Calhanoglu reveals why he left Milan for Inter and claims: “I still have many friends there”

By Oliver Fisher -

Hakan Calhanoglu has once again fanned the flames regarding his AC Milan exit as he has claimed he has ‘many friends’ at the club.

Calhanoglu made the decision not to extend his contract with Milan when it expired last June and instead to start a new adventure across the Navigli with the Rossoneri’s rivals Inter, where he has had a mixed start but did net a penalty against his former club in the derby.

Interviewed in the 433 podcast , the former Milan No.10 gave the reason for his controversial transfer to the Nerazzurri with his statements transcribed by MilanNews.

“I spent positive seasons at Milan. I still have many friends there. I decided to go to Inter because I wanted a new challenge in my career,” he said.

“They are a great club, they won the league last season and play in Champions League. I know that mine was a particular choice but this is life: you have to look forward and not backwards. Before deciding to stay in Milan, I asked all my family. Inter have always been a great team, they often beat Milan in derbies.”

Tuttosport (via NotizieMilan) recently gave some details on what happened to Calhanoglu during and after the derby. They claimed the No.20 got a frosty reception after the game too, as Alexis Saelemaekers wanted to say hello to his former team-mate because the two are very close friends off the pitch, but he was the only Milan player who made any attempt to greet Calhanoglu after the full time whistle.

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    1. I believe the right word here describing him is deluded because if only 1 player in the team wants to say hello to him he cant really have many milan friends left any longer even if he believes the contrary,
      I cant say i feel the slightest sorry for him but i wasnt really neither sad or angered that much seeing him leave us as i allways was prettyn much of the viiw that even though he had his rare great perforamce he overall was more a limitation to how we really could play as a team. My only regret in seeing him leave was that we didnt get any fee for his depature.

      1. His departure was THE best transfer of the summer, hands down. Would have been unbearable to watch games should he stayed for further time.

        Don’t know about the others, but for me, his shitty personality was visible miles away. Absolutely wrong character for our team, on the other hand — perfect for the arch rivals.

        1. exactly i was actually pleasantly surprised that he joined them because i thought it in the long run would be detrimental to their game and the fact that he propably would get his ear in the machiney at least a couple of times a year when we meet by the curva added to that joy.
          I think he could be compared to suso in the way he impacted our game plan and the overall team perfomances. I dint like him before him and his international team mates military salute but it certainly didnt help one single bit either as it was a in lack of taste and hummanity. On the field it was also clear that he often showcased a lethargic attitude,

          1. There is a youtube clip from last season without crowd were you can hear Zlatan yell to him in game “sometimes i dont know what the fuck you are thinking”

            Probably sums up his personality quite well.

            Thanks for the replies guys i read all of them and agree with most of what you all wrote.

          2. I remember the specific situation you are referring to but cant really remember the exact match from the top of my head but yeah it was clear that ibra was really anoyed to say the least. When that is said Ibra is well known for having a volatile temper in regard of team mates slacking off so it was clear for all to see what that was about if it wasnt about a bad or late pass.

  1. your arch rival often beats you in derby and you switch side and you still have a lot of friends… dude, best of luck and just keep distance

  2. This guy is stupid, they often beat you as player of milan know you switch side and expect to beat us for. Don’t pretend to be the thing you are not. Though you are not worthy of milan shirt. Snake

  3. He is talk more now rather than his whole time at AC milan…This dude just need to shut up and focus on his play and his club. He has nothing good with him that he can be in the limelight expect talking nonsense about His move….This guy is full of bitterness. He needs to claim down a bit and carry on with his life…He need to realize milan doesnt need him and we dont miss him. We are much better without him

  4. He would probably screw Inter too in near future with “wanting a new challenge” remarks but he is Inter’s problem now and we should discuss more about our players.

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