Mazzara: Cardinale must ‘make decisions’ in the summer and ‘invest real money’

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Pietro Mazzara believes that the path AC Milan are on will not please Gerry Cardinale and RedBird Capital because it is currently set to result in lower revenues.

Milan’s sharp decline in form so far in 2023 risks being disastrous for the club’s project as it has turned a challenge on four fronts (Serie A, Supercoppa, Coppa Italia and Champions League) into a campaign where just finishing in the top four would be a success.

At the moment though Milan are in sixth place and are therefore on the outside looking in, something that seemed unimaginable a few months ago. Not getting into the Champions League would be damaging from a sporting point of view but also economically given the tens of millions in revenue it brings.

Mazzara wrote about the current bad path the team are in during his weekly column for MilanNews and he addressed how the last few games have been received in New York.

“Gerry Cardinale and his investors cannot and should not be happy with what they are seeing. Because this Milan is a product that cannot lead to generating revenues. At the end of the season it will be necessary to draw a line and make decisions in all areas,” he said.

“First of all there is a need to invest money on the market, but real money. You can no longer bet on big old players or only on young players. With the current state of Italian football, it is necessary to invest to win in Serie A in Italy, even knowing how to sell as well as there is a need for an in-depth analysis of what the injury dossier is, because by now the numbers have gone beyond that.

“Torino arrive on Friday, the black beast of the season. We will have to go back to winning, or the time for strong choices could shorten, because losing the Champions League would be a crime.”

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  1. Lool this is funny to read.

    But Milan media represents RedBird as miracle fantastic and what did they do?
    They do 0. Not just redchicken but Elliott as well.

    Milan won scudetto by investing 500 million euros in years before winning the title. More investments were before Elliott took the club. And after winning, fans get back to stadium, people start watching Milan again, and sponsorship paid more to Milan due to success on the pitch.

    And what this newyork joker did? He managed in less than 4 months: 1) throw away scudetto success, 2) lost supercoppa by big difference 3) lost copa in preliminary round and 4) lost ANY position on table serie a that leds to Europe competition.
    You got to admit, he managed something that no one did in history of Ac Milan in less than 4 months.
    Gary redchicken Cardinale.

    1. Yeah, it was Cardinale that threw away scudetto with awful play on the field, stubborn coaching and awfully spending 50 mil in the summer.
      It was Cardinale that played embarrassing in the SuperCopa.
      It was Cardinale that lost to a 10 man Torino team in the Copa Italia.
      It’s Cardinale that plays so bad on the field that Milan has dropped to 6th in the standings behind teams that spent less than Milan in the mercato .
      Cardinale should never play, coach or decide who Milan should buy.
      All of it is because of the owner.
      We get it

        1. We all spend way too much time talking about ownership.
          The players, coaches and management are most at fault for what is going on with Milan at the moment.
          Ownership doesn’t play or coaches.
          We all want better players at Milan but the players we do have should be good enough to at least compete on the field instead of looking like amateurs this past month.

          1. Well to sum you up this team was unbalanced right from the start….there was no quality players to fill for the players who left…the void was there which backfired….milan of early season was riding from their previous success that steam eventually had to run out with time… is a business and you plan your year the day you decide to buy that business…no ways you can state redbird didn’t had control the deal was set they were owners from sept the price was set they had to intervene then to know the grey areas where this team needed investments. Every sporting success or other business models needs follow up investment to make their plan thrive.. if you cant put in money then you have to generate using local resources and even in that case milan ownership and management failed big time….what you going to expect from coach to make a fiat run like ferrari…..Well with few smart moves he can still make a miracle of crossing a finish line….which I am sure every milanista like you @20&8 and me and other will pray happens..that is by atleast get that 4th spot. By the way result of this year sporting success will show in next year’s budget so be prepared to see our earnings drop then

          2. Of course it is their fault. Do you think Maldini decided on the maximum wages for Kessie, Donnarumma, Calhanogli and Romagnoli? The only reason they left was the owners decision, along with Gazidis. That was Elliot. Did Milan sign replacements? No, basically got players on free and on loan, except for CDK. Do you think losing such players in 2 seasons is nothing?

