Capello urges Milan not to hire a coach from abroad: “Since 2000 only Mourinho”

By Euan Burns -

Fabio Capello has urged AC Milan not to hire a coach from outside of Italy as the club continues to be linked to individuals from all over Europe. 

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Radio Rossonera), the former Milan coach explained that the next coach should be an Italian, an opinion that may ruffle a few feathers.

His argument is that there are few examples of coaches who came from outside of Italy to then enjoy major success in Serie A.

He makes his point with some ‘dated examples’ and then lands on Jose Mourinho as the best modern idea.

“Who came from outside to win in Italy?”. A few examples which are now dated: [Nils] Liedholm, [Vujadin] Boskov, [Sven-Goran] Eriksson. Since 2000, only Mourinho. It must mean something,” Capello explained.

He then pointed out some of the great Italian coaches that could be used by Milan, with Bologna’s Thiago Motta being the primary choice.

“We look outside when we have Thiago Motta at home, ready for the big teams. [Gian Piero] Gasperini himself hasn’t just been dancing for a year, he’s been doing it for years. Every time he manages to give something more, he constantly renews himself, always managing to be competitive. For the abilities he has, he deserves any important job,” Capello said.

One of the most plausible options for Milan right now seems to be the Portuguese coach Sergio Conceicao. His future at Porto is uncertain after the presidential election and he is thought to be very keen on the job.

Mourinho is the only non-Italian coach to win Serie A since Sven-Goren Eriksson with Lazio in 1999-2000. Since Mourinho’s second title in 2009-10, it has only been won by Massimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte, Maurizio Sarri, Stefano Pioli, Simone Inzaghi and Luciano Spalletti.

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  1. This is a lame reason, is he telling us that if pep Guardiola or klop, or some of the perennial winners like Psg manager, Tuchel, comes to seri-A they wont win? No, the best minds weren’t able to come to serie-A because the quality is a wash, the best talents are somewhere else, the infrastructure is medieval, the payments is hilarious, the innovation and tactical revolution is of the Renaissance and lastly the fan experience is archaic with hooligans and curva bullying and fighting and club practicing all sorts of unethical inflated maneuvers and incurring debt!…no reasonable mindful and ambitious athletes will want to work in such environments….thats why italian team keeps going after cheap african immigrants and soccer talents…look at udinese squad full of Nigerian nationals, salerniterna the same, Atalanta,(lookman,et al) florentina(Kayode), even Milan ( Fikayo, Chukwueze, Eletu( primavera)…)

    1. that is a huge exaggeration but i agree that the league has a lot of work to do and is very poor ocmpared to the top leagues of the world . someone reading that who hasnt watched football before would think milan are playing in a gladiators arena from the way you make it sound.

      as for the curva these guys i actually hate them and i would argue from the way they talk they probably are in the owners pockets. they are a terrible representation of the fans and the way they act is the same as someone whos entire life consist of alcohol and football

      1. Thanks my brother! As much as Serie-A is bedeviled with all those militating factors… I don’t know why I can’t swap it for any other league….that’s when I realize love transcend anything physical, it’s a matter of the heart and that’s why we keep on supporting our dear Milan no matter the circumstances…and ultimately our serie-A…it’s these factors that makes it uniquely different from the rest..

  2. He’s right, Italian managers meanwhile go everywhere and win. Along with German coaches, tactically Italian managers are among the best and it’s hard for foreigners to replicate their success in seria a

    1. idk if italians go out and win everywhere.. mostly they flop.

      Like apart from Don Carlo and that lucky fluk by di Matteo, who won the Cl in the last 20 years?

      1. He said Germans and Italians. In the last 20 years in UCL the non-Italians or German coaches who won it have been Mourinho (2), Benitez (1), Rijkaard (1), Ferguson (1), Pep (3), Zidane (3) and Luis Enrique (1). So only 8 have been by Italians and Germans in the last 20 years. Not bad!

        1. -Italian managers meanwhile go everywhere and win.-

          They do not. Don Carlo wins everywhere he goes, but Italian coaches? Not so much. And there are a lot of Italian coaches.

  3. I can’t agree less. Infact if Italian coaches are that great then they should have been winning consistently across the major leagues in Europe.

  4. Italy needs more foreign influence and it starts with the coaches. Milan should ej in the forefront with this because it will instantly give us an advantage over the competition. I Italian football needs a kick in the nuts soon or else the top teams will continue being embarrassed in Europe…

  5. So on the one hand we had an article claiming that Capello said that Conceicao “has what it takes” and now we have him saying that Milan shouldn’t go for a coach from abroad ?

    1. You are actually following up; this is out to be posting back n forth without considering the audience respect for authenticity…fake news outlets

      1. Sempremilan is, and always were, agregating news website.

        They posted all news about Milan from everywhere regardless if its true or not. They only contributes maybe 10% of the news posted here.

  6. Roma will regret sacking José Mourinho -you can’t eat your cake and have it.

    Truth will always be bitter, Roma treated José like Di Rossi is better but winning Silverware comes will strategic moves not fancy style of play.

  7. The zemi finals europa league was gasperini and de rossi. And the final was gasperini and xabi alonso. Capello tell the truth about gasperini which is he can take the important job like milan. And dont forget, finale champion league was ancelotti there !! How great italian coaches. I said this is the real Italian Job. Hehehe…

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