Capello defends Pioli regarding summer signings: “He sees them every day”

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan brought in a total of five players during the summer and a majority of them have been used scarcely by Stefano Pioli so far. This has been the foundation of some criticism but Fabio Capello has now defended the manager. 

Out of the players that arrived in the summer, plus Yacine Adli who returned from loan, only one of them has been used quite a lot, namely Charles De Ketelaere. Sergino Dest, Malick Thiaw and Aster Vranckx, on the other hand, have not played a lot.

Some fans have criticised Pioli for not using these players more but as we saw in the final games of the first half, they are slowly but steadily getting more minutes. Fabio Capello, speaking to MilanNews, has also backed Pioli on the matter.

“The coach sees them every day, he has an idea of ​​the game and fields certain players to win. There are no discussions: if you show me that you’re stronger than what I think then you play. If you’re not stronger then you go to the bench or the stands, even if now the players no longer sit in the stands,” he stated.

Adli, Thiaw and Vranckx all did well in Dubai and Dest also impressed with USA at the World Cup. The feeling, therefore, is that we will see a lot more of them in the second half of the season.

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  1. I’m not a huge Piolo fan, he’s good but has his very clear limitations. Yet this isn’t his fault. These signings are a joke. We literally got weaker this year after winning a scudetto.

    1. We have been getting weaker for 2 years in a row, not just after winning the scudetto.
      Last year, Milan won the title not because they got better than the previous season, but because our competition got way worse than Milan did.
      Inter lost the best coach in the league and their 2 best players, plus Eriksen.
      Juventus lost Cristiano.
      The same is happening this year. Napoli isn’t that much better than they were last year, but the rest of the league has gotten much worse

      1. We pretty much at the same level over the last 3 years.. we lost hakan, kessie, Donna, ibra (injury).. hakan kessie inconsistence until in their last season but leao tonali giroud and our def improve

        1. Even if Hakan and Kessie were inconsistent , we still had Bennacer and Brahim Diaz on the bench.
          Hakan and Kessie leave, Bennacer and Brahim are the starters, and there are no backups. Lack of depth by default makes you weaker.
          The players you mentioned, even though they have improved they are also inconsistent . Not to mention that Milan has gotten almost nothing from Ante Rebic these last 2 seasons and was 10+ goalscorer the previous 2 seasons. Zlatan was still balling , he scored 15 goals 2 years ago in 19 games. None of our players have come close to that number in 38 games since.
          Not to mention that we could have counted on Gigio to play every game, while we saw Maignan in only half of the games since he signed .

  2. I can’t believe some clueless fans is still preaching “Milan is getting weaker” after last season Milan won a scudetto without Dollaruma and Snake kebab!

    This season Milan at 2nd place in Serie-A just like last season before new year. But even better, they QUALIFIED for Champions League Round of 16 which Milan can’t do it with Romagnoli, Cashie, Dollaruma, and Snake kebab in the squad!

    Inter and Juve got worse my ass. They brought high quality and expensives players. From Vlahovic, Chiesa, Lukaku, Di Maria, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, etc that Milan could only dream to get those players. Right now Juve at 3rd place only TWO points behind Milan and Inter at 5th place only THREE points behind Milan. Lol getting worse.

    I need to remind these wankers that Milan beat Juve 4-2 back in July 2020 and 3-0 in May 2021 when Ronaldo was still in Juve!!!

    Ronaldo is done and he left Juve doesn’t give a big impact for Juve at all outside their financial is free from paying extravaganza salary to him. Look at Ronaldo season in MU, World Cup, and now he’s a FREE TRANSFER that no clubs wants him!

    FOH with this “Milan is getting weaker” nonsense!

    1. Chiesa hasn’t played in a year, Pogba still hasn’t played 1 second for Juventus, Di Maria has been injured more often than he has played for Juve. Lukaku has played like 3 games for Inter.
      Mikhatariyan 😂😂😂.
      The best players leave the league every year, That makes the league worse every year. That means the teams are worse every year.
      But you can’t admit that because you are still hurt that the players you idolized while they were still at Milan, like Gigio, Kessie and Hakan left you and now that idolatry is turned into a full blown hatred to a point that you can’t even use their names.
      Milan got thru in the UCL because of the seeding ,the competition was weaker, not because they got better. Dinamo and Salzburg are not Porto and Atletico.
      After 15 games this year, Milan is 8 points behind Napoli , Last season they were behind 1 point. And to be honest Milan is lucky to be only 8 behind because they haven’t played on the same level as last year and they saved themselves in several games in the last minute.
      The numbers show that Milan is weaker.
      But hey , what do I know I’m clueless

      1. On the last statement you’re correct. You are indeed clueless. Napoli are much stronger than last season because they replaced old farts with younger players and because Osimhen is fit.

