Calhanoglu claims Inter ‘have a better squad than Milan’ and the Rossoneri ‘did not explain’ his exit

By Oliver Fisher -

Hakan Calhanoglu has decided to send his best festive wishes to AC Milan by claiming Inter ‘have a better squad’ and claiming the Rossoneri never explained the reasons for his exit.

Calhanoglu made the decision not to extend his contract with Milan when it expired last June and instead to start a new adventure across the city divide with the Rossoneri’s rivals Inter, where he had a mixed start but did net a penalty against his former club in the derby and has since hit some good form.

The former Leverkusen man spoke to the Turkish media channel S Sport about his passage from one side of the Navigli to the other and he certainly didn’t seem to be in the mood to quell the tensions.

“When I moved to Inter I had a lot of setbacks and a difficult period with this situation. After all, Milan had not been able to participate in the Champions League for seven seasons. There are many different reasons for my departure. Milan did not explain them, so the match remained in my hands. I was happy after scoring the goal,” he said (via MilanNews).

“They welcomed me very well at Inter. Since I was playing for Milan I got used to Italy. Now I also know Italian. The team is of the highest quality. We have a better squad than Milan and I have to thank the manager because he wanted me a lot. At Inter I’m playing a different role. At Milan I played as number 10. Here Barella, Brozovic and I alternate in positions of 6 or 8.

“I knew the Milan derby wasn’t going to be easy for me. I prepared a lot for that match. I never put myself under pressure. We had Lautaro Martinez as a penalty taker, and then me. But my team-mates wanted me to take it in the derby.”

It was recently reported that Alexis Saelemaekers was the only Milan player who made any attempt to greet Calhanoglu after the full time whistle in the derby.

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  1. I am very happy for him. He was a sad sack of s*it at Milan, useless most of the last season. Him departing gives a club chance to grow and him too to do the same. His growth is obvious.

    If he was any better as a person or if he was able to develop more at Milan he would still be here, but this was the best option for both sides.

    1. I agree. To me, his shortcomings as a creative mid-fielder still exist just that in Inter, there are many players that can play the role to cover him so it becomes manageable. Everybody in the world knows that Inter has quality and depth so he has not said anything new in this regard. However, his seeming development is not so much an improvement but more about an easier path to his career. Chalanoglu is not a load carrier, cannot handle pressure and does not have the exceptional qualities to lift a team in difficult times. He should go and watch Kaka, Rui Costa, Boban, Seedorf cos these are the kinds of players Milan is looking for, those who can lift a team when it matters most. Good luck to him but he should watch his back cos Milan are still title contenders. We lost it last season due to lack of squad depth but remain the biggest threat this season despite the challenges.

      1. i hope you know we need milan to be stronger for us to be better too but i doubt you still have the squad to take this from us this season

  2. AC Milan still living in his head rent free, guy can’t move on just like donnarumma, every chance they get they have to talk about AC Milan. He did the dirty on Milan by going to inter for 500k extra that says everything about him as a man, I don’t miss him one bit.

    1. Life is better without him. Better players will now get more playing time and no Calha in Milan means less frustration to the fans. Soon the Inter fans will see how “useful” he really is…

  3. Calhanoglu please leave us alone.what else do you want to do to join our rivals free transfer and celebrated a goal against us still we didn’t complain please never speak about Milan again!

    1. Get a life

      He chose different club as his contract ended, he was free to choose his next employer. I do not know what country u are from that freedom is such a weird concept to you

      Good for inter: they lost Eriksen to horrible circumstances. Hakan was not that great for us and we move forward. Inter is better and can compete with the elite, good for Serie A. With good planning in a few years we will be even better

  4. He is an ingrate milan revived his career after been banned for two years . After one season form u think milan isn’t suit ur quality . U wanna spit on our face ? U re wrong milan is far bigger than inter . I bet u we will win the scudeto b4 u.

    1. How is Milan bigger than Inter?
      When last did Acmilan played in the champions league?
      We sold two of our best players and we still gonna retain the league!
      You guys should accept the fact that this is our era!
      The Only Treble winning Team in italy!

