Capello reveals concerns about the start to Milan’s mercato: “They took too long”

By Oliver Fisher -

Former AC Milan head coach Fabio Capello has expressed some concern about the lack of activity that the Rossoneri have had in the transfer market.

Milan are set to announce the signing of Divock Origi on a free transfer after he did his medical and signed his contract yesterday, but aside from that it has been a tale of frustration with Sven Botman heading for Newcastle United and PSG closing in on Renato Sanches.

Meanwhile, rival clubs are strengthening quickly. Inter have secured the return of Romelu Lukaku on a loan deal and Juventus look set to sign Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria on free transfers, as the takeover situation and the lack of renewals from Maldini and Massara causes concern with Milan.

Former Rossoneri coach Capello spoke about the current situation at Milan in an interview with Il Giornale and he admitted that the current slowdown that is being experienced cannot be good for the market plans, with relaying his comments.

“I did not expect this stalemate from Milan. They took too long and missed out on some important targets. The Rossoneri directors are smart and good and had found the right players to reinforce the team but if you don’t hurry, then the French and the English clubs arrive and there is nothing for anyone,” he said.

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  1. Where are the comments that Capello doesn’t understand football or what he is talking about? I’ve been saying this for weeks, horrible situation where Maldini and Masara negotiated for 6+ months with 2 players and then you have idiots take over and do nothing.

    1. Lol exactly! Where are those donkeys who call us who are critical of Redbird not real fans?? LOL. I guess Capello is a fellow “doom and gloom” Milan fan like the rest of us misfits eh???? @Martin Bernhardt where art thou? Is Cappello “lousey” like DiMarzo?? Lol. Those dip$shits still think we are going to sign CDK, Bremer, Zaniolo, Lang, Ziyech and Sanches for a total of 40m. Clueless and Embarassing. And M&M still unsigned. But hey we have all summer to take the scraps nobody else wants so no need to worry I guess. And after all there are plenty of Acerbi like players to go around! Whoo hooo!!!

    2. Exactly!! Where are those donkeys who bash us for being critical of Redbird now??? Let me guess @Martin Bernard and the rest of that crew – Capello (like DiMarzo) doesn’t know what he is talking about??? LOL. I guess Capello is just a negative Nancy and part of our “doom and gloom” squad lol. Clueless and embarassing. Oh ya did I mention M&M still not signed. Can’t wait till we see Sanches in the PSG shirt. Good times

      1. First of all i never considered this as a job where i need to tick in at special hours as an obligation

        secondly capello isnt an overgrown baby complaining all month and all year on speculations and hearsay from media thats for sure but he is just expressing anxiety in regard of a takeover theres a clear difference which im sure you wouldnt understand but if you want to quote me on things please do it in the right context and you could start by replying on my last response instead of bitching here but quite frankly i wouldnt expect anything else from you.
        Besides of that capello might show weariness in regard of this takeover but he is a reasonable you quite frankly isnt and people just need to read a month longs tantrums to see that.
        Anyways my view hasnt changed, wait till we hear the news whether the hierachy stays or leaves and if they unlikely do leave then as i previously said fine lid up the torches and ill even cheer on the lynching of the ownership but i doubt its the scenario that happens. Theres also a different interview with costacurta and he says maldini seems serene and that means he is calm which certainly isnt a trait you possess.
        My stance hasnt changed by the way stay calm and wait for the oucome then you can react.

        1. Ha Martin! Well done son. Keep it coming lol. Well we keep on waiting for the outcome and thus far the outcome is: Botman and Sanches are gone lol. But yes we will wait and wait and wait and wait some more – as more players get signed and we are left w scraps – but it’s all good. We can just sit tight and let the cards play out. Waiting will maybe get that discount on Dybala after all. Will be right there with you Martin. Cheers mate!

          1. You and the rest of the people complaing about our transfer window really should check the transfermarkt link below as it shows the great majority of deals done in serie a is loans from the last 2 years that now needs to be paid.
            I have a busy day ahead of me so cant promise i will reply any further today but as you keep ignoring my other reply i guess you really isnt in any position to demand such bs.

      2. But where do you go when some of your stupid ideas dont happen?

        you are hyping up Origi to score 20 goals right? Lets see if he even does 10

      3. M&M already signed and Lille President confirmed PSG not yet offer an official bid with them about Renato.

        Now the shut the F up mon*ey and please act smarter.

  2. Capello was a head coach not a sporting director or a technical director. He had other duties. Also, he knows nothing about what Maldini or Massara have been doing or their real plans or their real targets or the real situation behind the scenes. He is just a person who has an opinion like everyone else, and that’s it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. My dear friend, I think we have to respect Capello’s for all has done for the game.
      He has worked at the highest levels, with different Sporting Directors and clubs and the highest levels.

      So when people like these speak, just imagine he’s putting himself in Pioli’s shoes.