        Most of our budget went on CDK. He’s been a flop, so far. Maignan has missed most of the season, the right backs have been injured and Tomori has forgotten how to mark. Despite all this, we’re second.

        We do keep missing out on targets, partly due to budgetry reasons, and partly down to inexperienced sporting directors.

        Until we have a new stadium, at the end of the decade, these issues will remain.

        1. The point of the conversation was that Milan was weaker this year than last season.
          You are basically saying that they are weaker, but you are giving excuses why they are weaker .
          Are they weaker top to bottom or not?
          Napoli doesn’t own their stadium either, and their stadium is in a way worse condition than San siro.
          But you are right about one thing, inexperienced(incompetent) sporting director. Napoli can sell players. Milan just let’s them leave for free and replaces those players with cheap, inexperienced ones that might be good in a couple years

      2. “The numbers show that Milan is weaker”

        Lmao after all the facts that i wrote, you’re still in denial.

        Not just you clueless AF but also BLIND AF.

        Man, i wanna see you say “Milan is weaker” to Maldini and Pioli straight to their face. But i doubt you have the balls to do that.

        1. Why would i not have the balls to say that to Maldini and Pioli to their face? They are regular people just like everyone else. Plus It’s not an insult, it’s a subjective observation with which Pioli especially would agree.
          But again, you have proven yourself. Not that you just idolize these people, but you are scared of them too.
          LOL, unbelievable. What do you think is your idol Maldini going to do?
          Same thing he did to Gigio, Hakan, Kessie, and Alessio. Let me leave for free 🤣🤣🤣

    2. You are right about some fans being clueless.
      You are too clueless to realize that you are making @Poli point by saying that Juve & Inter are only 2 and 3 points behind Milan even though the players you mentioned that they have acquired, haven’t even played much, some haven’t played at all.
      Cristiano left Juve after he scored 30 goals that season. You talking about him today being out of a club not realizing he is 37 and 2 years older since he left. Plus even at 36 he was still ManUtd best player last season and scored 18 goals in EPL and 6 in UCL. That’s more than Giroud and Leao scored together last season

      1. I forgot Ronaldo fanboys are more annoying than Messi fanboys.

        Ok wanker, so where’s Ronaldo right now?

        1) He didn’t win World Cup

        2) Got kicked out by MU and became a free transfer that nobody wants

        3) This season he only scored THREE goals (1 in EPL and 2 EU league) with MU while Giroud already scored NINE goals (5 in serie-a, 4 in UCL) and Leao scored SEVEN goals (6 in serie-a, 1 in UCL). I’m not even counting his 1 goal in World Cup where Giroud has 4 goals and Leao has 2 goal

        And you mention last season where Ronaldo didn’t win anything with MU only proof that i am right. He didn’t even helped MU qualified for UCL.

        Clueless AF fans:
        – 20&B
        – poli
        – Zoro Calaro

        FOH and go cheer your Ronaldo. Oh i forgot, he didn’t have a club lmao.

        1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
          As always, this character gets proven wrong for the umpteenth time and what does he do, he totally shifts the subject and comes back with a strawman argument.
          For your information, I am no player fanboy, that’s you.
          And if I have to choose , i have Messi over Cristiano any day, twice on Sunday.
          The guy compares Cristiano to Giroud. I like Giroud cause he plays for Milan ,but Giroud can’t even shine Cristiano shoes today or in the last 20 years.
          He says Cristiano didn’t win anything last season, like this is tennis, it’s a team sport. But even in that mess called ManUtd ,he still had a good season with better numbers than both of our highest scorers combined.
          This season he didn’t even play because of disagreements with the coach, but those fact don’t matter to you since you wanted to make a point earlier that juve got better because they signed pogba even though he hasn’t played yet for them.
          Hopefully, one day, when you mature enough, you’ll be able to have an intelligent conversation based on facts, reason, and logic, not only conversations based on your emotions.

          1. “This season he didn’t even play because of disagreements with the coach but those fact don’t matter to you”

            Lmao facts. FOH kid.

            This season he played 10 match in EPL and 6 match in EU league. Then he talked crap about coach and the rest of MU staff in an interview because his big ego can’t accept that he is fnished. He pointed his fingers towards other people instead of take a mirror and pointed to himself. He’s a wanker, just like you and the rest of his fans lmao.

            You proof me right that Ronaldo fanboys doesn’t have brain and mature enough to have a discussion. Good job Ronaldo boy lol.

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