Camarda breaks Italian record with Youth League goals against Newcastle

By Oliver Fisher -

Francesco Camarda’s story seems to add another remarkable chapter with each passing week, and today’s UEFA Youth League game against Newcastle United was no exception.

Camarda’s goal against Sassuolo at the weekend was the first scored by a 2008-born player in the entire Primavera. Accustomed to shining under age, the 15-year-old scored over 400 goals in the youth sectors, and now he has made another big contribution.

During today’s Youth League match against Newcastle at the PUMA House of Football – his debut in the competition – Camarda scored two goals in the opening 26 minutes including a penalty and a tidy finish through on goal.

At 15 years and 195 days, he became the youngest Italian to have scored in the Youth League. The previous record was set by Fabrizio Caligara at 16 years 190 days, in Lyon versus Juventus back in 2016.

There are some really high hopes for Camarda, who seems to have found the step up no problem so far.

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      1. They will not fire him atm, and it would also be stupid to fire him now. They should try to get Arne Slot next season, he would be a good long term option, and he also plays 4-3-2-1. But, you took my words out of context I didn’t target Pioli just said this as a praise for Abate, he is having a very good start.

    1. No he shouldn’t. Let the boy grow up first at Primavera until he’s 18/19 where he’ll have better physique, emotion, and experiences to handle all the pressure. After that, he can get promoted to the first team.

        1. Okay, give me names of one hundreds 15 years old players who have the same talent as Pele and right now these kids are playing regulary at the first team in top Euro leagues. I’ll wait.

          Like really, how come you can bring Pele when the guy is a fkin genius, a very rare player that only comes maybe every 60 to 80 years. He’s an exception and also from a different era of football compare to nowadays.

        2. It was also the 1950s. Where was Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, 24hr news? Also, how much money was in the sport at the time? Totally different time. Camarda should remain in the primavera for at least another season after this. Then maybe a loan to a Serie B club, and if he’s still scoring there, then the first team. If all goes well I’d expect to see him in 2026/27, the season he turns 19 in March 2027.

        3. In fact, times were so different that O Rey didn’t even make it across the Atlantic. Imagine that today. Not possible. Also, pushy agents didn’t exist in the 1950s. In another year or two you’ll have his agent asking for 2-3 million per year for his first professional contract or he’ll threaten to take him somewhere else.

    2. Do you actually believe Baldie will give any of our youth players any minutes? He will say his fav statement again, “He is not ready yet”. That aside, I think he should stay with Abate till he is 18.

    1. He is 1.84 meter tall so pretty normal of size around here in scandinavia but he propably will grow a bit more in the coming years ending up close to 1.90 meter tall.
      Either way super promising player that im certainly hoping will have his debut in the coming 2-3 years.

      1. Interesting. He grew then lol. I saw him last time I saw he was shorter than 1.8 and didn’t have much pace but has that positional sense on the field that can’t be taught. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and hope he can develop on his own. Hopefully he’s has a great ego/personality as it will help him become a great striker.

        1. absolutely and i dont oppose theidea of not getting ahead of ourselves but he does really look promising but time will tell but im sure the club does what it can to protect him well.

  1. The management needs to be really careful when handling this young boy or we will get another Pato; a very talented young player who got a lot of pressure from the media, fans, and management which killed his career.

    1. Im not saying i dont get the sentiment of yours but Pato did fine under pressure but had injury issues that became detrimental to his career,

      1. I reccomend you to read Pato recent interview with The Players Tribune to understand what i mean. He talked about why his injuries keeps getting worst at Milan and the unrealistic expectations from the fans, media, and Milan management.

        1. I cant say i recollect reading it but please feel free to link it. To my knowledge his injuries stemmed from the fact that they tried to build him up weight/muscle wise and that caused some problems,
          I always thought he did pretty well even though towards the end it wasnt exactly the same we had become used to seeing. I was greatly disapointed when we sold him.

          1. they do allow it sometimes but it might just be posted a bit later if it has any relevance thats at least my experience but thanks for the headsup with the titlle that should also do it.

          2. @ForzaMilan, great reference! I did read that article when it came out. And not only do we have to worry about how we manage him, but the kid will also had to deal with the pressure from his own “entourage”. If the club does the right thing and manages him carefully (i.e. slowly), we might see his agent/”entourage” pushing for some big move somewhere at 17 or 18, which will force our hand in terms of playing him and paying him. And thus the circus will begin.

          3. I made a reply earlier but as some of my other replies today they haventt shown up but it was a great article but wont make a lengthy reply again.

  2. Great performance from our youth sector today. I watched the match it was fantastic, camarda could have scored hatrick but he missed a great chance ..fantastic all the same🤝

  3. I note that they are busy negotiating a contract for this kid – should have done it before the Champions League started – he has every chance of being the standout player this campaign………and then everyone is going to come knocking

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