      Also, it will be disrespectful to believe his opinion is just like any other person, men like these have a solid network around football, and have insiders inside the club.
      Do you really think Capello knows nothing about the activities of M&M? Really?
      My Gawd!

  3. Capello is just confirming what everyone has bn saying since. Maldini is still hanging around bcos of his love for Milan. If it were another club, he would have left since. No one runs a football club like this- not even the small clubs in serie a.

  4. Well said Capello,I don’t know what is exactly wrong with this team concerning transfer market,they slow down all negotiation & other club steal their target from them,after winning the scudetto, milan need real quality players to strengthen the team moving is a shame, that our beloved club are not so ambitious to get back to glorious days, but I hope I am wrong in the next few weeks.. Forza Milan

  5. I agree with RocketRacoon (and no disrespect, of course, to Capello).

    Listen everyone: EVERY team is out there trying the market for players. My 3 best friends are fans of Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea respectively and their teams are all looking and looking and constant rumors fly around. It’s the same for everyone. We are no worse than any other team with Elliot, without Elliot and now RedBird. It doesn’t matter. This is the process. Players have agents who negotiate and try to get the best deal.

    Maldini is trying to get the best deal for himself right now … look at the other articles on sempremilan — he wants more control. Also, another article says Maldini told Costacurta that he is “calm”. THIS IS THE PROCESS PEOPLE! We can all keep guessing and keep hoping (I hope personally that we get Dybala… but will we get Ziyech or Asensio or Berardi or CDK or Lang or some combination instead?)? Who knows? Every other team is fighting for their best interests, players/agents are fighting for their interests and we for ours; so we can’t control what other teams (like PSG) offer to other players (like Renato S). Maldini is a pro and he will keep working different angles and do the best we can for Milan.

    1. Well, let’s analyse these your best friends clubs in comparison with milan, perhaps when you’re having a conversation with them and you think you’re both in the same situation you can let them have theirs while you do you.

      Status: Active in the mercato (they also just had a change in ownership like our darling Milan)
      Transfer budget: about €235m
      According to Sky Sports, Leeds and Chelsea are almost in agreement for their £55m bid over Barcelona, Sterling also on the verge of joining Chelsea.

      Status: Active in the mercato
      Transfer budget: €210m
      According to Sky Sports, Gabriel Jesus has just completed his medical after Man City agreed a deal for £45m, thay had already signed Fabio Vieira from FC Porto for £34m.

      Status: Not active in the mercato
      Transfer budget: €175m

      AC MILAN.
      Status: Active in the mercato
      Transfer budget: €200m? €300m? €100m? €45m?
      Signed Origi, Florenzi and Messias (official announcement imminent)

  6. And my point about “Maldini is trying to get the best deal for himself right now” is referring to his negotiation for his contract. I’m a lawyer and I have negotiated many employment agreements — those are ALWAYS very sensitive and get a lot of attention from lawyers (even more sometimes than contracts for billions of dollars to acquire companies!) because it’s a human’s life/job at stake.

    So even if Redbird and Maldini both are very confident they will come to an agreement, maybe they’re absolutely positive it will happen, it still TAKES TIME. They may have a conceptual agreement on some terms; but when Redbird’s lawyer sends the new words in the contract to Maldini’s lawyers, they may interpret it differently or think of things that could be problems so they have ideas to make changes… it’s just the way it is. I’m personally very confident that Maldini and Massara will sign and also confident that they’re still working the market exactly the same way that they would’ve if they’ve been renewed already.

    1. @DB There is just one problem with your assumption mate.

      Milan have ZERO Activity in the transfer market. Even the deal that was closed, Origi signing, is STILL pending. Maldini and Messara stepped out of whole Milan’s transfer activity, currently Milan DOESN’T have a sporting Director. Otherwise.. There is NO WAY R.Sanchez goes to PSG for 10mil and Botman goes to bottomfeeder Newcastle when they both WAITED for MILAN for 6 months.

      So no, it’s a BAD sign. But I sincerely hope you are right tho. I hope Maldini and Messara renews.

      1. We can blame the Maldini Massara contract situation on Renato Sanches failure, but even if they already renewed they couldn’t do anything to stop Botman from going to Newcastle. Newcastle was just offering 10 + mil more to Lille for Botman. They were after him since January. Newcastle didn’t just swoop and stole Botman from under Milans nose.
        The EPL teams and PSG are killing football. They are financially way superior than the rest of the clubs in Europe.
        Just last year West Ham paid 35 mil (10-15 mil more than what Milan was offering) for Nikola Vlasic just so he can spend the whole season on the bench or in the stands. And now he is about to be loaned out to Torino.
        It isn’t even playing field.
        For now Milan and rest of Europe has to be satisfied with EPL and PSG crumbs

    1. You truly understand the situation.
      Enough words, direct to the point.

      Some will always find a way to make excuses for them.

  7. I can’t believe so many people have bought items valued at 1bn + and they’re all here in the comments section to let us know of their experience 😀 yay!

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