Capello in favour of Milan naming potential new stadium after Berlusconi

By Euan Burns -

Former AC Milan coach Fabio Capello has agreed that Milan could name a new stadium after former president Silvio Berlusconi, something he thinks the fans would appreciate. 

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, Capello spoke passionately about the late Berlusconi, who passed away on Monday morning due to leukaemia.

He used to own Milan and was the president, taking the club from near-bankruptcy to being the most successful side in Europe. Latterly, he was to owner of Monza. Berlusconi was also a media tycoon and former Italian prime minister. His legacy includes multiple sex scandals, corruption allegations and a tax fraud conviction.

Speaking about when he passed away, Capello very emotionally said: “I got goosebumps. It’s as if one of the family had disappeared. He represented a big piece of my life. In fact, he changed my life, because Berlusconi was fundamental to my career. Define him with one word? A genius. He had brilliant visions.”

Speaking about the legacy that the man had both in and outside of football, Capello said: “He invented private TV where Agnelli and De Benedetti had failed, he created a party in a few months and won elections, he built a team that won all over the world.

“For me, he was the greatest president in the history of football, even including Santiago Bernabeu, because with Bernabeu in those years, it was easier for Real Madrid to emerge. And then Berlusconi did not use his partners’ money, but his own.”

He was then asked if Milan could name their new stadium after Berlusconi, to which he said: “That would be an excellent idea. Let’s see what the new owners will think of it. I don’t think the fans would oppose it.”

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    1. Yes, how horrible. Why would we want to maximize our revenue so we can get all those big transfers some fans are crying about to try to win? How can we not have our cake and eat it too?? Why doesn’t money just grow on trees??? 😫🤪😫🤪😫🤪

      1. Did I complain? I just said the reality I dont have a problem with naming the new stadium with a sponsor in contrary I think if we dont do it it will be a huge mistake but to get the beast deals you have to have results and results do not come with 35 mil transfer budget

        1. What is the source 35m euro budget. Why maldini can use 56m euro budget last season while squad knocked out on group stage CL ? And you say budget only 35m euro after semifinal . Stop spreading fake news just to satisfied your hate to owner & coach

    1. What can you expect he wasn’t even present during Ibra’s farewell? Berlusconi would definitely have stayed to give his final goodbye to Ibra.

  1. And give up on 50M a year revenues in naming rights?
    Who’s gonna pay to compensate for that loss in income, Capello? You?

  2. Jerry probably doesn’t know anything about what Berlusconi did for the club since he doesn’t know and doesn’t care about Milan’s history. Anyway it’s not going to happen, the club will sell the naming rights, as it should. Easy money.

  3. Lol oh Capello, can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious 😂
    Cardinale can secure his legacy simply by building that stadium and you gonna want him to name it after the previous well beloved(mostly) owner? I highly doubt
    I wonder if he’s saying that to see what C will say lol

  4. stadiums can have two names, san siro and giuseppe meazza. It could be stadio silvio berlusconi or the (sponsor name) stadium

  5. I’m going to say no. The guys did so much for the club but so much more is controversial. That and the fact that we’d lose a considerable amount in naming rights makes this proposition ridiculous.

  6. Unlikely. The naming right will be massive.

    Maybe just name one of the sector as Silvio Berlusconi sector as a memento for what he give us, instead of just Curva Sud or Curva Nord, give it Curva Silvio Berlusconi or something

  7. The clown coming from an obese infested country wasnt even there at Ibra tribute, so a chance for seeing a pig fly are higher than stadium naming to happens. Abramovich are free now can someone convinced him to buy us?

  8. Capello, and he is not the only one around here, suffers from dementia, he forget things … Like the fact that Mr. Berlusconi had at least 30 court cases and some of them pretty nasty (mafia, sexual abuse, robberies, lies, etc). How this will be matching with a stadium name?
    Crazy idea. I am totally against it. Milan’s name should be clean.

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