MN: Cardinale must give assurances or the ‘Pallotta effect’ could repeat itself

By Oliver Fisher -

The importance of unity during a difficult moment for AC Milan has been preached by fans and the media, but the anonymity of owner Gerry Cardinale is not helping things.

That is according to MilanNews, who write that Cardinale has barely been seen since he formally completed the takeover of the club back in August, leaving the management of the club to take care of things day to day.

However, when things are as bad as they are at the moment – four defeats in a row, no win in seven, sliding from second to sixth and out of three competitions – then there is a need for whoever is at the top of the pyramid to roll up their sleeves and give a signal.

Cardinale instead hasn’t been seen in Milan for months, due to commitments around the world or in other projects such as media companies, but the time to act is now. Neither he nor the underwriters of the Milan investment can be happy with what is happening.

While no major changes such as the sacking of the manager are expected, the absence of the main man can be counterproductive. Instead, it feels necessary to take a flight from New York to Milano and stay in the city and alongside the team for a tough next few weeks, and only then can they fully understand the state of the the situation.

It would also help Giorgio Furlani, who was named as the CEO to succeed Ivan Gazidis which is a daunting role for a man who has never held such a senior position at a football club, even if he is a boyhood Milan fan.

The risk that the ‘Pallotta effect’ could repeat itself with Milan. The former Roma president stayed almost exclusively in Boston and experienced the problems of the club from afar. Just like the Giallorossi did then, fans need signals from those in charge to suggest there is a plan, especially after a January transfer market in which not a single notable move was made.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have not made sales like Napoli did to generate funds to reinvest, and they did spend more than anyone else in Italy last summer in terms of net amount, but with multiple competitions to fight in and a squad plagued by injuries an investment of €400k on a third-choice goalkeeper in January raised eyebrows.

It is for Cardinale to show his face and demonstrate that he is aware of the issues, because a possible appearance for the game against Tottenham at San Siro could end up being performative and make more negative news than anything else.

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  1. Perhaps I should give a very unpopular opinion seeing as everyone is entitled to their opinions. I think the on-field problem we’re facing is mainly down to the coach and to some extent the management. We all know how obstinate Pioli can be with his tactics and even when he decides to change something, he goes on to implement the most illogical change. Think of Messias in a midfield three or the continuous insistence with Tata in goal. Seriously there’s a lot I want to say about Pioli and I don’t even want to make excuses for him being the coach and seeing the boys in training. Everyone here should be honest with themselves that most of us disliked Kessie especially when he played further up the pitch because he didn’t really have the technique for such roles till Pioli came up with a masterstroke to put him in front of the defence and thenceforth he became the president. The situation calls for the same masterstroke or a little piece of genius. I don’t believe Kessie was never adequately replaced rather I do think the coach isn’t looking inwards to find a solution. Perhaps Aster can do the Kessie job or maybe field Calabria there or even Thiaw. I think this is a time to be radical and stop with the notion that players aren’t ready. I don’t believe that in a Mourinho team Tata will still have a place but with Pioli he thinks the solution is to be gentle and hope that Tata will suddenly become great. I do believe that some other coach would come into this team and suddenly players that weren’t ready to Pioli will show that they’ve been ready for months. Why the insistence with Calabria especially when he clearly needs to sit out? Why insisting on Tata? If Pierre has lost his mojo at CB why not move him to the FB position? If Tonali needs a time out then try someone else. I do appreciate Pioli making us dream again and yes we’ve become accustomed to the high standards he set that we can’t tolerate mediocrity anymore. The Kessie ship is long gone Pioli and It’s time to look inwards and stop being stubborn. Try Dest on the wing or on the wingback position and maybe Rebic as the right winger. I love Pioli for making the fans dream again but I’m not blinded by love to the point that I won’t call him out. As for Maldini, I’ll always make excuses for him and I’m sorry if that offends anyone. I wish players can just be open and say they don’t want to renew instead of giving false hope that leads to protracted contract sagas. Now I feel that he may reject any move in the summer so that he can run down his contract and that will be Maldini’s fault I guess. Same Maldini managed to renew Ben and other important players but fans don’t look at that. Yes everyone is free to see whatever they want to see and close their eyes to whatever they don’t wish to see. When you try to raise money by selling Cutrone or Piatek or even Paqueta fans complain, when you don’t sell and expect the management to provide funds the fans complain that you don’t know how to raise money by selling players because they want players like Samu to go for around €40m. Everyone and anyone is free to blame Maldini but please stop ignoring facts. If you think Maldini didn’t replace Kessie, I think we have Aster but some baldy thinks he’s not ready or feels like Krunic is a better player. Maldini with all of his inexperience has done a tremendous job and I don’t wish to see any other person occupying that role. 🙂

    1. I will support Maldini always, not because of what he has done for Milan as a player, but because the person he is. If he even for a second thinks that he is not the right man for the job he will resign. He is our legend and legendary status you don’t earn just with playing but more with character. He committed his life to our beloved Milan and we can show patience. I admit is hard to see all the things that are happening from a distance when you are not inside, he made some great moves, made some mistakes, the coach doesn’t trust the new players and the system collapsed. If Maldini thinks that CDK has talent then who are we to doubt it, the problem is that the kid needs trust from the coach, and the coach has none. He cant develop in a new environment without playing time and trust. We all talk about Enzo, but if he arrived he would be like Wranicx now. without playing time he can’t explode, if Pioli had Kaka in the team he would still play Messias in the role as he used him vs Inter. Everything is orbiting around the coach, M&M must find another coach who can develop players, who will not need a few seasons to implement new players in the system. I wont even comment about the clown who payd 1.2 Bn and never shows up.

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