  2. The decision has already been made long ago when Elliot sold to Redbird and retained a 30% stake in the team and loaned them the 600M. Elliot are not concerned about winning – only being profitable. They want us to become Atalanta. Profitable every single year but don’t win $hit. That is their model. We got lucky when we won last year nobody expected it certainly not Elliot. And the lack of investment from that victory amd this winter proves it. Profit not titles is the MO of these owners. Get used to it

  3. Do not be surprised if Elliott buys team back Cardinal is more interested in his Boston Red Sox and does not know squat about soccer. Agree we got a little lucky last year, but we were in a position that if we got lucky we could win the Scudetto, way we are headed could end up below Juve even after their penalization.

  4. This obsession with sugar daddy club owners takes glory supporting to a new low.

    Fans do not have any right to demand club owners spend whatever billions on whatever fantasy players are currently trending on FIFA.

    The club has the money it has. End of. It’s more important to stay solvent because in real life you can’t restart the game once you’ve run the club into the ground.

    But the bigger issue is this constant, unrelenting need to “look over there”. It’s taken consumerism to new heights. Fans just cannot he satisfied and, more importantly, SUPPORT the actual group of football players playing for their TEAM.

    What is the point of supporting a football team where you hate the manager and you hate the players, and you’re constantly looking for some other manager or players?

    Why not just go and support whatever team your fav’ player plays for?

    Just cut out all the middle men and agents, and go and support another team.

    1. Hahahahha your joking right?
      Who buys the tickets and merchandise?
      Who watches the games on tv and perhaps buys the products being pushed on tv ads?
      Who travels with the club to see games in other stadiums? That’s right , the fans/customers.
      Without them a business is nothing. So when customers/fans demand something the smart owner will provide in hopes of continued patronage.
      The problem here is the owner is cheap and is more inclined to purchase more stocks in LiverpoolFenway Sports then invest in Milan. Management can’t do anything without money. Maldini wanted a host of players and had he been able to buy them we’d be right there with Napoli.
      And honesty, Pioli is stuck and can’t get out of this which shows his limitations as a coach.

    2. we don’t make the champion league, then what happens to our revenues? The viability of the club when we cannot compete? We need to be responsible with our budgets. Tell me if leaving players valued over a total of 200 million euros for free to save a total of 10 to 15 million euros per season, for 5 years, which equates to 50 to 75 million euros financially responsible? We incurred losses of 125 million euros worth of potential income in transfers, minimum. We didn’t replace the players with equal talent or competitive ones. Thus we risked loosing out on CL revenues, future sponsorships, our reputation as an establishment and more. That alone burries your argument of solvency. That is without mentioning your lack of logic by defending billionaires making decisions to try to make minute profits and calling fans materialistic in the process. Your comment is assbackwards in every sense of the word. No one asked to sign Mbappé or Neymar here. We demand accountability for a lack of baseline investment required to protect our players and the staff who work tirelessly with them. Without investing enough to maintain our performances, we lose om all fronts. You excuse negligent management to criticize fans who are seeing the big picture while you blindly come up with nonsensical reasons to defend venture capitalists, calling the supporters who pay their hard earn money to support this club materialistic. You have shared possibly one of the most delusional assessments of our situation I have read.

      1. I don’t know the finances and neither do you, and frankly I don’t care because finances have nothing to with the sport of 11 players trying to score more goals than the other 11.

        Another feature of modern “supporters” is they all fancy themselves as financial experts as well as transfer gurus.

        The owners are not making money out of Milan or most football clubs. Football is not “business”. If it was we wouldn’t see so many ludicrous transfers.

        Why the owners decided to get involved in Milan is beyond me but it seems to be an ego thing (as they don’t seem to have a need to cover up crimes against humanity like the owners of PSG, Man City, Chelsea and Newcastle).

        But whatever the reason or the politics – I don’t care and it makes zero difference to solving the current crisis we’re in.

