Capello praises ‘irrepressible’ Leao: “He’s worth the price of the ticket”

By Oliver Fisher -

Fabio Capello was full of praise for Rafael Leao after the Champions League game that took place between AC Milan and Dortmund last night.

Milan were held to a 0-0 draw by their hosts in Germany but they had the better of the chances, particularly in the second half when Leao got going with his surging runs down the left and through the middle.

Capello covered the game live on Sky and he spoke about the performance of the Portuguese winger, who has drawn some criticism because of the fact he didn’t manage to get a goal or an assist.

“He is a player who I have criticised when he stands still and doesn’t work hard, but he is the one who makes the difference. Three scoring opportunities given to his team-mates. Once they didn’t give him the ball back, when perhaps he could have shot on goal,” he said (via Radio Rossonera).

“In any case he is the player who rocks the game, he is irrepressible. It’s a pleasure to watch him play. I believe that when one goes to watch a Milan match and Leao plays like he did against Borussia Dortmund, he sees something truly high level.

“He’s worth the price of the ticket. There are those things that stay inside you. He has an ease of running that seems like Nureyev [who was a famous dancer and choreographer] with the ball.”

It is a stark contrast to the comments that Antonio Cassano made on Bobo TV in which he did not hold back his criticism of Leao, something the player himself then responded to in a mocking fashion on social media.

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    1. Enter the pitch and do it every game.
      Creating chances for those that can’t convert it, you think it’s easy, is Rafa the only one in the pitch that can create chances among his teammates? What’s stopping them from Creating chances?

    2. Can you dribbling at fast pace and provide assist or goal for 90 minutes like Leao and do it again in the next 2-3 days? I doubt it.

      Seriously, you and some people in here needs a reality check before throwing critics at Leao “boooooo he didn’t worked hard at every match”.

  1. I think it’s high time Pioli left Giroud on the bench and start playing Okafor as our starting striker, because Giroud has been contributing to our goalless drought lately, I think age is beginning to tell on him. Pioli should please look for tactics that can accommodate all Chukwueze, Pulisic, Leao and Okafor.
    Someone should remind Pioli that Chukwueze was a starter before he signed with Milan.

    1. I am scared pioli might kill the goal scoring threat in chuk by always putting him on the bench. This guy needs time and needs confidence. He is as deadly as leao in 1v1… coach pioli please help him get to the player that he is at Villarreal b4 it’s becomes difficult. A confident chuk is deadly and can provide lots of assist for his team mates and goals too. And as for chuk, he needs to start taking risks and moving more to the play than isolating himself to the wide and drifting away from the games. Sometimes pulisic does it and it creates opportunities for both himself and others and drags defenders out of position. Unless the coach is the one giving him a more defensive instruction ,To track back more often and stay adrift always .other than this , I see no reason he should be scared. I remember leao had thesame shortcomings in the beginning. I’ll be patient with chuk.
      As for pobega , please Mr pioli don’t ever start that guy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He is just not good. Adli came on and did more technically and defensively than him. Pobega should be a sub for now. Honestly I wish we sold him and left salamakers. The only thing pobega has,is his shooting and nothing else. He is slow , weak and can’t pass properly. I don’t like critizing players because I believe they can improve. nevertheless, I prefer pobega continues as a sub not a starter, never!!!!!!! . As for musah, he needs to be smart about his runs and learn to conserve his energy to utilize it properly when needed. The way he runs around and putting his body at every thing seems amazing but scary… I like him and I see potentials of greatness to come but he needs to be smart about his body and the decisions he makes unless he would get injured and it won’t be great for the team. Maybe he should watch gattuso’s games , if he so desires to be a combative kind of midfielder so he can be smart about how he uses his energy do he doesn’t get tired and injured easily. His pacing and other quality can improve with Tim. His got the desire. Reinjders is so perfect for me, he only needs to focus on his shooting more and he will get goals flooding him soon. He is our best midfielder for now ( maybe our current seedorf) . Loftus cheek was missed tonight.
      Adli just needs to visit the gym more , other than that he his doing well even doing more physical stuff than I expected. He would win our hearts more, if Poili don’t relegate him back to the bench. Otherthan this , Adli is a Beauty to watch. He has a flare that makes him special. Lastly pioli should leave Okafor to start. Him and leao can form a bond I that attack that is deadly. The guy is hungry and has better impact than Giroud for now. I don’t mind Giroud becoming a super sub. He is also good at having impact from the bench back in his days at Chelsea. Maybe we bring him in to get on crosses too because he is great in the air. But for now they are running him out because of his age and it affects his impact on the games . Pioli needs to bring him as a sub not a starter for now. Maybe he can get back some energy and as well read the game before coming on so he can have good impact too. Lastly, my boy leao …. always smiling and ever talented. I wish he has the attitude of mbappe or halland , Leao’s talent is up there with them … he just needs the right attitude to every game. The hunger for been the best should always be there . No game should have a nonchalant approach . He should desire to be the number one everyday. He can’t be that if he keeps on zoning off on some games . Not withstanding , he was ok and had a good game, not his best by his standard but a good game. He should not stop the hunger that’s what is going to keep him at the top for a long time.

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