?? B*tch you should thank Zlatan for making you famous, most people who will read that book are going to know about your existence only because he wrote about you, lol 😂😂

  6. I believe is fool or has forgotten what he said about Milan and inter insisted inter is better than Milan that they have proved it he even said Milan team is not matured enough that’s why he chose inter fool, mumu,

  7. He fired the first time penalty into the net with arrogance trying to mock milan during the derby, but milan got the last laughter over him in the end by winning the scudetto..more misery awaits him next season.. forever milan.

  8. Hahaha what a loser! The only trophy he ever won is a coppa and a supercoppa Italiana. He will never know what is the taste of winning the league.

  9. O Hasani
    You have great name remember me Hakan Sukur
    He was great player great character
    Great personality
    You don’t have nothing my friend
    Qemal Ataturku was life he was going to send you and Ozil in Siria as soldiers
    But that is question mark, because he liked people with character , he didn’t like traitor like you or Ozil. Sorry I forgat you born on Germany
    Hakan. Tomorrow I am going mosce to pray for you , and you have to do the same.
    Please go to the god house pray to give you back character
    As for Ibra don’t play around, because if he see you in street on Milano, he can wear you miniskirt upside down. Keep on mind he don’t play around.
    You are going to look for Vaseline my friend
    Get a hell out
    go hide some where

  10. Hakan … U were one of those players we the fans love so much when the Chinese era begin, we never wanted you out but you were Dem blind you didn’t see the scudetto coming .. maximum respect to Frank kessie a.k.a ( THE TANK ) and (El capitano) Alessio Romagnoli for their loyalties . Shame on you Hakan to hell with you and inter

    1. “U were one of those players we the fans love so much when the Chinese era begin, we never wanted you out”

      WTF is this guys writing? No one wanted him here – nor loved him – and we were all glad to get rid of him.

  11. The more you talk like trash, the more you know that you will not match Ibra’s achievements. LOL

    We are all grateful to have dumped this trash player with a Scudetto result.

  12. Hakan’s tears are so sweet. The only reason anyone talks about him is because Zlatan mentioned him. I’m glad he’s gone. He used to disappear for entire matches when he played for us. Then he went to Inter thinking he’d win the Scudetto, but it only allowed better players to shine for us in his place, and win the Scudetto. I’m still laughing!

  13. You loser from a losing planet you said he didn’t contribute winning the league not all talking are done on the pitch whenever he’s on the pitch he does his best and psychologically he pushed the boys to the extreme by attaining this great heights at 40 you’re not at his level betrayalogul!!!!

  14. Hakan – all his goals and assists already registered, yet his teams ALWAYS fail to win scudetto.

    Zlatan – if his goal and assist at Olimpico this season were not counted, Milan would have not win the scudetto.

    Who didn’t contribute to the scudetto?

    Maybe Hakan contribute to Milan’s scudetto by swithing to inter and brought the curse with him. LOL

    My favorite moment this season is when Maignan tackle Hakan outside the penalty area.

  15. The clown already regreted what he said about Inzaghi. IE, In addition to being an imbecile and a scoundrel, he is also a tremendous coward… in short: total loss of a man.

  16. Salty dog

    Left on a free to last time champs and milans rivals only to see his old team win lol

    And Zlatan was the man at the center of it
    He inspired and led them to the victory as much as maldini and pioli.

    He didnt play much unfortunately

    But in the few matches he did, he did way more than salty calhnglu did in his entire career! 😂😂

  17. After his contract expire at inter merda ,he will go to low tier league or back to turkey league. Nobody will remember him and he will never reach same salary with ibra or ibra legacy. He forget that only AC Milan save him from leverkusen ( UEFA banned him few month) and Ac Milan fans cheering him when his wife cheating. Even a dog never forget who save them and give them food. This guy always badmouthing AC Milan

  18. It only shows that he is hurt. A miserable little man who cannot leave it be. And I love seeing him miserable. Thank you for leaving. Him and Donnarumma were the rotten apples that were holding this team back.

  19. We spread all our goals among the whole team, which is a good sign that we play team football. We don’t have a player with 20+ goals but our boys didn’t suffer from it.
    There’s Giroud with 11 goals. And also Leao scored 10. So, Zlatan is our 3rd goal scorer with his 8.
    Does it mean that the rest of the team didn’t contribute at all, including Tonali and Theo with their 5 goals each?
    Hakan should stop mocking himself and thank Zlatan for the favor. Otherwise, there’s no chance for him to leave his spot in football history.

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