        How will lamenting previous transfer windows or speculating on future transfer windows address the CURRENT crisis we’re in?

        1. 😂😂😂😂😂 owners not making money. All that talk and you live in a fantasy world. You can literally calculate how much money will Elliot earn or how much the Glazers made from ManUtd. You will be able to do the same with Milan. Grow up.

          1. “You can literally calculate how much money will Elliot earn”

            Earn from operating the club or future sellings? Two VERY different things Jeesus!

            So, since it’s so easy, how about you tell us the figures how much Elliott is earning from Milan currently? And remember I’m not asking for the amount of profit they made from selling the club.

          2. Well they do, they earn from the loan they gave to Redbird. You can find the details and do some simple math, at least I hope you can. That is why Redbird won’t make money, but they will once they pay off Elliott. First the loan has to be paid of, with interest. From where? From the income of AC Milan. So, yeah, Elliott is making money from Milan, every year until the loan is paid off. Redbird will do the same once they are clear of debt, take profit out. I’ll just give you one example, but we can go for any US owned club. “Overall, the Glazers have taken more than £1bn out of United in the form of dividends, interests, costs and fees during their 17-year-reign.”

          3. And you can write some idiocy like you always do, that they are making money from the loan, not from operating the club but that is why they chose Redbird. To make more money because they would take a loan from them. And the money is coming from Redbird operating the club, taking the money out of club (potential transfer fees, wages, stadium money) and paying it to Elliott.

          4. Money is sucked out of the club even while the club is in bad financial situation. Can’t wait to see the future, they sure won’t pump money into their accounts when there is more revenue….😂😂😂😂😂😂

          5. “And the money is coming from Redbird operating the club, taking the money out of club (potential transfer fees, wages, stadium money) and paying it to Elliott.”

            You fail to understand that the club’s finances are very different thing from the owner’s finances. It’s not the club that owes money to Elliott but RedBird.

        2. Just to give you a little insight into how and why wealthy investors buy football clubs.
          Abramovich bought Chelsea for £140m
          Net spend on transfers etc £1bn
          Sold the club for £4.25bn

          You need to understand there is a difference between a business profit and the share price.

          Most investors don’t buy shares to get paid dividends from profits.
          They invest in companies whos share price (value) is likely to rise.

          So investing in a successful team, increases their revenue and market share. Resulting in increased share price

          1. SJF, what about Manchester United and Glazers? I have given you a perfect example of a similar type of investment. Do you want more? You are talking about a Russian oil billionaire, not US investment fund. Huge difference, you don’t even understand the beginning, how can we talk further? 😀

          2. bb, not really. They took an equity vendor loan of 600M€ with not so low interest. The loan will be paid from Milan, not from Redbird, where did you hear that someone will pay for the loan from their other funds? If they had them they would have financed the deal with a better loan with lower interest. You don’t take vendor loans if you have money hanging around…

    3. @Maldini’sHeir – WTF are you talking about kid?
      “ Why the owners decided to get involved in Milan is beyond me but it seems to be an ego thing (as they don’t seem to have a need to cover up crimes against humanity like the owners of PSG, Man City, Chelsea and Newcastle).” Hahahahahaha. Crimes against humanity??? LOL. Where do they find these people…

      1. Yeah, and buying a club covers up crimes against humanity, proven. 😀 I mean I can agree a part about modern football and how it is going in the wrong direction but that guy is special. But to paint it a bit differently, let’s say Milan is bringing a knife to a fight and other clubs hold AK47’s. Milan maybe has the moral advantage but is dead. Is that smart? You can’t make up the cheap rules when others are much much more powerful than you are…

        1. In regards to your reply to me…
          I was on your side of the argument!!!

          I agree the Glazers have been suckling money out of utd, thats why their fans hate them.
          Unfortunately our Redturd seem to be worse!

          The example i gave of Chelsea was in response to Maldinis Heir complete lack of understanding or logic.

          It baffles me these amateur accountants who defend vulture funds, instead of the club!
          We need those owners and those fans out!
          Milan are European royalty, not some second rate side. We deserve owners befitting such an institution

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