      1. Well the last time AC Milan was in the CL was this year…
        7 European championships too last I checked only one club had more and it’s not Inter 🤣

  5. es un mal agradecido, llegó lesionado, sin ritmo de juego, por un castigo, el Milán lo aguanto a pesar de su inconsistencia, depresión, falta de coraje y entereza, su actitud y su comportamiento hablan de él… abur

  6. he said our team is not strong to complete with Europe elite and that’s why he left so all i will say is this message goes to management (maldini) if one player was thinking of it then others to may also be thinking of it (kisse, Theo, roma, bennaca, Rafael and others) you need to invest in some well known players than always going for armatures hoping it pays out… forza Milan and Merry christmas u all

    1. The squad isn’t strong enough to compete with Europe’s elite. But it has a strong core that you can build around. It speaks volumes about Calhanoglus character that he didn’t want to be part of that process but switch to a club with a more mature side with a lot less pressure on him.
      Yeah, Inter has the better side, no one can deny that. But they spend roughly 40% more on salaries than Milan and their squad is on average 3 years older.
      Also let’s see how Inter does against Liverpool…

  7. I donot understand why Milan websites still talk and mention ridiculous players like him or Dollar-Roma
    In the history of Milan and inter players market no one has been controversial in his opinion or disrespectful to his x club except for this stupid most useless number 10 in the history of Milan

  8. This ungrateful guy will gradually ruin his already ending career because of bitterness. Milan doesn’t know if he exists anymore but it’s obvious he’s too pained to evict Milan from the free accommodation they have in his head.

    It’s such a pity.

  9. In his interviews idk why i feel some hatred of him coming for milan. Why was he like that. We honoured him he played million games when he wasnt even playing good but we still gave a chance to him to prove. We didnt get any money also this makes me feel so sad. Did we had traitors in our team. But its good he left, he says inter know his qualities. My guy ofc u would be good with 4 midfielder c’mon. Just accept the truth. Here he says milan arent better than inter mhm we didnt even had our full squad and drawn inter so lol. Inter winning serie a mhm thats really is a nice probability but half of the season is left they have UCL pressure so, nothing can be said. And milan will hopefully welcome injured players and milan injuries chances will be less. Hope we win serie a, and coppa italia. And And and this guy why does he interview us to feel bad. Yo rewind what u did at milan and see how bad u played. Honestly. Milan starting XI
    rebic kessie leao
    bennacer tonali
    theo tomori romangoli calabria

    sub players in: Giroud, Salmaker, florenzi/kalulu, get a mid and sub him in, krunic/brahim.

      1. Yeah I want to see more of Saelemaekers Messias Kessie as the attacking midfielders instead of these Krunic Brahim whoever line ups. Brahim still needs to get physically stronger and Krunic is more of a sub/cover type than a regular starter.

        1. Krunic clogs everything up , Diaz is great at lurking outside the penalty area picking up rebounds especially towards the end of a game when opposition is tired, but as to advancing the ball at midfield he does not have the strength of a Kessie and even a Saelemaeker against the bigger and stronger backs. We held our own with all the injuries , subs have stepped up allowing us to have a lot of depth in last part of the season…..Inter has been lucky, their injuries will come.

  10. We Milan fans please we should stop complaining about players that are leavin,let complain about the club we all are supportin Milan is not a small team in Europe not even in Italy there.we have bad members and owner why can’t them bring out money to purchase for good n quality players the one we manage to get we cannot increase they salary an you all want them to stay and be happy,spend money on good quality players if you want your team to stand well in Europe see R Madrid they spend money to retain their title and record every year big clubs invest in good players to make profit tomorrow when those players started making good names in the world of football.Milan is after loan and cheap we want to win trophy when team like juventus,inter M,Barca,Bayern M,Chelsea,man city, PSG, Ajax,Liverpool, Man U,and many orders club in Europe both big and small spend money to win trophy and Milan are after cheap and low class players is Ac Milan not a big club we Milan fans please answer this question why are we complaining about a player that’s expressin he feels to the world of football we love Milan but the owner and the board members should please leave the club if they cannot handle the club with care and love,they should look for a Asia investor to buy the club so we can have good n quality players and fight for our trophy back..thank you all,

  11. his day will come, karma. He only talks like that to gain acceptance with his teammates and talk is cheap. Back your talk up with consistant performance on the pitch, that does the talking for you.

  12. Lol. Not a player but a passenger jumping from one train to another. If there’s no Ericksen’s sad case no one in the world wanted him.

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